Galaxy Updates

Please note: the latest updates for Galaxy will be at the bottom of the page. This page catalogs all known updates to Galaxy. All proper updates are from .54. (Older update logs are less accurate and will be updated if found). Galaxy Pre-Alpha got on the front page on September 16th, 2015.
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The latest version of Galaxy is .72e1 (Publish #833) as of May 22nd, 2021. For information on Future or Cancelled Updates, see their respective pages.

This page mirrors the #update-log channels in both the Galaxy and Galaxy Wiki Discord servers.

Version 32-50

.32 Admin commands fixed.

.33 First admin nominations started.

.38 Longest range Turret is Railgun at 6500 studs range has been added. Level 2 bases can have up to 4 railguns, which they keep upon getting upgraded to 3.

.45b Fixed invincible bases.

.50b Fixed Broken Minimap.

Version 54

.54e is Out, Should have fixed Random Blurr.

.54d4 is out, Fixed Warp - Blurr - Faction Menu Glitch.

.54e2 is the latest Version, It fixed Warp and several other things.

.54e3 is the latest Version, Fixed Major Bugs.

.54e4 is the latest Version, Fixed Exploits.

.54e5 is the latest Version, Minor Fixes. (Including the Purchase Glitch).

.54e6 is the latest Version, should have fixed the MB Spawning Glitch.

.54f is the latest version, should have fixed Fighter Spawns & MB Spawning (?)

.54g is the latest version, Changes to Warp: You can now warp Up & Down. There is a 12-15 second Warp Re-charging Timer after Warping. You will be forced to wait it out until you can initiate warp again. Warp Acceleration is now on par with ship Classes, Nyx cannot "instantly" warp any longer, applies to all ships that had the ability to "instantly" warp. Vulnerability time has increased, you are vulnerable until you reach Twice your Speed (Going in warp - Reaching at least the doubled value of your base Speed ). Drifting was completely Fixed. Even if it "looks" like you're drifting, you will still arrive where you've pointed your ship at. Changes to Ship Movement: Added Negative Speed, you will be able to see a grayscale on your Speedo'meter. This appears when you're turning your Ship or are in Reverse. Changes to Economy: Megabase automatically restocking has been Stopped. Acceleration & Stopping warp is yet to be optimized.

.54h1 is the latest version, Tons of fixes! MB Spawning! Menu Glitching! Acceleration too Slow!

Black Flare was replaced due to it's main model being un-editable to functionality.

.54i is the latest version. Changes to Ships: Fixed a lot of Ships that had Problems in various ways. Changed Black Flare Model. Added Spinals to Aegis. 6 Medium Cannons. Replaced Weldscripts for new Ones on a lot of Ships. Changed Orientation on CP to fit the PilotSeat's Orientation on a few Ships. Fixes / Changes: Q/E Going past 300 Speed. Fixed. Alien Swarmers now won't get stuck on your ship. Unable to launch from the dock by pressing Q/E. New Players changed from level .4 to .1 Ship not being able to be despawned after disappearing/getting flung. Stopping during "BEGIN WARP" will no longer make you get stuck in the warp. Re-warping after being stopped outside the map will no longer make you unable to warp.

Ships Spinals are being Fixed. This takes some time though, so be patient. We've already spent a whole night on fixing the Welding Problems, Spinal Problems. The only thing left to fix is the Docking!

.54j is the latest Version. Report Glitches/Bugs on the General Discussions Channel. Changes: Npc's will attack bases again. Alien Punishers can call in reinforcements to focus on one target. Warp deceleration is not consistent. Changed sell refund to 60%, example: Instead of 20,000 you get 60,000 Back.

New Battleship, the "Witch" has been added to the game. You can buy it from brand new Servers. / VIP servers. You cannot use it on outdated Servers.'

Nova has been fixed.

Version 55

.55 is the latest version, Fixes / Changes: GUI's not properly coming out of warp. Possibly client isn't receiving packet telling it the warp part has been deleted. Add safety to delete warp part/bubble from client if speed has returned to normal after a warp deceleration detected. Make NPC's use the bubble warp technology for long distance targets Only ships (and bases) destroyed by your team are lootable. After a certain time, 20 mins, it becomes available for all to loot. Raise spawn position slightly when teleporting to bases to prevent the jump. Allow base credits to go negative for "Dump Ore". Only allow loans for negative balances. During endgame, add bonus to power based on your size to put high pressure on smaller factions. If your home square is occupied by another faction, that base becomes a vassal of the larger faction. Squares on Navigation GUI should be bigger for closer things, smaller for further things. Display message when base is taken over. Andromeda is now a VIP ship. And about 25 more bug fixes.

Spinals ( Cannons Grey, Phasers Red ) have now different colors to be easily recognized.

Aegis was fixed.

Upcoming fixes and Solutions:

Players falling into the void once spawned at NPC assimilated bases: Add spawn location to mission bases. NPC Bases made out of turrets once main base was destroyed and players start spawning at NPC bases: Add a MaxLevel value to bases, so know if it even can be upgraded any further. Some ships having mass problems, causing them to drop down in warp or normal speed: Turrets, fighters are currently not included as mass, will add in the mass script. Warp Bubble too big on some Ships: Use something different as mass to determine size of warp bubble. Changes: Need some way for the leader to select different bases. Economy tab should show assimilated bases.

Also working on +52 ships to have the standard weld script, so no parts fall off any longer.


Latest Version, .55c5 Fixed Warp Problems. Fixed Ships Sinking. Fixed Warp Bubbles. Fixed NPC bases overall glitches. (Spawning, Spawning Ships). NPC BASES DO NOT HAVE ANY WEAPONRY, AS A LAST STAND BASE YOU NEED TO DEFEND IT WITH YOUR OWN SHIPS. Fixed an MB Npc. Added 2 new VIP Ships!> Battleship, Carvainir> Frigate, Zhanado.

Nyx is a faulty Model and was updated just now, Nyx is back to it's usual Model in newer servers

Sturm - Battlecruiser released.

.55d3 is the latest version, fixed MB spawning - 47 Ships were edited. Added the new VIP ships & Sturm. Leaders of faction can choose bases of which they want to manage now. (Upgrading base, Buying / Selling).

Fixed Endgame not happening.

Fixed Nyx fighter spawns.

Latest Version is .55e, Changed some things on the VIP lounge. Fixed players spawning at assimilated Freedom Base when taken over. Colors on "Chose Base" adjusted. MB shows on eco matrix. You can loot artifacts again. Fixed Flaks randomly appearing under bases and shooting anything in their sight. Fixed Some ships that had spawning problems. Fixed Nyx Fighter spawn. Fixed Dragonfly spawn. Added better tracking speed to light turrets. NPC bases will no longer stop a Game Reset.

.53e3 is the latest version, fixed Base Icons.

Latest Version is .55f, fixed Teleport to Ship. Warp Timer now starts when the Warp fully ended. Double/Triple Torque when Greyscale. Indicators for changes would be the Sturm being the second most expensive Battlecruiser.

Lowered prices of Tango, Starblade, Cobra, Harvester, Tempura and Advanced Miner. Raised price for Prepravca.

.55g is the latest version, Changed / Fixed: Peace start after war has a 120 second timer similar to War start. (This is so leaders cant simply accept peace to save themselves after base diving). Billy Ray Joe head in his stomach. Make Ship Wrecks only visible from 20,000 Studs, unless in a freighter. Mission bases multiplying after round reset. Lag Fixed. Can't make peace in endgame when 3 or fewer factions remain.

Tell your friends, tell your sisters, tell your parents, tell your grandparents, tell your grand-grand parents & tell your pets! Join the Galaxy Group to be always up-to-date with news, updates & all sorts of other fancy stuff! And of course, tell them to play Galaxy!

.55h1 is the latest version, fixed a lot of Glitches.

Version 56

.56 is the Latest Version. 1 Planet has been added, we call it Frion I. You're wondering what a planet can do, well let me tell you. 1. It lowers the price of each material, but only on the Planet. (Eco Bonus) 2. It can be upgraded for 12K to get Defensive Turrets. 3. It acts as your last resort since the Base inside the Planet has 30K total HP. How does it work? If Frion I should get "destroyed" you lose ownership and the ones that got the last hit get the Planet + extra Power for said Planet. It can't be destroyed. Frion I can be assimilated like every other "NPC" base, which means. The first territory to touch it got the Planet. (Power boost doesn't apply). What do we have planned for the future? 2 Words would describe it as, Ground Combat. Also, there will be more planets in the future. Other Fixes / Changes: Fixed Docking in Warp Glitch. Fixed Console Errors. Added Buy All / Sell All from Ship. Added a better Targeting Icon Visual.

.56a fixed Alien Icons not being transparent.

Fixed Tempest Docking point. Fixed Prospector Docking point.

Battlecruiser: Absolution has been added.

.56b is the latest version, reset hackers and banned them. (Fixed Exploits).

Celebrating 1000+ Discord Users.

Lowered total HP on Absolution.

New Industrial Miner w/ New Turret!

To clarify, these are miners, so they have that special look. We're obviously not going to add this kind of look to Combat Ships. Don't you worry about designs, I'm sure we know what we're doing. Thanks for reading this very interesting report.

For anyone wondering, we will also be re-making Starbases to fit the new Ship Style, bigger docking ports for bigger Dreadnoughts because now we can size the ships realistically.

We want to thank all the players for their continued support through Galaxy's Development. Over the years it has been our goal to reduce server lag but we have been limited in Roblox Studio. With the latest tech Roblox offers we are launching New Modern Ship Designs that will reduce server lag. Plus, the updated Star Base design allows Capital Ships to dock easier.

New Miner models available.

New Argonaut.

New Tempura.

New Prospector.

New Wyrm.

We are a user-generated community and we value our player's opinions. The ship remakes are not set in stone and are open for discussion and voting. Right now we have heard your views about the Wrym and made adjustments. Next, we will move onto the Rorq. Thank you for everyone's participation.

Don't panic about your stats reset, it's just Roblox database acting up according to Rcouret.

Leave. Galaxy. Before. It. Saves. Your. EMPTY. DATA.

For all ignorant punks, Rcouret isn't at fault for this. It's Roblox.

Obby placeholder till Roblox database is fixed.

Re-join galaxy servers 10 Times and see if you have it back.

FORMULA FOR PLAYERS THAT WERE RESET. Your Name: Your Bounty: Your Credits: Your Warehouse Level: IF YOU ARE ASKED TO NOT BE IN A GALAXY SERVER, THEN YOU SHOULD LEAVE ASAP ONCE YOUR FORMULA HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. Staff will tell you when your formula is accepted so we can tell you to leave the game and apply the Commands. If we think something is Fishy we will take all the time in the world to figure it out, even if your log is 1000 Entries Long. Liars won't be refunded.

New Icons for Map & Nav!

New Target UI! (& Icons).

A lot more fixes.

The Community in Galaxy is awesome. To better meet your needs we are restructuring staff and bringing in a new Community Advisor/Advisors and a new Shipmaster. Game updates are under rc, the game's owner. Staffing will continue under me. rc thinks you guys rock and will continue to make Galaxy an amazing user-generated experience.

We would like to Welcome our new Community Advisor as uglycar and our new shipmaster as Rekuri. Ship submission go to Rekuri and we are establishing the ship submission guidelines so you can submit ships soon. Thanks to our Community for moving forward with us.

.56d2 Fixed combat Turret beams not showing.

Added 6 new ships.

Fixed the Nyx fighter spawns.

.56e Bug fixes.

Our group hit 5000 members.

Due to some problems with updates, all ships that begin with the letters D-Z are broken (excluding Dire Wolf). We are looking into it now, expect it to be fixed soon.

All ships should be fixed in versions .56e2

Changed name of Nyxesion to Nixesion, should allow you guys to :cost Nyx now.

New shirts are available in the groups store! Go check them out!

Fixed the annoying team color problems on the Tempest and Nisos.

Testing Testing, Just gonna leave this here to let everyone know that it exist now

Made the game more balanced. Buffs Corvid, One more flak, more hp, buffed Turret placement. Sabre Tooth, Doubled Spinals. Xenon, Gave more hull, added 1 flak. Bastion, Buffed gun placement, Buffed hp/shield. Hecate, First ship with Medium flaks. Dire Wolf, Removed two light lasers, added two medium flaks. Sovereign, Buffed hp(again). Witch, slightly buffed turn speed. Carvainir, Cargo hold is now 750 Nerfs. Razor Wing costs, Hawklight cost. notice how the corvid is still useless

Rhino HP went from 3750/3750 to 4800/5250. so it's a even bigger wall

.56f1 and 2.png

Version 57

Unioned most of the dreads, they should create less lag and spawn faster.

Fixed Lusso.

Nyx is no longer a lag bomb. Reduced it to 600 parts.

Freighter remodels are released.

Fixed Lusso. (Again).

Released 3 new ships; The Retribution, Vanguard, and Dramiel!

Vanguard has been updated to VIP status.

Fixed Lusso again. (He's a problem child I'm sorry).


Interceptor Fighter added temporarily for testing.

Gave all miners (except wasp) a buff to give a better chance of escaping a pirate ambush, prices will increase temporarily in .57a but should go back down in .57b as I have altered the pricing formula for miners. Trello is reopened for anyone who cares.


