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ThunderJimmy is a Wiki Staff Member of the Roblox Galaxy Official Wiki!
ThunderJimmy is a Galaxy Discord Staff Member! They are always trying to improve our Discord server.
ThunderJimmy is a active YouTuber within the Galaxy Community! Their channel name is ThunderJimmy with 831 subscribers and a passion to bring more content to the community.

Hello! My name is ThunderJimmy, a Galaxy / Discord Administrator, a youtuber with over 830 subscribers, and a Wikia Bureaucrat within the Galaxy Community. I am not on very often because of college at the moment, nonetheless I am excited to greet and welcome you all to Roblox Galaxy and by extension the Roblox Galaxy Official Wikia.

About me

  • I am a Galaxy Staff member ranked Administrator within the Roblox Galaxy community. I not only have increased permissions within the Official Roblox Galaxy Discord, but by extension I have in game permissions to help with refund requests, giveaways, Administrator hosted events, and Galaxy Development to have some fun.
  • I am a youtuber with over 830 subscribers, with my most popular YouTube series being the Something VERSUS! series aired within the second to last week of October. Due to college and academic issues, I will be returning to re-air season 2 of this anticipated series around December 11th 2019, alongside some videos from another game that I've yet to meme around here.
  • I am a Wikia Bureacrat, the highest ranking Wikia Staff Member that anyone can reach outside of Server Owner which belongs to SeanMorabito. Do you have any problems with the wikia or by extension its pages? Then please contact me or any other Wikia Staff member via Message Wall as soon as possible.

Social Links and More

If you need to find my information, relevant within the community, then here you go.

Social Links

I will show the links to my youtube account, twitter, facebook, snapchat, and other pages.

  • YouTube:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • [Semi Active] Snapchat:
  • [Not active] Instagram:

Coding - Drafting

As of December 2, 2019 I have decided to give it a shot with coding and am excited to show you all the new changes coming to the other user pages of choice. As of right now, we're using a roblox ID template and discord moderator template, but in time, more will be added. Now if only I could find ways to get the social links next to the roblox name.

Backstory of Wiki Editor Career/Job

I’m not quite honestly asked this question a lot, but I decided to answer it for a few of you curious viewers. I actually had a ignited excitement for Galaxy back in December of 2016. While the game is defintely less laggy than it was back then, what I loved about the game in general was the starbases, the ships, the adventure, the unpreparedness of it all. It truly was great, lagged like a endless war was going on, but it was terrific. Fast forward to late November of 2017, some of my family got tablets as gifts from my parents, and besides the apps I downloaded and money I wasted, there was one game that caught my attention on Roblox in the corner of my eye...and that game was Roblox Galaxy Beta. And as you probably guessed, I officially started Galaxy in December of 2017, almost 10+ months after I saw this work in development and I was up for the challenge to rise to the top in the leaderboard.

And ever since, then, I occasionally look back at the past Galaxy had, the development that went through to improve the quality and quantity it had, of ships, graphics, events, surprises, and new staff; it truly is beyond a miracle that the game today is ever more thriving than 2+ years ago in its alpha state. Do I have any regrets, no; Could I get better in Galaxy, yes; Times I screwed up majorly in this community; two in fact, rebelling against Purpledaze in a massive staff civil war, and trying to get a category badge faster than an old wiki user on here. I wouldn’t be here without all of the passion, drama, and strife that this game and community have put me through for the last year and a half+, that kept me climbing until where I am now and will keep going further beyond on: a wiki admin, a discord moderator, an ambassador to all, and a bringer of positivity, despite my sarcastic and sometimes ignorant responses. Below this story is a few things that Galaxy has either improve upon, or needs to improve/change upon eventually.

  • Lag has been reduced by over 90%.
  • More ships than ever before since Beta.
  • Easier to earn credits, at a small cost of ore spawns server wide.

Roles within Roblox Galaxy

Here is my introduction for where I currently stand in the community, before working onto the wikia and up to being hired as an Administrator by current Admin Director, Confinium.

Direct Links

Discord: ThunderJimmy#3944