The Zeus is a Shield-breaker Dreadnought class ship.



Designed to destroy the Shields of large ships and Starbases, it can prove a nightmare for other Battleships and Dreadnoughts. It is also a prominent tank, having a very strong Shield. Because of this, it can prove very useful in a siege, however, it is recommended to do this with caution, as it will need to get close for its Medium Lasers to deal the full shield DPS.


Despite the size of this Dreadnought, the Zeus's interior is very small, (like the Apocalypse.) The player boards via a hatch. This hatch leads to a ramp, which takes the player to another hatch, behind this hatch is the captain's chair and the bridge.



  • No Kinetic weapons, very hard to do Hull damage.
  • No Spinals.
  • Expensive.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Less range for a Dreadnought because of its numerous Medium Turrets.
  • Very slow.
  • Practically countered by itself and similar Shield breakers.


  • This is a good ship to use for Shield killing when camping at the Mega Base or when sieging because it can absorb a lot more damage than other Shield breakers.
  • It's also a good siege support as its Heavy Laser would bring down the base Shield while 6 Medium Lasers give it a good defense against incoming hostiles.
  • Approach this ship from the bottom at full speed so that the Turrets will have a hard time hitting you.
  • If you are a ship that is easily killed by Starbase lasers, approach this ship slowly from the back and possibly below if you are an Archeon or Warlock.
  • Don’t use this ship as a frontline tank as its Shields will quickly be drained by the Heavy Lasers from the Starbase.

Version History


  • The Turret placements were updated on 10/19/2016.
  • Received several remodels.
  • Named after the Greek God Zeus hence the name.
  • Zeus is the Greek god of Heaven and lightning. He was also the king of gods.

Old Zeus Model.

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