Servers are in .57c4. Will be bringing patches.

We hit 2k Discord members. Yay. Keep it up guys!

Version 58

Update .58a, New Mega Base Food Vendors, Gear (VIP) Vendors.

Buffed all Frigates and Destroyers.

Docking should be a bit faster.

In .58a5, A possible fix for invisible bases and score added.

.58c changes some things about communication between server and client. You prob wont notice anything different.

With this coming patch, I gave 4 ships some love in order to bring them back on par with the rest of the dreads, these ships are as follow;

Zeus: Received a large buff to its shield hp while losing 1 heavy laser and gaining several mediums. The goal of this is to remove any long range role and make it a close-ranged beast for shield dpm. It is also slower now.

Levi: Restored this ancient beast to its former glory of being the fastest dread, known for hunting down damaged dreads. It now has double its previous speed and acceleration. (also a really sick remodel )

Saggi: Further established this ships role as a sieging shield-breaker, gave it an extra heavy and slowed it down to maximize its burst potential.

Naglfar: Buffed its speed by a considerable amount to distinguish its role from the Zeus for shield pvp, it now can handle other capital ships at long range, kiting essentially.

Version 59

.59a Halloween Update. Festive Megabase, new quest, limited event ships and a secret thingy. Oh and AI know how to use Spinals correctly and strafe now. Also, Invuln warp now starts at 350 speed for all ships.





There is now a limited edition quest that grants you a PRIZE-SHIP once completed. Speak to the Headless Horseman to learn more. (SPACE PUMPKINS ARE OBTAINABLE BUT HOW YOU GET THEM IS CURRENTLY UP TO PLAYERS TO FIGURE IT OUT). Good luck!


New customized megabase with spooky decorations and sound effects and a few new Halloween themed gears/food items.

More information to come.

Made minor fixes to colors and parts on ships, nothing too big.


Gave Rorqual a small buff to give more reason to use it over the Mammoth.

Made some tweaks to Mammoth, its mining speed and ore hold were not affected. (Just slight speed/hp tweaks).

Nimitz is fixed.

Unknown (1)-0.png

Ships are being updated and Rekuri will let you guys know ship building requirements in the future.

Ships have been updated in a crunch fix. Long term ship remakes will happen when Rekuri brings the ships in. Anyone raging at staff for this can be muted.

As a major attempted to fix long load times, a lot of ships will not be spawnable. They will see be in your inventory but not spawnable till the new models are ready. Sorry for any inconvenience.

All ships are now spawnable.

Grim's pumpkin drop increased to 4 and new boss theme added.

Minor fixes to the Mega Base.

New patch is here:

- Balanced out Rorqual and Mammoth.

- Buffed cyclops. (3 huge cannons, faster, more hp) .

- Added weapons to Reaper.

- New Frankenemi + Blood Wing model.

- Minor bug fixes regarding ships.

- Arthur's gun placement changed up a bit. (All lower now).

Leviathan and Frankenemi fixed.

.59d2 - Moved all updated ships and Halloween ships into game storage, should see improved load time.

.59e - Miscellaneous fixes

The Official Galaxy Discord Server hit 2500 members!

Group Tournaments are coming to Galaxy soon! The hope of this is to help bring back groups as well as offer a more competitive environment, with rewards such as unique ships and credits. More details will be released soon, however, expect the first tourney to start on November 10th, with entries into it starting on the 7th. Have fun!

Christmas Mega Base added along with Aqueous II.

Fixed unanchored bricks on the planet.

Fixed invisible spawn points.

Fixed a few blocks that were can collide.

Fixed Blizzard name bug.

Fixed the issue of spawning on the planet when your team does not own it.

Blizzard IS the Snowstorm, it's simply renamed.

The Roblox Admin OldBaronMondo played Galaxy.

Unknown (1)-1.png

Version 60


New Christmas Limited Event ships released.

A Sentaliz nerf, new Cruiser, and a Ghoul Nyx remodel.

Fixed Sentaliz Spinals.

Glacier & Viking remodel.

The present at the Christmas Mega Base has opened and is a Festive and Coal Wasp that you can only get on Christmas by asking Galaxy Staff for it.

Bug with the Wasps has been fixed.

To celebrate new years, we've got a special ship for you guys, but this time, it's going to be given out via a raffle system on the Galaxy Discord. Only 10 lucky people will receive this ship.

Updated Frion I. Minor changes to the exterior and changed Turret positions.

New Shield effects have been added.

Made the final update to remove all Snowflakes from spawning.

Replaced Viking and Glacier models with the newer ones.

Buffed 2018 ships max speed to 300 & added particles.

Minor parts reduction from the Mega Base & few cosmetic changes.

New spray paint gear at gear vendor.

Few fixes to Mega Base and Aqueous II.

Viking Torpedos fixed.

Admin Lounge statues replaced with portraits. (Parts/size reduction). [Credit to chaos for that one].

New additions to the Mega Base interior including 2 food vending machines to the center area.

Fixed Mega Base dock points D3, E1, E2, E3, E4.

Lowered E Dock points to avoid ship collisions on Mega Base thrusters.

Exterior additions to the Mega Base.

60d Winter Event has ended.

Minor updates to the Mega Base, you can access the admin lounge from the Mega Base via a staircase and not just the Eclipse now.

Buffed Coal & Festive Wasp accel/topspeed.

Frion I remodel. Level 2 has 8 Heavy Turrets and decorative features.

New Admin Ship the Goliath X added.

fixed Hevnetier Fighter spawns. (Now spawns Fury's).

Fixed Archeon lasers placement.

Festive Wasp building errors fixed & now invisible on the Minimap.

improved Frion level 2 upgrade structures. (Replaced those "plants").

Improved teleporter pads.

Halved prices of VIP Food Vendor.

1 new food Vendor item & 2 new gear Vendor items.

Sneak Peak at the next Galaxy Update!

Next update.png

U.N.E Patrol Fleet returning to base after combat testing new prototype. A CLASSIFIED Capital Vessel that is yet to be Identified.

U.N.E. scientist division is yet again a step ahead of time.

Starbase Remodel live in Development Servers, one additional floating Turret Medium Laser and improved Turret line of sight, as well as two extra Fighter spawns.

New Miner added. The M Class. Brand new mining style as ore needs to be inside the ship to be mined, featuring 6 MEDIUM MINING LASERS & WARP.

Wooly Mammoth received a well deserved stats buff|MaxHull 300->1000|MaxShield 1800->2000|OreHoldCap 3700->5000. (Went from around 186k material cost to 240k).

The Nidhogg and Jackal have been added.

Frion I spawn points now invisible & a few structures falling apart fixed.

Festive Wasp Small Mining Laser replaced with a Medium.

Added particle effects on Ghoul Nyx engines.


Level 2 costs 12k to upgrade & introduces new structures replacing the old, as well as 20 defense systems consisting of Medium Lasers & Medium Railguns.

Level 3 costs 24k to upgrade & introduces 24 Heavy Lasers.

Fixed floating Heavy Laser bug on [[[Aqueous II]], repositioned few Heavy Lasers & added 4 new Lasers to compensate for blind spot discovered.

Fixed Viking Flak placement & removed random decal giving an error on Jackal.

Warp system.png

New Warp System in the works.

The Roblox Admin OldBaronMondo who played Galaxy a while ago made a blog about it.

Ghoul Nyx & Nimitz hotfix.

Completely remade the bridge of Cyclops, it's got an interior now.

E Class reduced file size & improved back to toilet cleaner state.

Mega Base parts reduced from 2908 to 1918 without altering appearance.

Getting close to the big physics update. Decided to make the game completely zero gravity so trying to give players artificial gravity so they can still walk around. Haven't quite figured it out yet but I'm sure it will be soon.

Cyclops top bridge remodeled because it didn't fit in right. Here's the updated one. (The right one is the updated one).

2 2.png

All event ships have received a HP buff & some in accel/top speed.

For those questioning when new warp/updates will be applied. Rc has to fix these bugs first & new ones pop up every day.

U.N.E Starbase level 2 in new servers.

If you haven't seen already, Roblox did a thing and messed up something and now, Galaxy is getting more players (yay in theory) but for the wrong reason (Bad in execution). Please do all of us a favor and Purge Freedom Bases.

Arcade has updates that aren't in regular Galaxy yet. Still bugs and glitches being worked out. Have patience.

Shipbuilders, we're looking for these remodels below V _ V - there have already been some submitted, but if you can make a better one than you see in #ship-submissions give it a try. If you want a Remodel / Ship of yours added to #ship-submissions, tag a mod or Admin. Remember, Max. Filesize is 2MB & 500 Parts. Try to make it below either of these.

Osprey, Orion, Grievion, Phantom, Corvid, Stormbringer, Retribution, Hawklight, Razorwing/Bloodwing, Xenon, Raven, Nisos, Hasatan, Hevnetier, Archangel, Nixesion, Abyss and Dire Wolf. The most needed are Retribution and Hevnetier.

Free models will not be accepted. We will know if you took a free model and tried to use it as your own. We want original models made by the community of galaxy. If you persist to submit free models multiple times you may be banned from submitting ships for a set amount of time.

Accepted Remodels for: Phantom, Dragonfly by Lordmoneymonkey. Abyss by Deadnom. Nixesion by oChaoswarrioro.

Remodels 1.JPG

Accepted Remodels for: Hawklight by Lordmoneymonkey. Tengu by oChaoswarrioro/Changed Torpedos to other Spinal Armament. Sovereign by Miigaadenim.

Remodels 2.png

Accepted Remodels for: Zeus, Behemoth by Lordmoneymonkey. Stormbringer, Avalon by oChaoswarrioro.

New ships:

Mjolnheimr by MasterPlural.


Scythe by lordmoneymonkey.

Sentinel by oChaosWarrioro.

Meteor by an_droider.


Genesis by lordmoneymonkey.

Hevnetier Remodel made by ToschaMijasik. (NOT COMING).
Hev Remodel.png

Voting is open for the next two:

Hasatan Remodel by ToschaMijasik.

Hasatan Remodel 1.png

Hasatan Remodel by WhyImSoCool.

Hasatan Remodel 2.png
Unidentified Space Craft was sighted taking part in Planetary Annihilation Tests.
Attempted balancing of Aqueous II Level 2 & 3. (Removed 6 Heavy Lasers [24->18] from level 3 & removed 1 Medium Railgun [20->19] from Level 2.

After about 3 hours of very frustrating mesh work, I've reduced Aqueous II file size from 40MB to 15MB & reduced it's part count by about 250 parts. Meshes in most cases do have less collision problems than unions, but there's a chance there may still be issues.

Version 61

.61 Update was being tested on Galaxy Arcade, now released to main Galaxy with .61c.

New warp system added and a new planet, Myriad III.

Starbases remodeled back to the newer model again.

Here's my personal agenda on things I need to get done, right now priority being to reduce lag and here's a list of the largest offenders

Nyx is now made up half of meshes, part count reduced from 662 to 313 (and lag greatly reduced) it's appearance was not changed for those concerned.

Nixesion (Fighter) reduced from 96 parts to 26 without altering any appearance/increasing file size.

Fury & Frenzy parts reduced from 60 to 36 each without altering any appearance. (File size increased by 100kb/each).

New intro music, few new roaming themes, many new battle themes & new victory music.

As part of a major effort to get lag under control, I have decided to suspend the following ships because they utilize 10% or more of the servers processor by itself. The ships will be restored after being remodeled to a version with less than 10% lag. This takes effect in version .61c5 Absolution, Aegis, Andromeda, Archeon, Aurora, Blizzard, Carvainir, E Class, Eclipse, Frankenemi, Ghoul Nyx, Glacier, Grim Reaper, Halloween Ship, Hasatan, Naglfar, Nyx, [Secret Ship], Revelation, Ridgebreaker, Sagittarius, Sovereign, Stormbringer, Tempest, Tengu, Tennhausen, Warlock and Witch.

The new music added to the Music Page on the Wiki if you want to listen to it.

Nyx disabled, it's lag was reduced from in the 40% range to 12-13% but that's still not good enough so I'll work on that soon.

Ridgebreaker now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 497 -> 173.

E Class now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 177 -> 127.

Warlock now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 394 -> 216.

Tennhausen now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 470 -> 102.

Nyx now usable in new servers: Reduced part count FURTHER 313 -> 204.

Absolution now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 494 -> 132

To keep track of my progress on the ship part reductions, visit the trello.

Andromeda now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 209 -> 123.

2 new intro themes (total 3) | 1 new roaming theme & 1 new battle theme.

Presidents day event New event ship available in servers version .61d5.

It will only be available for TODAY so get it while you can!

Fixed the Myriad III sand turning faction colour when captured.

Event ship is now unavailable in new servers. The remaining servers will have it until the 24 hour mark, then they will be force shutdown. So get it while you can!

Starbase floating Turrets have now been raised and moved slightly further from the base so they don't interfere with large ships docking.

Fixed Myriad's dockpoints & teleporters on level 2.

Archeon now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 472 -> 184.

Witch now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 489 -> 195. (Archeon faction colors fixed).

