War is a fundamental game mechanic of Galaxy, as progression in the game focuses mainly on obtaining warships and bounties. A level one starbase only declare War on 2 factions; a level two starbase can only declare War on 4 factions, and a level 3 starbase can only declare war on 6 factions. (Assuming the faction the base declared war on has no allies) When the leader of a faction declares War on another faction, there will be a 90 second period in-between the declaration of War and the commencement of the War itself. In that 90 second time period; players can neither engage ships of the opposing faction or the opposing faction's starbase. After 80 seconds; a 10-second notification will appear in the message bar alerting both factions that the War will begin in 10 seconds. When a War begins, players can engage enemy ships and starbases in conflict. Any factions that are not at War with the warring factions will not be affected by the War in any way. Most Wars often fall into either open conflict (where neither side fights with a true goal, often engaging in small skirmishes), pirating, sieging, surrounding Mega Base to cut off enemy trade. Any ships that are destroyed in a War will be lost permanently, and can only be regained through a player's own means. In order to cease an ongoing War, both sides must agree to a peace treaty.

Credits to Threshhold101

Grievion exploding.