The Zero is a very good Destroyer for dog-fighting.



It has a decent amount of health, while also being fast and maneuverable. It is very good for attacking larger ships from their blind-spots and killing fighters with its turrets and phasers. The flak cannon on the nose is very helpful against small fast opponents. A very good starting warship.


  • Good acceleration and very agile.
  • Powerful phasers, they can all fire together.
  • Hard for big ships to hit.
  • If used correctly it can dish out large amounts of damage, despite being only a destroyer class ship.
  • One of the best cheap pirating ships.
  • Great alternative to the Viper for drawing base fire during sieges.
  • For skilled pilots, it is a great counter to both the Gideon and the Cobra, some of the most popular pirate ships. It can outmaneuver them and stay in their very small blind spots if used correctly.


  • Weak hull.
  • The spinals don't fire precisely, making it somewhat of a shotgun.
  • Due to some odd reason, it seems that most times it's spawned at the Mega Base it gets stuck under the terminal dock, unable to be accessed, although if you wait for a few seconds it has a chance to teleport into position.
  • Not as much DPS (damage per second) as the Cobra.
  • Lacking in kinetic weaponry.


  • Use this ships agility to attack Frigates and Fighters.
  • Send this ship out to destroy any attacking carriers fighters
  • Avoid ships with many small turrets such as the ampharos as they will shred you apart.


  • It docks the same way a Wasp does where you can just walk straight into the ship.
  • Zero was the American name for the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M fighter which shares the same dog fighting skill and maneuverability.
  • The Zero was for a brief time the only ship to have homing missiles on it, but only on the test server.
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