Sagittarius now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 301 -> 72.

Hasatan has been remodeled and added in new servers. Original model was 904 parts, then remodel was about 450 and I reduced that to 65 parts.

Naglfar now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 449 -> 44.

Roblox update 1337: lol we broke your Turrets and seats.

Welding issue is fixed in new servers.

Hasatan being removed temporarily for bugfixes.

Hasatan bug has been fixed.

Sovereign now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 523 -> 152. (This is just to make it usable before the remodel is out).

Frankenemi now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 230 -> 160. (Minor coloring/interior updating as well).

Ridgebreaker front Medium Railgun working in new servers.

Ghoul Nyx now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 949 -> 203. (Also carries unique Fighters that have increased health/top speed).

Fixed Faction Color for Ghoul Nyx Bridge & Buffed Spirit. (Ghoul Nixesion) HP 350/250.

Aegis now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 546 -> 102.

E Class fixed in new servers.

Miners & Freighters received Resistance Buff, & Double Health.

(Something Secret).

Lore for Galaxy finally exists! This is not the finalized version as future updates are planned to add into the lore.

Tengu is back to a usable state.

If you have obtained an Unknown Ship in some way, you shouldn't reveal it's secret Configurations until 03/02 - U.N.E. Commission. Also, note that flying around in Unknown Ships may cause others to take you down as time passes. If you do have one do tell us.

Dread Rebalance has been released.

Frigate Rebalance Released.

Fighter Rebalance Released.

11 new remodels released.

5 new ships released.

The new ships are Scythe, Meteor, Genesis, Mjolnheimr, and Sentinel.

The remodeled ships are Behemoth, Avalon, Zeus, Phantom, Dragonfly, Nixesion, Hawklight, Sovereign, Stormbringer, Abyss, and Tengu.

Carrier Rebalance has been released.

Starbase Level 4 introduced & base HP buffs. (Level 1 Starbase SHIELD 3k -> 5k | HULL 5k -> 7k).

Abandoned U.N.E Base Level 3 introduced. (Level 3 brings more defense).

Freedom Base HP buff SHIELD 5k -> 7.5k | HULL 5k -> 7.5k.

Myriad III HP buff HULL 7k -> 10k | SHIELD 3.5k -> 5k.

Absolution now available in new servers. (Roblox saving issue deleted it before).

Minor cosmetic changes to Starbase.

Minor coloring changes to all Turrets.

New audio added to the combat Music selection.

Prototype X-2 reduced from 229 parts down to 82 parts.

Heavy Lasers & Railguns barrels are now walk through(to combat them interfering with docking) also Heavy Laser sound effect slightly "improved".

Avalon, Scimitar & Mjolnheimr docking fixed. (Avalon dock extended, Scimitar docking changed to rear & Mjolnheimr's front prong removed).

Sentinel reduced from 196 parts to 95.

Blizzard now usable in new servers. (Remodeled by Arina) & reduced to 91 parts from former 700+.

Prototype X-1 reduced from 200 parts to 63 parts.

Aegis collision issue fixed in new servers.

New Turret remodels released. Part counts cut down by 75%.

New Turrets.png
New Turret types added in! Several ships have been updated with them.

Behemoth, Nemesis, Leviathan, Retribution, Slipstream, Frankenemi, Genesis, Aegis, Nisos, Bastion and Hecate.

Hawklight now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 423 -> 66.

Aegis collision issue fixed. (Again).

New Situation Board at the Mega Base which provides a short description of recent updates/current issues going on with Galaxy. For now, it displays all (non-admin) suspended ships (since that's the problem as of now) & displays a section of what was recently updated. This is targeted towards players that aren't in the discord and helps inform them of why it's disabled and what. The recent update section should provide information on non-version updates, so you'll know if that specific change was applied to that server or not. (For example, a small ship hotfix would not change the latest server version, but it will now show up on the board to let players know this is the latest server with it).

Leviathan Remodel released. Part count reduced from 155 to 86. File size reduced from 2.65 MB to 471 KB.

2 New roaming tracks added.

2 New combat tracks added.

Faction coloring Issues fixed on: Andromeda, Absolution, Witch & Sentinel.

Stormbringer now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 257 -> 61.

Frenzy & Fury now easier to get inside of & Part count reduced 60 -> 36.

Razor Wing nerfed, it lost 1 Flak and Spinals reduced. Turn rate and acceleration also nerfed.

Tennhausen buffed. It received 2 new Medium Cannon Turrets, and 1 Railgun changed to a Medium Cannon.


Revelation now usable in new servers: Reduced part count 795 -> 100 (I'm sorry but I had to strip it's central interior to even get it to this much...)

Naglfar bridge fixed.

Freedom Base ladder blocking issue fixed.

2 New Battle Themes:

6 New Roaming Themes:

Removed Spinals from Prototypes, added more Prototype Turrets to X-1,X-2 & Added more Damage, Reload & Nerfed Accuracy.

Behemoth now usable on new servers. Part count reduced from 420 parts down to 212 parts.

Sovereign now usable on new servers. Part count reduced from 298 parts down to 82 parts.

Bastion fixed in new servers.

Update Board at the Mega Base up to date.

Wooly Mammoth buffed. Replaced 8 Small Mining Lasers with 4 Mediums & few color changes.

Tempest Reduced part count 501 -> 81.

Nimitz reduced in parts & remodeled Interior/minor exterior changes.

Interceptor H/S reduced part count 60 -> 11.

Interceptor H/S buffed max Speed to 200.

Hevnetier HP buffed, speed & turnspeed reduced & spawns Nixesion, Nighthawk, Fury, Frenzy, Xenophile & Dragonfly now.

Hawklight hull increased. (This change has been undone).

7 New remodels released! The following ships have been remodeled: Sagittarius, Retribution, Archeon, Xenon, Archangel, Raven and Dropship.

6 New ships added!! 1 Freighter, 2 Miners,1 Destroyer,1 Cruiser and 1 Battlecruiser.

All ship descriptions have been fixed.

Fixed Frigate build menu that Lord broke.

Nyx fixed.

Aeaphiel fixed.

Constellation is now the first Freighter class to come armed. It now has 2 medium flaks for defense. Once again, this is normally a VIP Freighter but will be available to all players for a few days before it's VIP only, so get it while you can!

Scythe docking fixed.

Nimitz upscaled. (Slightly bigger, no changes to appearance other than that).

Interceptor S/H slightly upscaled & weapons replaced with mediums. (Small Flak Cannon replaced with Medium Flak Cannon etc).

Blizzard Turrets reposition for better firing angle & HP buff: Shield: 2000 -> 2500 | Hull: 1200 -> 2000

Higher Quality Discord Logo.

Cyclops second floor removed, interior updated.

Minor docking change to Retribution.

Minor Prototype buff.

More Ship Descriptions Fixed.

Avalon buffed in new servers.

Slipstream has 75 speed now.

Increased Prototype Turrets reload to 20 seconds & damage on both is now 500 a/ Turret.

Constellation is now VIP in new servers.

Slipstream speed buff reverted.

Prototype Turret changes mostly reverted.

All ships are currently broken, be patient until we figured it out.

I fixed it.

Constellation buffed: One Medium Flak replaced with one Medium Laser.

Aqueous II minor building error fixed.

Minor building error on Hornet fixed.

Archangel coloring issue fixed.

Black Flare has now been brought back to it's original form (with a few alterations). Original flare that was removed used to be 1097 parts, it's now 97. Available in new servers.

Starbase recolored & few building alterations.

Apoc buffed, 1 New Carrier and Fighter Released, 2 New Frigates Released, 2 New Destroyers Released, Carvainir Remodel Released, Rorqual Remodel Released and Light Cannon Released.

The following ships received the Light Cannons: Aeaphiel, Avenger, Archangel, Chimera, Gideon, Razor Wing, Orion, Osprey and the Ampharos.

Frigate menu fixed, Archangel removed until it is able to be fixed.

Small Mining Lasers fixed in new servers.

Galaxy is fixed once again.

Archangel fixed in new servers.

Hello everyone, the Official Galaxy Merch Store has been released! Feel free to buy posters and all kinds of other items to support Galaxy! There is currently a promotion going on for the store. If you buy a product, please send all the proof to @Sean_MorabitoYT on Discord to receive your one of a kind Carrier! You can only get 1 ship! You can buy ships for your friends if you wish. If you lose it then its gone forever. This promotion only lasts for 1 month. When you buy you hereby agree to these conditions. P.S You are able to fully customize everything on the store. P.S New Role for people who have purchased

Moved Rorqual Teleporters, changed Turret layout on Rorqual.

Borealis part count reduced by 80%.

Borealis beautified.

Blitz part count reduced by 75%.

Starfall nerfed from 1000/1000 to 650/700.

Prototype X-1 reduced to 50 parts again.

Sovereign fixed again.

Zeus reduced from 532 to 232 parts. Available in new servers

Fixed X-1 Teleporters that were eaten by the void.

Rorqual has warp now, 1000 more hull, 250 more shields, 30 less speed, 1000 less ore hold.

Fixed up the descriptions of all the new ships that got added.

Avenger remodeled / fixed.

Fixed issues on the Avenger. It should be more appealing. Halved file size/lowered part count.

Hornet parts reduced 132 -> 73. (Docking issue should be fixed now).

Rorqual fixed.

Just a reminder that cancelling your order from the store once you get the ship is fraud which is illegal and you will be punished accordingly with a perm ban (appeal chances low) and the ship removed from your inventory. I do not want to post this for a 3rd time. Got it?

Viking Turret placement fixed.

2 Turrets on Viking replaced with Light Cannons.


Before there is more people making stupid remarks about how they are so much more informed on Updates when they are not, .61i+ is going to add the following and more:

Player can no longer teleport to their ship if docking, warping.

Reclass Prototypes as Super Capital, limited to one per faction.

Loyality gain-rate faster by 25%.

Minimum base level and loyality required to spawn bigger ships. (Doesn't affect Frigates and Utility. Barely affects Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers. Notes coming soon.)

Reduce Prices on Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers.

New ship limits: Pre Endgame: Battleship 4, Carrier 1, Dread 2, Super Capital 0. Endgame: Battleship 5, Carrier 1, Dread 3, Super Capital 1.

Ship price calculations based on turret DPS rather than the number of Turret slots.

Made Draco VIP and more Expensive.

"The Anti-Piracy update" - .61h.

Alien Swarmer reduced part count 90 -> 7. (Should increase performance slightly).

Alien Punisher reduced part count 152 -> 14. (Should increase performance slightly).

Medium Mining Laser reduced part count 42 -> 12.

Small Mining Laser reduced part count 37 -> 11.

Halloween Ship now available in new servers. Reduced part count 458 -> 58. (Mostly an update for staff).

In Arcade when joining a faction, you instantly get 11% Loyalty.

Fixed missing parts on Witch, fixed faction color.

Sabre Tooth and Xenophile Remodeled.

Coloring/Building issues fixed with Starbase\Few Mega Base fixes\Abandoned U.N.E Base Alarm noise changed & plays every 60 seconds instead of every 30.

Coloring issue fixed with Revelation & Nyx.

Panther, Ishkur, Ibis added.

Reduced Speed on Panther by a little, increased HP.

Starbase Satellite turrets fixed. (No more docking issues).

Panther severely nerfed, HP buffed, Spinals halved, speed reduced further, acceleration reduced. Spinals reduced to "large".

Cobra slightly reduced part count & slight interior change (For the better).

Panther received 3/3 Large Spinals, hp buff, speed increase and some Turrets removed.

Panther received 1 more Light Cannon, 1 more Large Phaser, 10 more speed and -250 shield.

Revelation's Furies should be fixed in new servers.

Borealis Fighter placement fixed in new servers.

Blitz fixed in new servers.

Vanguard Fighter placement fixed in new servers.

Jackal's spinal intervals reduced to Andro's speed. Medium phasers changed to large. Shield reduced by 100.

If you do stuff to gain power, it will probably also increase Loyalty Gain - so don't just sit around and wait for loyalty to generate - be active.

Jackal's turn rate severely nerfed, hull reduced by 100.

All miners now have warp.

A bit more lore added to the U.N.E page and changed it slightly.

New editions to the Store! (Ignore the Miners Of Galaxy Ones). (At the moment you can only view them by selecting the collections button).

Razor Wing Remodel added in new servers.

Dire Wolf Remodel added in new servers.

Orion Remodel Added in new servers.

Carvainir Remodel Added in new servers.

Carvainir hold buffed from 750 to 1000.

Prototypes Buffed.

New Turrets types replace two old Turrets types.

Ishkur nerfed.

Fixed error in the Hornet. (One of the text messages said Medium Mining Laser instead of Small).

More ship descriptions fixed.

Prototypes have entered Phase 2 of testing!

Prototype X-1 received longer range guns than Prototype X-2.

Prototype X-2 received faster firing guns than Prototype X-1.

Prototype X-2 received a new special turret and two specialized turrets.

Hecate Remodeled.

Prototype X-2 Remodeled.

Zero Remodeled.

Osprey Remodeled.

Sixfold Remodeled.

Prototype X-2 Reduced from 80 parts to 24 parts.

