The Viper is a highly maneuverable Frigate.



The Viper is the fastest Frigate in the game. This ship is good for distracting Starbase Turrets. It is also one of the few ships to be almost completely white in color, aside from one main faction-colored stripe in the middle.


The Viper has a simple interior, with only a pilot's seat, a small black and grey cylinder without a known use, and a tiny screen showing a gyroscope-like readout.


  • Extremely high mobility, highest in the game if you don't consider Admin ships or the Coal Wasp.
  • High shield firepower for a Frigate.
  • One of the best choices for a distraction while sieging, and can be used to change the tide of war.


  • No Turrets.
  • Low hull and shields.
  • Weak against hull.


  • It is very good for attacking Battleships and Dreadnoughts from below and dodging all return fire.
  • It can be used to distract enemy base Turrets from other siege ships by going just inside the range of base Heavy Lasers. The base will rarely land a hit if the Viper is kept at top speed (330).
  • It is an excellent choice whenever speed and small size are key.
  • Great at attacking siege ships when defending your base.
  • If you go to the height limit of the map and warp to an enemy base, you can give some support fire to a siege.
  • A good choice for scouting bases before an attack by outrunning base Turrets.
  • The heaviest of armies will fail to outrun you at top speed.
  • Abuse your size in retreat situations.


  • It is a replica of the Viper Mark III from "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.
  • It is a popular ship for newer players.
  • Rcouret's favorite ship.

Render of studio model. Note the faction color patterns on wings are not present in-game.

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