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The Galaxypedia has replaced the Galaxy Wiki. All data on this wiki should be considered inaccurate. Please do not use this wiki and use the Galaxypedia instead.


Roblox Galaxy Official Wiki

⚠️Galaxypedia is replacing The Galaxy Wiki!⚠️

The Galaxypedia has replaced the Galaxy Wiki. Please do not use this wiki and use the Galaxypedia instead.

Wiki Rules

  • Any vandalism will result in a ban.
  • Swearing, racism, discrimination, NSFW content, NSFW references, etc. are NOT allowed on the Wiki whatsoever.
    • NSFW content will be a permanent IP ban with no chance to appeal.
  • DO NOT add false or misleading information.
    • Uncertain information is fine if denoted properly with a question mark.
  • DO NOT add redundant pages, categories, templates, unimplemented content, etc.
  • DO NOT edit others' user pages without obtaining their approval.
  • DO NOT rename pages without valid reasoning.
  • No advertising without permission.
  • DO NOT exploit edit undo options, mass category creation, etc. to gain Wiki Badges or with the intent of inflating one's edit count to apply for Wiki Staff.
  • Use common sense.
    • Violations not listed on this page are still punishable if need be, so please exercise some common sense while using the Wiki.

Disobedience or breaking ANY of these rules will result in warnings, blocks, and bans depending on the severity of the offense.

Don’t know how to edit? Fear not. Simply read this article.
Need more help? Feel free to contact Wiki Staff, or check out the Help Pages on Community Central.

General Editing Guidelines

  • Please use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Try your best to be formal & professional in your edits. Make sure to prioritize readability and try to restrict slang.
    • This includes using the full names for any ship. (e.g. Instead of "Hawk," write "Hawklight").
  • Please keep personal opinions off of pages.
    • Everyone has different opinions and you should not promote your views outside of discussions or comments. Don't argue with someone simply because they do not share your opinion. This is a Wiki, not Twitter.

Ship Page Guidelines

  • Follow the Example Ship Page and Ship Image Guidelines as the format for all ship pages and images.
  • When updating ship information (remodels, buffs/nerfs, etc.), log all changes under the "Version History" header.
    • Remodels may also require creator information to be updated.
  • Please do not include creators of ships in picture captions. There is a place in ship infoboxes for that.
  • Keep Trivia, Advantages, etc. about the ship, its properties, or directly-related information. Examples of incorrect usage:
    • "In Egyptian mythology, "Osiris" is the father of "Horus" and "Anubis." - Goes beyond the origin of the ship's name
    • "Falcon...Punch!" - Has no informational value; only exists as a meme/joke

FANDOM Guidelines

Rules or Guidelines put out by FANDOM apply here, as well as across the global FANDOM platform. These include:

The rules outlined in these pages apply to all users. Additionally, as part of the Roblox Interwiki, this wiki is subject to certain standards outlined by the Roblox Interwiki Project.