Prototype X-2 File sized reduced from 1.3 MB's down to 534 KB's.

Tengu Remodeled.

Hornet explosion reduced to 0 until further notice, it’s not supposed to be 105.

Commercial Miner explosion reduced to 95.

Lusso Interior improved & part count reduced. 179 -> 135 (Along with a few collision issues fixed)

Mammoth/Wool slightly buffed.

Starbase upscaled & few building errors fixed.

Added tighter air-locks, so ships can't get through. (If you can, go on a VIP Server and upgrade it to level 2 or 3). Fixed loose parts.

Starbase reverted. No future exterior changes are planned for this starbase. Remodel may be in the near future.

E Class docking improved & docking area slightly improved.

Hornet reset back to 0 explosion, Roblox and their crappy asset bugs.

Apostle's shield nerfed to 700 and hull nerfed to 650.

Nemesis Remodel available in new servers.

Naglfar Remodel available in new servers.

Ridgebreaker Remodel available in new servers.

Glacier Remodeled and now available again in new servers.

Alien Swarmer physically doubled in size (to make it an easier target) and health slightly buffed. Shield 250-->300 Hull 250-->300.

Poll opened on which ships to prioritize for lag reduction.

M Class part count reduced. 311-->82.

Genesis part count reduced. 447-->66.

Commercial Miner explosion size set to 80.

Hornet explosion size set to 20.

Sakala HP buffed and turrets changed, mobility nerfed significantly.

Sanguine HP nerfed, slight speed increase. ("Possible revert it future").

Glacier re-released again.

Nemesis remodel released again.

Ridgebreaker Spinal interval fixed.

New Battle (combat) theme added

2 New Roaming (non-combat) themes added

Another new Roaming theme added

Update Version .61i

Alien spawn rate dramatically increased, aliens lagging fixed

Supercapital spawning fixed

Map size increased

Loyalty now saves when you leave if and only if you join the same exact faction as before

NEW NPC base called the "mothership"

Large railgun and miniguns added to this base, as well as other things. 5 unique, visually different levels. "Most powerful defense in the game"

Fighter movement bugs fixed, bay doors not opening fixed

VIP and Staff members have unique tags in the chat.

Alien Punisher physically increased in size to make it an easier target. No other stat changes.

Alien Swarmer recolored and speed slightly buffed. Swarmer's laser reload time doubled from 2.5 to 5 seconds.

Unanchored parts floating off of the mothership fixed

Mothership Cannon reload time doubled from 4 to 8 seconds

Mothership Laser reload time reduced from 7 to 6 seconds

Mothership Railgun damage reduced from 225 to 200

Mothership Minigun range reduced from 4000 to 3750

Mammoth ore hold buffed from 3500 to 5000, "torque" reduced from 15 to 13, cargo hold reduced from 350 to 175

All mining lasers have had their range buffed by 1000 to compensate for map expansion updates

Alien Swarmer laser reload time buffed from 5 to 2.5 seconds, damage increased from 25 to 35, Loot gain increased remains the same

Alien Punisher loot buffed (~30% more than swarmer). No stat changes

Wooly Mammoth ore hold buffed from 5000 to 6000, cargo hold buffed from 500 to 600, hull buffed from 3000 to 3500, turn speed increased from .4 to .5

2 New Roaming Tracks.

1 New Battle Track.


Xenon reduced part count 407 -> 45.

Zhanado reduced part count 281 -> 35.

Vansnova reduced part count 154 -> 77.

Scimitar reduced part count 162 -> 68

Spectre reduced part count 341 -> 69

Python reduced part count 108 -> 63

Radiance reduced part count 381 -> 68

Version 62

Version .62_dbg03:

(Early versions of .62 are titled "dbg" due to heavy debugging occurring in Galaxy. Recent Roblox updates caused significant errors to arise in the game.)

New intro theme

Removed animated "autodoors" from Mega Base terminals due to functionality errors in servers under "heavy load"

Ampharos part count reduced 373 --> 131

Raven part count reduced 328 --> 31

Warp distances increased / quicker to charge to small numbers, but timer also broken a bit

Version .62_dbg04:

5 New turrets!

Gatling Cannons and other variants of existing turrets The following ships have received the turrets

Behemoth, Tempest, Slipstream, Nemesis, Leviathan, Genesis, Sovereign, Ampharos, Sentaliz, Bastion, Hecate, Aeaphiel, Gideon, Xenon, Corvid, Centurion, & Osprey.

GUI Bug Fixed. Latest Version: dbg_05 If you have vip, you start with 3% loyalty.

Loyalty saves each time it increases.

Multiple issues on various ships fixed.

Tutorial fixed.

Both quests at Mega Base fixed.

Multiple anti-exploit measures added.

Ship issue where unable to spawn ships and Turrets not appearing completely fixed.

Doors removed from the Mega Base, causing lag and being slow during lag.

Many ship reductions.

All loyalty for spawning ships was reduced by 1%.

More New Items On The Galaxy Store.

Mega Base recolored.

Sakala Remodel.

Sanguines made bigger, 4 med turrets.

Unarmed frigate added as a fighter to the Sakala.

Mobility reduced for more health.

Gatlings fixed in new servers.

Galaxy Version .62a officially out of Debug

Two new ambient tracks and two new battle tracks

Added two additional fighter pads to Myriad level 3, fixed fighter spawning on level 3.

Slight appearance update / model fixes to the Swarmer Prototype.

Worm and Jackal explosion size fixed / reduced.

I've scanned all of the ships on galaxy once again and listed 22 of the ships that cause server lag. Here's more info on it.

Archeon, Avalon, Carvainir, Genesis, and Retribution suspended due to excessive part counts and lag.

Grievion added to ship suspension - caused up to 16% of server lag in one case.

We are aware of the exploiter crashing servers, please use one of these private servers instead

--Ampharos's gatlings have returned.

--Added 3 more peaceful tracks to the game C:

- Two new Combat tracks: &

- fixed visible spinal parts/faction color issues on ridgebreaker, tennhausen, nisos, archangel, worm

(This announcement regards future changes - these features are not currently implemented)

PSA 2018, state of the game: Just a short overview of what's going on in Galaxy's Development.

Content & Gameplay

We have alot of content planned, some of which are being worked on as we speak. (Big Content Updates) I believe we want to prioritize the reduction of lag before anything else though. Bug Fixes & etc. should also be coming along hopefully, depending on Rcouret's time. (Hopefully some changes to mechanics too, such as warp)

Ships & Stuff

I'm unsure if we want to add more ships into the game at it's current state, we'll see how optimized some of the submissions are. The Rebalance isn't going forward right now, but we did make a few examples for Miners, which i'll post below. (I will only present one Example)

---Harvester--- Agile, fast, fast mining, low orehold =S/H= 600/100 =Speed=75 =T.Speed=.35 =Accel=18 =Turrets + size= Medium x2 =Warp drive=Yes =Cargo Hold=25 =Ore Hold=400

For all ships - we'll be using the description to determine and help players realize each ship's role. All ships will finally have a specified role, no longer is it dedicated to it's Class.

AGAIN, we are very limited as to what we can do without Rcouret's help. More to come™

Constellation buffed to gain another Medium Flak Cannon and a Medium Laser, bringing the total to 4 turrets (two of each). This will hopefully make it more of a threat to bigger pirates and make it easier to finish off small ships. The price was not greatly affected.

All admin ships removed until further notice to help cut down on lag, and reduce loading times.

Un-suspended all player obtainable ships that were suspended at the beginning of the month as it had no impact on lag. As shown by community and experienced by myself.

Sabre Tooth nerfed. 2 barrels removed, speed reduced, and turnrate reduced.

Removed all Starbase Turrets and replaced the 23+ Turrets (on level 3 & 4) with 6 Orbital Cannons that do equal DPS. (Part 1 of Lag Reduction Updates)

  • New Orbital Base Turrets, Small, Medium, Heavy (Base Level 1,2,3) - 2 Turrets for each Level Upgrade.
    • S: 220 Damage, 5500 Range, Decent Accuracy, Low Reload time (Railgun at Top, Laser at Bottom)
    • M: 350 Damage, 6700 Range, Medium Accuracy, Medium Reload time (Railgun Left, Laser Right)
    • H: 500 Damage, 7200 Range, Low Accuracy, High Reload time (Railgun Vertical to Left, Laser Vertical to Right) Railguns/Lasers have the same Damage.
  • OLD: 23 Turrets x 10 Max Level Bases = 230 Turrets constantly searching for targets/script running for each one of them.
  • NEW: 6 Turrets at Level 1 x 10 Level 1 Bases = 60 Turrets constantly searching for a target, new bases have max. of 6 Turrets.
  • Also changed Base Colors & Materials.

Base has no Blindspots since all Turrets are Orbital. Next: Planets/NPC Changes.

Frion & Aqueous now have new Orbital Turrets:

  • Frion has 8 in total, ranging from M type Turrets to H type turrets about equal in numbers
  • Aqueous when fully upgraded has 10 turrets, also ranging from M type to H type turrets - 5 turrets each level
  • Frion's atmosphere is now 10% bigger

Laser Gatling "variant" released! Added to several ships "[but we] will leave that for you guys to find out on which."

Sabre Tooth re balanced: 2 medium phasers replaced with 4 small phasers.

5 New ships released!

  • 1 Dread
  • 2 Battleships
  • 2 Destroyers

6 Remodels released!:

Prospector, Hercules, Witch [Test run], Warlock [Test run], Draco, Nisos

We will be going around shutting down servers

Battleship tab fixed

Legionnaire fixed

Frigate tab fixed too [Blame fang]

--Gatlings fixed again, assets reverted

-myriad & aqua atmosphere 20% bigger

--fixed floating starbase turrets

Lazarus goes VIP in 1 day so get it while you can

The following songs have been removed due to copyright:

I will compensate with new music which I will upload soon

--Warlock fixed in new servers

--Witch fixed in new servers

--Draco fixed in new servers

Found a version of Mentallica Enter Sandman without the vocals which sneaked past copyright detection which means its back in the game!

Added the new base assimilation sound and 2 new peaceful tracks.

--Made Lazarus VIP with a healthpool of 1250 hull and 8500 shields from the previous 3850 hull and 8240 shields

Version .62c -- The Celestial Bodies Update!

  • 1 new quest added
  • New asteroid belt added around Aqueous
  • Kendall research station added
  • Sakala will be available for 3 DAYS ONLY
    • (purchasing from the galaxy merch store gets you a sakala, dm sean if you purchased)
  • more content will be added soon including 3 more quests

Released Patriotic Hercules & Rorqual in celebration of July 4th

Updated Server:

(the virus script is removed)

  • the update will be delayed while we fix it

New Private Server:

Sean's Server:

quest description fixed

its ascension crystals not antimatter shards

You need 7 ascension crystals to complete the quest

  • You can sometimes find any sort of artifacts under bases in populated servers

Added some of peaceful and combat tracks to comensate for copyrighted music.

Celestial Bodies Update 2:

Under 20 asteroids have been picked to be minable in the asteroid belt, composed of palladium and iridium.

Base spawning for planets reduced.

The dust field reversed to make a second ring, stops targetting issues allows for targeting of the said asteroids.

The quest on aqua has been set to repeatable, it is now the first repeatable quest.

--Fixed the unminable asteroids around aqua

--Fixed Devestation Explosion Size.

--Colors edited on patriotic ships

--Legionnaire's speeds fixed

--Admin ships re-removed

--Prospector Remodel readded

--Fixed both Prototype quest configs, should work now

--Celestial bodies update part 3 is out - ver .62d2

-1 new quest

-A moon added to Myriad, the moon "Duna'kaé." The volcanic moon is now dormant, but excessive heat has left a tough, flattish surface great for a holiday vacation

--Quest fixed in new servers

--Draco Remodel readded

--Prospector Remodel readded

--Reaper's gatlings readded

--Patriotic Rorqual fixed

--Patriotic Hercules fixed

--Vanguard Buffed

--Slipstream Buffed

--Slipstream Revert model added

--Rhino revert model added

Pt. 1 of "Mega Update" released!

Starbase Remodeled

New Starbase (Discord pic).png
--Jump despawning no longer possible at starbases

--Base turrets rebalanced

(The new starbase is reduced by over 300 parts, which means for an anchored base it's a lag reduction.)

Credit to VaderTahu101/MasterPlural

--Panther's spinals fixed

--Warlock spinal's fixed

--Witch spinal's fixed

--Retribution re-added in

--Starbase docking improved?

--Turret placement reorganized

--Turret stats edited

--Prototype X-2's turret accuracy fixed

--Prototype X-2 Buffed [also Slipstream and Vanguard??]

There's one new quest at myriad and all I'm going to say is, it's going to take a ton of time to turn in and the reward will be worth it for those who hang onto this "Device".

Warehouse max level increased. Max level is now 30 (previously 25)

--Punisher now drops 10 alien parts each(previously 3)

3 Copyrighted tracks removed. All battle themes.

--Rebalanced base turrets, new tp pads near each docking tube, repositioned base-turrets

--ambient sounds removed from Aqueous, prototype x-1,prototype x-2 . Should cut down on lag when spawning, and lag when entering the game by small amount and reduce game cpu usage.

