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The Wasp is a Miner-class ship and is one of the starter ships for Galaxy.


The Wasp is a tiny Miner class ship given to all new players in Galaxy. Compared to other Miners, it is lacking in terms of mining speed and has a small mining range of 4000 studs. The Wasp is also used for distracting base Turrets because it has a high top speed and players are not afraid to lose it. Wasps cost nothing and can be rebuilt immediately upon destruction, meaning players will always have a new one in their inventory.


The Wasp has no real interior. The pilot's seat is completely open to space.


  • Very fast.
  • Small, making it hard to target.
  • It's free.
  • It can somewhat defend itself, capable of soloing a Nighthawk.
  • Great distractor / AI baiting ship due to being free.


  • Very slow mining speed, slowest of almost every other Miners, only miners that have no turrets/have non-mining laser turrets have the slowest mining speed (at 0).
  • Low Hull and Shield health.
  • Tiny Ore Hold. (Can only hold 250 Ore.)
  • Often targeted by Aliens like many other Miners.
  • Very small explosion value of only 3.
  • Even if it can somewhat defend itself, Mining Lasers are shield-based, meaning that it can't deal with ships that have low to high amounts of Hull, not to mention the turret DPS of only 4.


  • If you have a low score, you do not have to worry about safety or losing your ship (to non AI) due to New Player Immunity.
  • Make sure to check your Diplomacy Menu and Minimap often, as enemies might sneak up on you if you’re focused on mining.
  • Try mining in a peaceful Faction or the U.N.E faction to reduce your risk of being killed by other players.
  • Stay close to friendly combat ships when possible, as they can serve as help and protect you from enemies.
  • If you are mining in a faction that is at War (which is not recommended), try staying close to your Starbase so you can dock as fast as possible.
  • Don't mine at the Mega Base if you are at War and you aren't protected. (Unless you have new player protection).
  • This ship is free, so you can take slight risks, just remember that if you are destroyed, you lose all the ore you mined.
  • Due to the ship being small and fast, the ship can be used to scout enemy fleets for wars. The ship is also good for this task because there is no risk if you lose the ship as it's free, meaning you can easily spam this ship as a distraction.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .56b.
  • Warp Drive added in version .61h1?
  • Received a trail and a remodel in version .66b.


  • Along with the Wyrm, it is automatically given to any new player.
  • Commonly used to attempt to glitch ships such as Battleships and Dreadnoughts. This is bannable as stated in the Galaxy Rules.
  • Occasionally used to block the Spinals of larger ships during sieges, due to its status as a free ship allowing it to be destroyed at no cost.
  • Smallest Miner currently in Galaxy.
  • Brings in about 312 Credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 562 Credits.
  • This ship has six limited variants, in the form of the Coal Wasp, the Festive Wasp, the Prototype X-3, the Blue Torp Wasp, the Patriotic Wasp, and finally the 3D Printed Wasp.
  • It is used in the mining tutorial of the game.
  • The Wasp was originally called a Mining Frigate in Pre-Alpha.
  • One of only two free and continuously available ships in the game, the other being the Wyrm.
  • Lowest health out of all non-limited ships, excluding Fighters.
  • The Wasp has been made into a meme in the Galaxy community as "The best ship" because of how low levelled it is.