--Old starbases are back.

--Added these songs based on votes.

--Draco Fixed

--Leviathan Fixed.

--Razor Wing Fixed.

Anyone that was having Ice Checking issues on voice chat should have been fixed now

(Latest version is .62d7. That version likely has been around for longer but the exact timing relative to earlier logged changes is unknown)

--Patriotic Rorqual & Patriotic Hercules exterior recolored/slightly altered

--Patriotic Mining laser recolors

--Patriotic Rorqual nerfed: | Ore hold: 5850 -> 5200 | Cargo hold: 1170 -> 750 | The reality of this change was it was wrecking the economy, cannot be compared with wooly since wooly is far less uncommon than the patriotic rorqual. Regardless the difference between wooly and patriotic rorqual is thin so it's not that large of a deal.

--Quest folder updated

Roblox made an update and it reverted a lot of assets to a previous system we used. This is one of the real examples happening right now. Inside teleporters theres used to be a script, we replaced that system so it doesnt need one. Whatever roblox did reverted any changes to ships without leaving a version history trace. This or something more drastic could be the cause for the VIP servers not functioning properly. This actually happened to aquaous right before we published the Celestial Bodies 1 update and arina & plural had to reconfigure a lot of it to get it working. [I] Personally have no idea how they can "roll back" so many changes without leaving a version history trace but it's actually so much effort and such a large setback for us because this seems to happen every other month now. Once the game is back up, if you notice anything different or broken(from a few days ago to present) DM arina or me and we'll try and fix it for the 100th time.

--game should be fixed, try joining vip servers

--Nyx fixed in new servers

--Ghoul Nyx fixed in new servers

Just a reminder if it's not displayed here on update log, then we didn't make the change to ships/bases etc. So if you see a ship "nerfed", unless its posted here we didn't do it.

Removed 3 songs for copyright. One is a Victory Song and the other 2 are combat tracks also rip Metallica.

--Cyclops recolored (may be reverted if public opinion is negative)

--Game audio system fixed (was broken, you may have noticed no game music playing in a few outdated servers)

-- Nerfed Leecher. New stats are 350/350, 140 speed, 11 accel, -1 phaser

Version 63

Latest Version is .63b

- All ships / removed or reverted features should be fixed

- Attempted to fix excessive Warp Timer cooldown

- Ships cannot be despawned during warp

- Jumping out of seats in warp / over 10 speed fixed

- Bumping / bouncing while standing still reduced / somewhat fixed

- Instead of every NPC base spawning at once, a random assortment will spawn in each round. Once destroyed, those same NPC bases cannot spawn again in the same round.

Latest Version is .63c

- Weld issues should be fixed once again.

- Prototype X-1 laser range set to 6k, Cannon range to 5.5k.

- Prototype X-1 and X-2 quests disabled, may be available during special events.

- The Discord Server link is now on the game page for 13+ accounts.

Latest Version is .63d

- Docking should now be faster and fixed the endless docking circle glitch by forcing the ship to slow down if traveling away from the dock. Also, docking should no longer get caught up waiting a long time to cover that last inch between the ship and the dock.

- Probably fixed that bug where your ship is docking and then its no longer registered as docked.

- Buffed Alien Swarmer shield from 300 to 400, increased speed 150 to 170.

- Buffed Tiny Alien Laser from 24 to 27 damage, increased range 4500 to 5000, decreased reload from 5s to 3.67s.

Latest Version is .63e

- If warp timer is negative or more than 150, force immediate resync and recalculate the wait time.

- Players can no longer respawn their character to initialize the warp cooldown timer until their ship comes out of warp.

- Changed respawn penalty from 90 to 115 seconds, as well as a possible 10 second death wait.

- Fixed short reload turrets (Gatlings) from going back to their home position so quickly.

- Much better Warp system, less lag and doesn't slow down.

Latest Version is .63f

- Rcouret forgot to take out a test feature that randomly disables player ships.

Latest Version is .63g

- Bases will always have 50-100 explosions when destroyed.

- Ships will always have 4-50 explosions when destroyed, but 1 on instant destruction (explosion damage).

- Carrier warping fixed.

- Warp cannot end near the center point of the Mega Base (prevents "Mega Base Warping").

Latest Version is .63h

- Fix Quest initialization if the required NPC base is not available in that round.

- Fix Mega Base inventory not syncing between servers.

- Turrets should fire immediately on button press as long as the turret has completed a full reload cycle.

- Increased healing when docked at player faction Starbase for shields from a maximum of 75 to 150 per heal, and reduced hull healing speed when docked from a maximum of 75 down to 50 per heal.

- R15 model/animation is now compatible.

Battleship Rebalance released! (still ver .63h)

  • Most battleships have received at least 1000+ additional total health and +1 heavy or upsizing to medium weaponry.
  • The main exceptions to weapon changes were Jackal and Hasatan.
  • Minor price increases ranging from 5k-20k in total price adjustments.
  • Speed has been reduced from between 10-30 total less speed.

- Minor Apocalypse buff [Heavy Laser switched to Triples].

- Minor Zeus buff [1 Medium changed to Heavy and Pre-existing Heavies switched to Triples].

- Minor Tennhausen buff [Cannons switched to duals and 2 Heavies to Triples].

- Slipstream docking fixed completely.

- Loyalist dockpoint changes.

- Sentaliz seat fixed again.

- Fixed Legionnaire Turret read out.

- Hawklight buffed with 2 Turret upsizings and turn rate.

- Warlock rebalance re-added.

- Witch rebalance re-added.

- Sentaliz's rebalance re-added.

(For some reason many of the changes didn't save when they were added).

- Sovereign Triple Heavy Lasers replaced with regular heavies.

- Further Sovereign changes.

- Minor Legionnaire buff

- Dual Railguns Added. Apocalypse is the only ship with them so far.

- Starbase Fighter bays fixed.

- Major changes and rules board added to Mega Base, now you can’t complain you can’t find the rules.

-Dual Railguns damage reduced from 90 -> 75.

Version 64

Latest Version is .64a

- When dumping ore, you will have two options. 1) Directly send 15% of the refined materials into your warehouse. The Starbase keeps the remaining materials. 2) Give all materials directly to the base for 1.25x ore Mass payment in credits (the "old" system). Both options will have an increased profit as loyalty increases..

- Changed the mining tutorial to handle the new dual-option system and changed "HOW TO PLAY".

- One-time code for a free Frigate.

- Code logging.

- Better menu buttons for GUI.

- Added extra ticks along the warp bar to show middle values.

- Asteroid and Wreck icons should load more quickly.

- Fixed the purchase spam bug.

- To fix Carrier warping, unreleased Fighters are considered part of the host ship until someone sits in them and flies away. This will likely make fighters invulnerable and/or un-targetable while they have no pilot in them.

Latest Version is .64b

- Fixed ship destruction bug.

- Only display tutorial automatically one time.

- Fixed bug that made players lose control after attempting to sit in someone else's ship.

Latest Version is .64c

- Attempt to fix base destruction bug.

- Giant explosions should take a bit more time.

- Add a small bit of height to teleport destinations to try and stop falling.

--sakala fighters should spawn closer to the sakala fighter bays, easier to get in.

Minor Dreadnought Rebalance Released!

A few dreadnoughts have been buffed to make them more useful, and a few have been nerfed. Most remain unchanged. The changes have either been to health, turrets, or in speed. No speed decreases, only increases on some.

- Harvester's smalls exchanged for 1 medium.

- Greivion has received it's remodel.

- Stormbringer has received it's remodel.

- Event Battleships have been buffed (except USR).

- An event Battlecruiser has been buffed have fun.

- Leviathan also got a nice visual improvement.

- Updated Staff Portraits At The Mega Base And Added More Big Updates To The Change Log In-game.

- Added that redeemable codes are now in-game in the change log.

-Small updates made to Mega base. Also little secrets sprinkled around.

-Further updates made to staff Portraits.

Carrier Rebalance Released!

- All carriers now have some form of self defense. Don't expect the larger ones to be able to completely defend themselves, but they do now at least have some form of protection. Only one carrier has received health changes. There has only been armament changes for most carriers. The more combat-focused carriers will now fill those roles better.

-Retribution Rebalance added in.

-Greivion model re-added in.

-Interceptors weapon changed from mediums to light gats respectively.

-Stormbringer should be fixed.


--Two admin ships removed.

--Added 6 new combat tracks.

--Added 5 new peaceful tracks.

--Spectre's 2 small lasers removed, acceleration buffed from 29 to 34.

--Patriotic Mining Laser nerf reverted.

--Witch and Warlock Remodels added in.


--Tengu model reverted to original.


--Tengu Re-balanced and Stats adjusted to accordingly to its new model.

--Witch & Warlock Cargo Hold Fixed.

Latest Version is .64d

--Fix questhandler not able to set Mega Base as a spawn location.

--Put a small delay in AI warp loop (to help with Punisher lag).

--Attempt to fix teleport falling bug.

--PublicServerOnly flag on quests.

--Added 2 quest items.

--Re Enable SoundService RespectFilteringEnabled.

--Add teleport detection as phase 1 of teleport exploit detection.

--Zhen Battlecruiser "gunship" added.

  • 1st ship to require artifacts to craft.
  • Will become VIP only after some time.
  • Possibly nerfed in future updates.

--Warlock rebalanced (Heavy Laser removed)

--Zhen price buff and resource required buff.

--Zhen torpedoes nerfed to smalls, reload reduced to 7-8 seconds. Also reduced Artifact cost.

BattleCruiser Rebalance Released!!! All battlecruisers have either received health buffs or armament increases, along with several getting changed severely in terms of armaments. Prices for most have also gone up. Mobility has been reduced on some, but also increased on some. --Scythe, Dire Wolf, Absolution, and Devestation have received appearance improvements.

--Devestation fixed in new servers.

--Osiris Released! The 2nd artifact ship is out. This one will remain to be the most expensive one forever. This one is more of a ship to show off. Also fun fact, it takes an alien device to make it!


--Halloween Ship replaced with "Egg".

--Osiris Received it's 2nd custom turret. So armaments have been slightly changed.

--Added combat song based on votes. Don't go complaining about how long it is.

--Fixed a bunch of f9 errors appearing from certain ships with wrong configs,

--Ibis explosion radius reduced from 40->1.

--Added combat song based on votes.

Latest Version is .64e

- Added a "private" visible barrier that prevents ships from going above/below the map boundaries

- Added more import error detection to ships

- Fix short warp "false positive" teleport detection

- Loyalty now caps at 30% (to combat autoclicker exploits that stay online for days on end).

Latest Version is .64f

--Loans Made Better.

--Change listed ship cost to account for the extra .1 MB adds to price.

--When mega base has over 150,000 stock of an item, economy prices will be based off of 150k cap.

--Made borders 1k further from warp limits.

--Increased base income from .5 per tile to .7 per tile.

--Faster Territory Expansion.

--More Credits for Robux.

--Base mining sell amount increased from mass x 1.25 to mass x 1.20 (plus loyalty).

--Base mining transfer amount decreased from amt x (15% + Loyalty) to amt x (14% + .85 * Loyalty).

--Base power (& score) for dumping ore increased from .001 per sell credit to .0016 per sell credit.

--Manufacturing fee less than 100 are waved.

--Reduction in early stage warehouse costs.

--Small increase in most later stage warehouse sizes.

--Added 2 more warehouse levels, max = 32 with 143k space.

--Add code that gives a few free Silicate, Carbon, and Iridium.

--Reduce Debt Token mass by 25%.

--Black Flare Docking Fixed.

--Zhen Phaser Issue Fixed.

--Fixed The Invisible Wall In The Cobra.

--Also Fixed Team Color Issue On The Cobra.

--Andromeda Turn Speed Buffed To 0.07.

--Viking Buffed. 2 Medium Flaks Instead Of Light Flaks and 4 Small Cannons.

--2 New Artifact ships! (Nightmare and Imperator).

--2 New Non-Artifact Ships! (Banshee and Armageddon).

--Absolution Remodel Released.

--Reaver Remodel Released.

--Better descriptions and grammar errors fixed on the new ships.

--Advanced turrets set to 0.4 fire speed - Nightmare speed reduced to 250.

--Reaver's seat fixed, you can get into it now.

--Fixed Reaver's windows.

--Meme added to Armageddon [temporary don't worry].

--Osiris received it's artifact grade mediums.

--Osiris also received a small.


--Fixed the secret that had the wrong date.

--Nighthawk remodel added.


Version 65

Latest Version is .65a3

Halloween Event update!! 7 event ships released Event NPC released! [SECRET] Just a fair warning. If something spawns, just run if you don't have a sufficiently strong fleet. Just a hint :D Have fun! There is still more to come too! --Kodiak fixed Also fixing some kinks so some stuff wont appear yet

--Hallowlight and Kapisi fixed.

--kodiak activator quest fixed, it should be sent to your warehouse on completion, please do NOT complete the quest on old servers

--Black Flare Docking Fixed.

--hallowlight spinals should be fixed

--kodiak torpedos doubled and changed to mediums

--Harvest Laser's damage reduced from 150 -->75 --Harvest Laser's reload reduced from 2 seconds to .2 seconds --Harvest Laser's accuracy increased from 0.0008 to 0.0001

--Harvest Laser's damage actually reduced to 45 because that's DPS is insane actually

--Harvest King turn rate increased from .5 to .9

--Harvest Laser's damage reduced to 10. Instant death is not fun

--Servitor now has the 2 turrets its suppose to have and damage reduced to 8

--kodiak quest no longer repeatable, cooldown set to 4 hours

--Archangel Fixed in new servers --Hevnetier reverted to working model (Somehow got messed up with file transfers but still new model)

--Nixesion fixed in new servers

--bonehawk fighter spinal sounds should be working now

Harvest King has entered Stage 1 of it's evolution! It will keep getting stronger until it reaches Stage 3, which a special surprise will release then c:

--Fixed Some Errors On The Halloween Mega base.

--Kapisi Buff.

--Harvest Laser range reduced to 4500

--Servitor fixed in new servers. Seat was backwards for some reason

--Kraken mobility heavily nerfed

--Zhen received it's advanced weaponry

--Hevnetier fixed again

--Galaxy docking fixed

Harvest King has reached Stage II in it's evolution!!! -- Weapons have increased firepower and range, and the Harvest King is also faster

Servitors grow weaker due to the King becoming stronger

--Minor Mega Base update

--Import error ^Updates above re added

--Due to excessive complaints from fellow developers, The Harvest King has been heavily nerfed.

--Harvest King's drops cut in half

Due to the discovery of a glitch, all artifact ships and quests that give ships are disabled until further notice. The following ships are now offsale/cannot be obtained:

- Osiris, Imperator, Zhen, Nightmare, Galaxy, Grim (quest disabled), Kraken (quest disabled)

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Grim quest may be disable permanently until a fix is made. Blame those that decided to abuse the glitch

Also, to clear some things up, yes, the ship can still be used if you own it. People can no longer acquire new ones

--Halloween ship purchasing disabled

--If the issue is not fixed before the end of the event, another time will be named to re-enable the ships for a few days for everyone.

Latest Version is .65a5

--Dropship explosion fixed.

Latest Version is .65a6

--Alien remodels released.

--Alien Turret remodels released.

--Constellation, Prepravca, Advanced Miner, Industrial Miner remodels released.

--Skeletal cannons should be fixed, their reload set to 2.

--Nidhogg barrels invisible.

--Turret Rebalance added!

--This should change up how ships play quite a bit. Single barrel weapons have longer range and higher alpha. Multiple barrel weapons have shorter range and lower alpha. The range difference is between 1000-4000 range.

--Heavy Railgun added, Dual Medium Lasers

--Dual Medium Railguns removed. Medium Gatlings removed.

--New turret models also added in


--Several ships have been buffed and nerfed to make them more viable.

--Starbases buffed heavily. Level 4 now adds more turrets.

--5 new ships have been added.

--Valiant fixed

--Spider fixed

--Judgement nocollide part fixed.

--Turret ranges fixed.

--Kodiak and Kraken recieved their new turrets , basically the same as normal turrets not too much changed.

--Minor Prototype buff? Maybe

    • Capital Weapon Damage: 350 -> 500
    • Capital Weapon Reload: 8 -> 12
    • Capital Weapon Range: 5500 -> 6000
  • X-2
    • Kneall Weapon Damage: 325 -> 150
    • Kneall Weapon Reload: 7.2 -> 3
    • Kneall Tri Laser Damage: 250 -> 300
    • Kneall Tri Laser Reload: 3 -> 2

Latest Version is .65b

Christmas Update!

--Just like last year, you will be required to gather snowflakes from around the map, most bases should have them, and they spawn in private servers

--There is a new quest located on aqueous II for a unique ship from this event (requires 500 uranium)

--6 event ships added

--1 regular ship added (battlecruiser) this ship requires uranium to build

--Derelict station quest set as repeatable,

--Later on when i can fix some stuff, another event ship and quest will be added (hopefully)

--Excess models removed

--Quest giver SHOULD be fixed (he wasn't anchored)

--Kodiak quest availible during the duration of the event, requires more materials to craft however

--Heavy Rails removed from frostpocalypse due to balancing issues, given amped mediums to compensate and increased hull value

--Fixed some issues with the christmas mega base and added more spawns for the snowflakes.

--Added 4 New Ambients.

--Removed the drumset due to people abusing with it.

--Uranium has been given a new look.

--1 new event ship added, this was meant to be added on the 20th however i never got chance


  • --Cannon count reduced 6-->5
  • --Shield 800-->550


  • Turnrate reduced .49-->4
  • --Hull reduced 1500-->1250
  • --Shield reduced 2000-->1500


  • --Phaser count reduced 6-->4
  • --Turnrate reduced .5-->.45


  • --Dual Mediums changed to Single Mediums


  • --Phaser count 3-->4
  • --Cannon count 3-->4


  • Received 6 Medium turrets
    • --3 Dual Medium Lasers
    • --3 Dual Medium Cannons


  • --Turnrate increased .24-->.27

--Snowy Advanced Light Laser removed

--MRLS Launcher & Frozen MRLS Launcher

  • Torpedo Size Small-->Medium


  • Max Shield 8250-->8750
  • All Medium Lasers-->Dual Medium Lasers


  • Max Shield 8500-->9001
  • Turnrate 0.05-->0.07


  • Heavy Cannon-->Triple Heavy Cannon


  • Max Hull 6150-->7150
  • Turnrate 0.07-->0.1


  • Cannon Spinals Large-->Huge
  • All Triple Heavy Lasers-->Heavy Lasers


  • Max Speed 135-->145


  • Max Speed 68-->125

--Dual Base Laser [Placeholder] Added

  • 25 Damage
  • 0.5 Second Reload
  • 5500 Range
  • Starbases receive 2 of them where the orbitals are
  • Normal Medium accuracy

Alien Punisher fixed. (Was stuck in place and would glitch out when players attacked it)

The Christmas Event 2018 is now over.

--Christmas turrets received tiny damage boosts along with reload boosts

--All Christmas ships received minor hp/speed boosts

--Frozen MRLS launcher: 4 Medium Torpedoes --> 4 Large Torpedoes

--Snowy Advanced Miner: Ore Hold 1800 --> 4500

--Added hidden upcoming event ship.

--Small hint to a future event that requires very specific set of requirements to appear added

--Changed The Mega Base back.

--Removed the old Halloween Hints.

--Monogram Quest Buff.

--New Railgun Sounds

--Andromeda remodel added in

  • Max Hull 4500-->4850
  • Max Shield 4200->5000
  • Turnrate increased 0.07-->0.09

--Sagittarius remodel added in

  • Spinal size Large-->Huge


Belvat and Cyclops remodels will be added in once I fix collision problems later.


  • Remodel Added in


  • --Remodel Added in

Andromeda-Turnrate reduced 0.09-->0.07

Aephiel --Max Shield 2150-->2350

Absolution --Max Shield 1500-->1650

Ampharos --Max Shield 3150-->3350

Aegis --Max Shield 5000-->5300

3D Printed warlock --Class change Battleship-->Dreadnought --Max Shields 5000-4750 --Max Hull 5000-->4750 To compensate for class change resistances

Scimitar --Max Speed 210-->230

Crucible --Tiny Cannon count 6-->4

Hawklight --Max Shields 2750-->3050

Invictus --Max Hull 1300-->2000

Slipstream --Turnrate .1-->.19

--Minor Updates To The Mega Base.

--Changed explosion size on a few ships commercial 80 -> 60 m class 150 ->110 rorqual 250 -> 125 ridgebreaker 10 -> 175

--Fixed The Hole In The Level 2 Starbase.

--Aegis Now Has Teleporters.

Ridgebreaker and Prototype X-2 remodels added.

PROTOTYPE REBIRTH!!!! Prototypes for awhile have been under performing as to what they are to be. The X-2 for one became too powerful for what it was. As such has been rebalanced. The X-1 has also been buffed up to be able to match a X-2. Both of the ships have received INSANE remodels, basically remaking the ships. Have received new custom turrets to help clear out the amount of assets that we have for turrets which were taking up unnecessary space. 3 New quests have came with this update. 2 Being for the Prototypes so I guess they don't really count. Also did I mention if you have lost them before you are able to rebuy them this time round? And that this is the last time that prototypes will release? Anyways 1 of the quests that came with this will be important for later updates as well. But the quest is required for the prototypes. This quest is located where the harbourmaster is. The quest givers for the Protos have been hidden away in a hidden place. Only hint I shall give is get upgrading.

Available for only 3 days, forgot to mention

--New Battlecruiser released: Marauder

--Prototype quests fixed

--Vip ship recolours added, dm me about anything if i accidentally reverted anyway

--Cyclops reverted to rails and regular heavy lasers

--Prototype X-2 turnrate fixed

--Prototype Quests disabled. This will be the last time the X-2 and X-1 will appear. They will be treated as artifact super capitals

--X-1 barrel interval increased from 1-->2

--Marauder received two Medium Cannon spinals

--Radiance Max hull 1200-->1450, received two more Light Lasers

--Aeaphiel Medium Cannon changed to Dual Medium Cannon, received another Light Cannon

--Devestation received two Light Lasers

--Dire wolf's Medium Laser changed to Dual Medium Lasers x2

--Belvat received another Light Flak Cannon

--Hecate's Medium Laser changed to Dual Medium Laser, Max Shield 1400-->1650

--Admin Ships Explosion Reduced From 80 --> 0

--Radiance buff fixed but changed to Dual Medium Lasers rather than new turrets.

--Absolution received it's large cannon back

--Frankenemi turnrate increased from 0.02 to 0.15

--Glacier barrel interval decreased from 0.5 to 0.01

--Nemesis turnrate increased from 0.05 to 0.09

--Frostpocalypse turnrate increased from 0.07 to 0.1, Max Hull increased from 7000-->7250, Max Shield increased from 6900-->7200

--Colossus Main Gun Speed Denominator reduced from 10000-->6500, Main Gun Reload increased from 10-->12 (Prototype turrets)

--Bombardment Speed Denominator reduced from 10000-->9000 (Prototype turrets)

--Crucible Max Shield reduced from 1000-->600

--Scimitar's Barrel Interval reduced from 0.5 to 0.1

--Sabre Tooth's Barrel Size increased from Small-->Medium

--Starbase Max Shield 5000-->7000, Starbase Small Turrets fixed. Starbase level 4 Received 4 more medium railguns, Starbase level 2 Medium Lasers changed to Medium Railguns

--Peaceful Tracks Added:

--Combat Tracks Added:

--Zhen Turnspeed reduced 0.75-->0.7, Barrel Interval added onto the torpedoes of 0.3, Max hull reduced from 1200-->1000, Barrel Interval increased on phasers 0.1-->0.3

--Crucible fix re added

--Kraken Torpedo count 1-->2

--Judgement Max Hull 2000-->2500, Turnrate 0.08-->0.1

--Gryphon Max Shield 700-->1000, Max Hull 925-->1000, received another Medium Flak Cannon

--Xenon Max Shield 750-->1000, received another Medium Railgun

--Orion Received 2 Medium Phasers, Medium Laser changed to Dual Medium Laser

--Reaver received 4 Small Phasers

--Python received 2 small cannons, turnrate increased from 0.6-->0.7

Carrier buffs Many carriers have received buffs. All but the Nyx and Borealis. There is too many here for me to list so just hop in game to find out for yourself.

But anyways mostly includes weaponry buffs, Health boosts, mobility increases, etc.

--2 New fighters added in for the Icarus and one of the new carriers. Valkyrie, Raptor Also heads up the Valkyrie is very powerful

--2 New Carriers Rapture, Warlord

--1 New Battleship Cutlass

--1 New Battlecruiser Vigilance

--1 New Cruiser Vengeance

--Revelation Remodel Added in

--Tempest Remodel Added in

--Icarus Butcher Model reverted

--Vanguard Spinals fixed

--Vanguard Fixed

--Tempest Fixed again

--Build Menu's Fixed

--Revelation teleporters should be fixed

--very small fix to warlord teleport from base moved onto the right side hanger because of teleport issues mass value removed, should fix all acceleration issues hanger doors reconfigured and fixed, fighters can leave the ship now

--aegis teleporter fixed

--rev teleporters fixed

--Revelation teleporters officially fixed [I hope lol if not then roast me]

--Raptor spinals fixed

--Warlord's bay doors fixed temporarily till I have more time to work on it

--Valkyrie acceleration buffed 16-->35 --Rev acceleration buffed 5-->10 --Warlord acceleration buffed 10-->15

--New Light, Medium and Heavy Laser Turret Sounds Added. (To Replace The Star Wars Effects)

--Revelation's docking fixed

--Revelation's cafe teleporter fixed

Freighter Remodels!

All freigheters except constellation has received a remodel to make them more uniform and to make them look nicer.

--Hercules Max Cargohold increased 1500-->2750

--Hercules Max Shield increased 1500-->2000

--Prepravca Max Cargohold increased 2500-->5000

--Prepravca Max Shield increased 2500-->3000

--Prepravca Max Hull increased 1500-->2500

--E Class Max Cargohold increased 7500-->10000

--E Class Max Hull increased 5600-->6500

--E Class Max Shield increased 3000-->3500

--Prospector Cargohold increased 1000-->1750

--Prospector Max Hull increased 1050-->1500

--Prospector Max Shield increased 700--1200

--Argonaut Cargohold increased 750-->1250

--Tempura Cargohold increased 500-->750

--Vengeance Max Shields 1500-->800

--Vengeance Max Speed 180-->150

--3 Peaceful Tracks Added:

--1 Combat Track Added:

--Kneall Base Track:

--Copyrighted Tracks Removed:

--Swarmer Prototype Remodel Added. Slight HP Buff. 250-->300 Hull & Shields.

--All copyrighted peaceful tracks removed, battle songs next.

--All Copyrighted Battle Themes Removed.

--Sagittarius: Small flak moved to Medium flak, Large turrets should now appear in the build menu

--Tennhausen: Small turret should now appear as medium in the build menu. Max Hull Increased 5250-->5850. Max Shield Increased 5260-->5860

--Nemesis: Medium turret should now appear in the build menu

--Missed A Song:

--Removed Victory Song:

Replaced With: By GASB0MB

--Removed All Intro Songs:

Replaced With:

--New Intro Song: By Xentheta

--Fixed error on the Tempest

--New Sounds To Replace Copyrighted Ones (Not All Removed Yet)

--Wyrm And Worm Remodel Added.

--New Sounds To Replace War Declaration and Alliance Terminated.

--New Battle Tracks (Used With Permission)


--Remodel added in

--Max Shields 12000-->14500

--Max Hull 2500-->3000

--Third Heavy Railgun added

--Turnrate 0.1-->0.07

--New Endgame Sound: By DoxrColdYT [Aqua] replaces (Old)

--Temporary Victory Music Replaced With:

--Removed DockPoints from Boss ships

--Increased manufacturing and warehouse requirements of Grim and Reaper to counteract exploiters.

--Added an item cost to all off-sale artifact ships to counter exploiters.

-- New Death Sound: replaces (Old)

--New Battle Tracks:

--2 New Memes In The Mega Base.

--Kodiak has been renamed and recieved a slight buff. It will be released for about a week during april fools

--Prototype X-3 Released! You heard that right. Here is the prototype X-3. It's available for 7 Mil credits, a Weapon part and a Alien device. Y'all just got to find the person who sells it which i've hidden VERY well. Good luck finding it. Here's a teaser of what it looks like.

--Cost command for X-3 fixed

--I'ma add this tidbit btw since I revealed more. It will be available for two weeks. If you can find it within that time that is. So either decide to look for it or to grind for it. Your choice.

--Kodiak can now spawn in servers

--New Base Assimilation Sound: replaces (Old)

--P.S I know some of the new sounds get cut off but that is because of the way rc has it scripted, since the older sounds were music he scripted them to cut off at a certain time so not much I can do about it till he is back. (Sean)

ARTIFACT SHIPS RETURN So i've brought back the artifact ships through a quest system. They will be found in a new room which has replaced an old room in the mega base. As a precaution they all are now rather expensive Sorry but they have returned as such for now. The larger ships are much more expensive such as the Galaxy or Osiris. Let me know if anything is still unanchored from testing lol.

--Only Available in public servers

--Potential Imperator buff incoming

Also, let's just rename Artifact ships to Advanced ships for now since they don't really require artifacts

--X-3 Public server requirement removed, date pushed back by another week till X-3 removed

--Imperator Quest price label fixed. It is indeed 1m. If it says 400k it is still 1m.

--Some Minor Details To The Mega Base & Louder Mining Laser Sound.

--Kodiak turrets recieved a slight stat change, should actually be able to hit targets

--Minor cosmetic update to carrier hanger doors, they now use the forcefield texture, dm me any issues (such as the doors not working)

--Broken hair on myriad III's monogram fixed

--Added a new quest to give the activator with no cooldown, hopefully no more losses from the current quest, a monogram unit was added beside jack kendall which will take your 3 armour pieces for the activator jack kendalls quest has been made "impossible" as it will now only be used to spawn the kodiak, the cooldown will stay however removed staff that have left from the admin room added a new gear and foodstuffs to vendors

(the activator quest will also take 800k like always)

--Blizzard received a buff (it was quite underpowered) all flaks replaced with cannons, slight mobility nerf and hp buff

--Blizzard also recieved a different fighter, to accomodate for the buff

--New Kodiak Battle Track By Thanos DoxrColdYT [Aqua] (Old ID's Removed 1197463147, 1468697337, 1197457388. That is the last of the copyrighted tracks that are in the game, now there is just a few sounds left).

--Spiderblade buff 550 hull 950 shields, small torps --> medium torps

--Bone Ampharos buff 250+ hull and shields, small flaks changed to medium flaks

--All Carrier doors fixed.

--Defiance--Max Hull reduced 600-->500, Turnrate reduced .6-->.55, Cannon spinals reduced 5-->3

--Andromeda--Turnrate reduced 0.07-->0.05, Max Shield reduced 5000-->4650

--Archeon--Medium Laser replaced --> Heavy Railgun

--Armageddon--Max Hull increased 9500-->10000, Medium Lasers replaced --> Dual Medium Lasers--Turnrate increased 0.04-->0.05

--Blizzard--Cannons reverted back to Flaks, Heavy Laser replaced --> Triple Heavy Laser

--Imperator--Received it's own quantum turret, Received it's advanced medium cannons

--Nemesis--Max Hull increased 4500-->5500, Max Shield increased 5600-->5650

--Reaper--Max Hull increased 3333-->3999, Small Phasers changed to Medium Phasers and count to 6, Turnrate increased to .55, Received visual changes and upgrades

--Osiris--Max Shield 9550-->9000, Max Hull 6975-->5500, Nerfed due to insane DPS and the ease of obtaining being reduced as well.

Super Capital Update Due to the positive feedback of the poll asking for these months back I have decided to get many made and ready for this update. So as such I have added in three super capitals, all unique in the roles they play and the armaments they have. The Three that were added are the Subjugator, Deity, and Hyperion. Their quests can be found at their respective computers. The quests are repeatable so its not the end of the world if you lose one. except maybe the grind for one but eh Individually they cannot take down a Prototype but they do pose a threat to one. They have been tested extensively in fights between the Prototypes, Osiris, each other, and dreads. They are powerful but not super powerful. So enjoy the update.

--X-3 Quest available for only one week, public servers only

--Kodiak's mobility nerfed, spinal armament has been increased, kodiak turrets have been buffed ever so slightly

--Bonehawk's speed and HP reduced

--Removed Copyrighted track:

--Frion I has recieved 3 different fighters aboard Lucifer Station: Dragonfly, Nighthawk, Unarmed Envoy

--Teleporter added between Lucifer Station and Frion main base (menu-based teleporter has not been added)

--X-3 has recieved slight turnrate boost

--Fixed Victory Music Not Playing.

--Copyright tracks removed:,,

--Better Looking Boards At The Mega Base & All Music Creators Now Credited In-game.

--Carvainir Cargo Hold Buff But With Health Reduction. Cargo Hold: 1000 --> 2500, Hull: 3500 --> 3000, Shield: 2700 --> 2300

--Kapisi door finally fixed

--Zhen remodel added

--Torpedoes fixed

--Mega Base Boards Easier To Read.

--New Kodiak Song:

--Cutlass Docking Fixed.

--Fixed The Tango Seat.

--Hallowlight buffed - Shield: 3500 --> 4000, Hull: 2000 --> 3000

--Fixed a few bugs and errors

--Apocalypse remodel added

--Hornet Remodel Added from @GalaxyOrigins.

--New Song:

--Tiny, Small, Medium and Large Mining Lasers remodelled by GalaxyOrigins.

--New Song:

--SECRET has been added! (You cannot find it on private servers) -- Kneall Fleet

--"Discordite Cluster" has been added, Freighter class reward ship for those that have Nitro Boosted the discord server, please request admins to give you said ship if you have the role in #rank_request @Admin Please check #rank_request to make sure the ship is distributed to everyone that needs it. Follow them to new servers or private servers to ensure it ends up in there inventory.

--The Kneall Fleet is now admin only spawnable thanks to people who were spamming the quest to bug it out and spam like 10 protos at once.

--Fixed Frion I's Fighters & Spelling Errors.

--New Combat Track:

--SECRET has been added. Also as a BONUS, first to find it and show me proof in dms WITH PHOTOS gets a Discordite Cluster. Only 1 will be given out. Good luck! (You can find it on any updated server) -- Remains of U.N.E Starbase 12

-->>Congrats to u00854 for winning

--Kapisi Fixed.

4th of July Event released!

--7 event ships, nothing big. Enjoy.

--Viper Fixed

--Viper(s) buffed

--4th of July event ended

Version 66

The latest version is .66b

--Kodiak spawn cooldown reduced to 2 hours instead of 4.

--Myriad III Remodel Added.

--Ship duplication bug patched.

--Navigation shows team colors above base/ship/player names.

--Players must despawn their ships and/or wait for them to despawn by the 2-minute auto-despawn before switcing Factions.

--Added "something fun" to the VIP lounge.

--Fixed bugs on Myriad III and added something to it.

--Admin lounge expanded

--Quest Update! 10 New Quests Have Been Added.

--Bug Fixes & Kraken Can Dock Better At Planets.

--Admin lounge should be fixed, with more pictures

--Exploit Patch.

--Proto Sounds Have Returned.

--Spider fixed.

--Retro Ship Event Released! It will last 2 weeks. Have fun!

--Fixed Retro Naglfar Meshes.

--Added the rest of the staff portraits to megabase, replaced chug jug.

--Retro Hawk Passenger Seat Fixed.

--New Retro Ship Added.

--Spider explosion reduced from 25>6

--Kodiak quest disabled until further notice.

--Kodiak re-enabled.

--3 New turret types added in

--Oblivion Added in

--2 New Cruisers

--1 New Frigate

--1 New Carrier

--1 New Fighter

--1 New Miners

--Jackal Remodel added

--Vanguard Remodel added

--Vigilance Remodel added

--Aegis Remodel added

--Deity Remodel added

--Fury Remodel added

--Vansnova Remodel added

--Tennhausen Remodel added

--Starfall Remodel added

--Gryphon Remodel added

--Scimitar Remodel added

--Scimitar received one light turret

--Ampharos Medium Lasers replaced with Point Defence Lasers

--Slipstream max hull increased 7150-->8850

--Slipstream Medium Lasers replaced with Point Defence Lasers

--Tennhausen Readjusted

--Tempest Armaments changed

--Deity Turnspeed buffed 0.08-->0.1

--Leviathan Triple Heavy Cannon replaced with Rapid Fire Cannon

--Hyperion Rebalanced

--Witch Max Hull reduced 2500-->2000

--Witch Max Shield reduced 2500-->2250

--Zeus DPS Heavily Buffed

--Bastion Armament Changed

--Apocalypse Max Speed increased 30-->35

--Apocalypse Turnrate increased 0.06-->0.14

--Apocalypse Max Hull reduced 5950-->5450

--Apocalypse Max Shield reduced 6420-->6020

--Apocalypse 2 Triples replaced

--Large Laser damage fixed 150-->250

--Large Laser Reload fixed

--Large Cannon damage fixed 150-->250

--Large Laser Reload fixed

--Prototype X-2 received trails

--Apocalypse Trails updated

--Absolution received trails

--Viper Top Speed reduced 330-->290

--Heavy Cannon changed to 7500 range

--Heavy Laser changed to 7500 range

--Heavy Railgun changed to 8000 range

--Medium Railgun changed to 7750 range

--Dual Medium Cannon changed to 5000 range

--Point Defense Laser damage changed to 25

--Rapid Fire Cannon/Laser reload rate increased to 2.2

--Orca Uranium cost lowered from 15k to 5k

--Orca Ore hold changed from 6500 to 7500

--New Music:



--X-1 has a screech like the X-2 now.

--Backwards Tennhausen turrets fixed.

--Scimitar spinals fixed.

--Tennhausen Spinals fixed.

--New Huge Cannon Sound.

--Kodiak Disabled Until Further Notice.

--2 New Uranium Spawns.

--Medium and Large Mining Lasers have there own custom sound instead of the default for all Mining Lasers.

--Made 2 of the Uranium Ores small enough so the M Class can mine it but the other is still massive so you can still see it from that far away.

--Constellation Buffed. 2 Point Defense Lasers added.

--Large Mining Laser Sound Adjusted.

--X2 Missing Trail Fixed.

--Removed a battle track that whenever the game tried to play it, it would break the music and prevent any song from playing.

--Light Gatling's Speed denom buffed from 15500-->22500

--Marauder One Dual Medium Cannon switched with Point Defence Laser

--Razor Wing Spinal count reduced down to 3 on both

--All Medium and Small turrets DPS reduced by 10 or more or cut in half

--Prototype X-1's main guns damage increased from 1000-->1250

--PDL reduced down to 15 Damage a shot

--Judgement's shields reduced from 14500-->12500

--Turnspeed also nerfed because I derped and forgot to change that so 0.07--0.04

--Prometheus Added. New Supercarrier

--Harbinger Added. New Battlecruiser fighter

--Prometheus received trails

--Retro Event Ended.

--Retro Ships Buffed, go check out the new stats

--Another deleted audio, battle track removed that was stopping music play playing.

--Another One. (Peaceful track this time)

--moved prom's fighter spawns a little bit to make getting into fighters easier

--Avalon turnrate increased 0.04-->0.09

--Avalon received two PDLs

--Avalon Max Hull increased 3200-->4000

--Avalon Max Shield increased 3200-->4500

--Cyber Leviathan Dual Medium Cannons switched to Quad Advanced Medium Cannons

--Cyber Leviathan's Medium Laser's switched to Dual Medium Lasers

--Cyber Leviathan's Turnrate increased from 0.18-->0.2

--Cyber Leviathan's Max Speed increased from 100-->110

--Cyber Leviathan Max Hull Increased 5000-->5800

--Cyber Leviathan Max Shield Increased 6000-->6650

--Frankenemi Max Speed increased 38-->45

--Frankenemi Turnrate increased from 0.15-->0.19

--All Frankenemi guns upgraded to Advanced variants

--Frankenemi Max Shield and Hull increased 5950-->6350

--Imperator Quantum accuracy buffed

--Imperator Quantum damage increased from 300-->400

--Envoy quest disabled

--Super capitals and Osiris disabled temporarily due to weapon part/alien device duping.

--Accidentally gave the normal small mining lasers the retro mining laser sound effects. Whoops! Its fixed now -Sean

--Subjugator remodel added

--Invictus Remodel Added

--Oppressor Fixed

--move the osiris teleporter and dock point to accomodate for docking at all bases

--Attempted to fix Myriad III random spawning

--ok i forgot to add the osiris fix, its actually in now -Awina

--Belvat's phaser reduced by 2, Belvat's phaser Barrel Interval increased by .2

--Vansnova's Phaser reduced by 3, Vansnova's Barrel interval's added to 0.2

--Retro Advanced cargohold reduced 6250-->5000, Retro Mining mass mined reduced 60-->50, Retro Mining reload increased 7.2-->7.5, Retro Mining range decreased 6250-->5250

--Oppressor cargohold increased 35-->65

--Super Caps and Osiris reenabled for credit costs

--Dialogue updated as well

--Envoy Quest renabled so you can sell your weapon part. (It will give you back the price you brought it for) 24 hours only

--Helios Advanced Battleship added

--Added Remains Of U.N.E Starbase 12 onto the map.

--Fixed Victory Music and removed another deleted audio. Also fixed faction assimilation sound.

--Frenzy Remodel added.

--Osiris docking actually fixed.

--Aegis random spawning fixed and the seat possibly fixed?

--Genesis docking fixed.

--Warlord fixed.

--Orca docking should be a lot better.

--Oppressor spinals fixed.

--Prometheus docking should be a lot better.

--Frostpocalypse interior z fighting fixed.

--Executioner teleporter fixed.

--Another one

--Mjolnheimr remodel added.

--New derelict remodel added.

--fixed collision issues with derelcit

--I totally didn't forget to disable the Envoy quest. (Sean)

-Yesterday (August 19th, 2019) the blue torp wasp was removed since it was 24 hours event only.

--Osiris Damage buffed

--Osiris Max Shield reduced 9000-->8150

--Osiris cost reduced 7,000,000 credits-->2,500,000

--Super Capital turret remodels added

--Super Capital turrets rebalanced [Insane alpha slow reload, same DPS]

--All super capital's health pools increased by 5000

--Prototype X-1 health pool increased by 7500

--Prototype X-2 health pool increased by 6000

--Prototype X-2's fire rate on laser and cannon reduced by .5

--Prototype X-2's sub cannon alpha increased and reload increased [Same DPS]

--Slipstream Max shield reduced 2340-->1850

--Slipstream Max hull increased 8850-->10150

--Slipstream loadout completely changed

--Slipstream got a massive health buff because why not.

--Osiris's price can now be decreased due to the gap between super caps and dreads being widened as well as with the prototypes. Also lowered the health of the Osiris due to it receiving a stronger turret. All super caps were buffed due to them not performing up to what they should be performing. They are meant to have a bigger impact on the game than what they presently do. I changed the alpha and reload to make it accommodate more towards larger ship pvp and sieging but less effective against smaller ships. Now don't get me wrong if these turrets hit a small ship that small ship ceases to exist. Also with this update, the Slipstream has become more unique as a dread due to the loadout changes. So just hop in and see what the changes are. Prototypes also got buffed along with the super caps. But only due to them not ever going on sale again.

--All Advanced ships pushed into Semi-Limited. They will come back into the rotation here on 9/1/19

--Deity recolored and minor fixes applied

--Cyclops Max Hull increased 4200-->5200

--Cyclops Turnrate increasde 0.04-->0.09

--Cyclops Medium Railguns changed to Dual Medium Cannons

--Cyclops 2 Heavy Lasers changed to Triple Heavy Lasers

Part Two of Mega Update:

--3 New Turret types added

--Astraeus Added

--Theia Added

--2 New Cruisers

--3 New Battleships

--1 New Dreadnought

--Radiance Remodel added

--Torpedo Remodel added

--Avalon playstyle changed

--Avalon Max Hull decreased from 4000-->3500

--Avalon Max Shield decreased from 4500-->3500

--Avalon received one of the new turrets

--Avalon Medium switched out for the new turret

--Chimera received another turret

--Chimera Acceleration increased from 10-->35

--Chimera small laser switched to Light gatling laser

--Gideon recolored

--Gideon received another turret

--Gunslinger cannon spinal size increased Large-->Huge

--Hyperion Max Hull increased 10500-->11500

--Hyperion Max Shield increased 12500-->13500

--Hyperion received custom turrets to better fit a siege role

--Hyperion Price increased

--Kraken is now buildable

--Kraken turrets switched out for normal turrets

--Kraken 2 turrets switched out for Triple Heavy Lasers

--Lazarus all Triples switched for Rapid Fire variants

--Lazarus Dual Medium cannon upsized for Rapid Fire Cannon

--Leviathan Max Speed increased 50-->55

--Leviathan received 1 more Huge Spinal

--Meteor Barrel interval reduced from 0.5-->0.01

--Meteor received 2 turrets

--Naglfar Triples switched for Rapid Fire variants [Might get reverted if too OP]

--Nidhogg Barrel interval reduced from 0.2-->0.01

--Nidhogg Flak cannon switched for Light Gatling cannon

--Nidhogg received 3 more turrets

--Nova barrel interval reduced from 0.25-->0.1

--Nova received 2 more turrets

--Python received 2 more turrets

--Radiance received 2 more turrets

--Sentinel received a Medium railgun

--Sentinel received 2 more turrets

--Sovereign Heavy Lasers switched for Triple Heavy Lasers

--Vigilance Received 7 broadside spinals on both sides [Might also get nerfed later

--Starbase Max Hull increased 7000-->14000

--Starbase Max Shield increased 7000-->14000

--Starbase Light Flak Cannons switched to Medium Flak Cannons

--Starbase Light Lasers switched to Point Defence Lasers

--Starbase Dual Base Laser accuracy increased

--Frion I Max Hull increased 15000-->20000

--Frion I Max Shield increased 15000-->20000

--Frion I Massively buffed with more turrets

--Frion I received 21 more heavy turrets

--Archeon heavy laser switched to a new turret

--Avalon fixed.

Prototype's move into the next stage of testing, the increasingly limited quantity lost during combat has given further results as to how to perfect the chassis. Both Prototypes receive upgrades

--Prototype X-1 now has two colossus variants

--Prototype Received 2 Colossus Cannons

--Prototype X-1 loses two Bombardment cannons

--Prototype X-1 Max Hull increased from 12500-->14500

--Prototype X-2 two Kneall lasers switched to Kneall Multilasers

--Prototype X-2 received one more spinal of each

--Prototype X-2 Max Hull increased 10500-->11500

--Prototype X-2 Max Shield increased 16500-->17500

--Colossus Damage increased from 1250-->1350

Forgot to mention that in the message above

--Judgement All heavy lasers replaced with Heavy LR Lasers

--Sagittarius All heavy lasers replaced with Heavy LR Lasers

--Warden docking fixed

--Secret added

--Avalon Remodel Added

--Avalon Fixed.

--Harvester has an actual purpose now.

--Seat on Punisher moved -350k below map border

--Prototype X-3 quest redisabled

--Shadier dealer removed from inside of giant uranium asteroid

--All Kneall/Boss ships seats adjusted to remove potential vulnerability from exploiters.

--1 Day Limited Ship Event.

--Swarmer fixed

--Andromeda turnrate increased from 0.05-->0.08

--Avalon z-fighting fixed

--Invictus z-fighting fixed.

--Disrupter off-sale.

--New Peaceful tracks added based on your votes. @bungespob @[BTCLord] Scrapduck @GASBOMB @Xentheta @SaucE @Xentheta

--Level 3 Laser Fixed.

--Frost Apoc damage buff.

--Disrupter Buffed.

--Razor Wing and X-3 zfighting fixes

--Kraken PDL's switched for Medium Flaks

--Kraken Received 2 more Triple heavy lasers

--Kraken Heavies moved to the front

--Kraken Mediums moved to the rear

--Consul remodel added

--Consul turnspeed reduced 0.3-->0.24

--Hawklight heavies replaced with triples

--Hawklight light gatling laser replaced with a PDL

--Leviathan Heavy Lasers replaced with Triple Heavy Lasers

--Leviathan Medium lasers replaced with Dual Medium Lasers

Pt 1/2 Capital Rebalance Update V2--Changes will be listed underneath if you don't want to read the wall of text

So in an effort to make the capitalships namely dread+ more competitive all dread's mediums have been swapped out for large turret variants of the same type. This has increased their DPS yes, but also their accuracy has been reduced massively. While also their current large weapons have been swapped out with new turrets being the Capital turrets which are a much stronger variant of the original turrets, while also being much more inaccurate due to buffed stats. But also this update brings all the dreads to have decent ranges now amongst them all. The longer ranged higher alpha capital turrets have 8k range, while the lower alpha higher reload turrets have 7k range. There is also two new turrets in this update while also removing the rapid fire turrets but being replaced by the new Heavy Flak Cannons and Heavy PDL. Both of these turrets have replaced the obvious med flaks and PDL's on the dreads that had them. All in all the DPS's of all dreads and super caps because their heavies were replaced with the new capital turrets which makes them better against larger ships, but more ineffective against smaller ships. Sure if the shots land they will decimate the smaller ships, but with them being more inaccurate its less likely. In the future this will make it more easier to adjust the stats of individual classes instead of all of them as there is more turrets to be edited. You will be happy to know that the highest price increase on a dread has only been 4k credits.

--Capital Turret variants added

--All Dreadnought mediums turrets switched to large turrets

--Previous large turrets switched to capital turrets on Dreadnoughts

--Previous large turrets switched to capital turrets on Super-Capitals

This is in a testing phase so all stats are not final.

--Prometheus switched to new turrets

--Executioner switched to new turrets

--Heavy Flak nerfed

--Heavy PDL nerfed

--Heavy Triples Speed Denom reduced from 5000-->4000

--Capital Turrets Speed Denom reduced from 4500-->3750

--Heavy Flak nerfed further

--Heavy PDL nerfed further

--Reduced Super Capital Cannon damage to its intended value of 1000 instead of 1500

--Capital Triples damage reduced from 500-->350

--Capital Single barrels reload increased from 12--14

--Heavy Single barrels reload increased from 9-->12

--Heavy Triples reload increased from 4-->6

--Mega base inventory snapped. Enjoy good eco for a little bit

--Quantum Cannon damage reduced 450-->350

--Quantum Laser damage reduced 400-->300

--Osiris Autocannons and Autolasers replaced with Heavy Flaks and Heavy PDL's

--Zhanado remodel added in

--Xenon remodel added in

--Gunslinger remodel added in

--Gunslinger loadout changed

--Ishkur remodel added in

--Ishkur loadout changed

--Sturm remodel added in

--Python remodel added in

--Python fixed

--Sturm fixed

--Zhanado fixed

--python actually fixed

--ishkur fixed

--gunslinger fixed

--Zhanado fixed

--Xenon fixed [not distortions]

--Frigate build menu fixed

--Atheon taken off sale. So begins the first rotation.

Rotation announcement and release commences on 10/1/19

--Aeaphiel remodel added

--Sturm actually fixed.

--Ishkur actually fixed.

--Copyrighted tracks that were missed removed. (Turns out the space station 13 one is actually under creative commons but Im going to upload the original one instead of the one that gets cut off, space station 13 actually took it from a half life 2 mod).

--Guillotine fixed

--Ishkur cannons spinal fixed

--The full version of that the song that was removed above added in. Also another new peaceful and combat track from the same creator.

--Sturm received it's 8 mediums back. Also received the dual firing feature

--Retro Combat Turrets Buffed.

--New Cruiser Added: Aura

--Aura spinal configuration and barrel count fixed

--Cruiser build menu fixed

--Round two of the Rotation has begun--the shady dealer ran away and hid somewhere

--Osiris Max Hull increased from 5500-->6500

--Osiris Max Shield increased from 8150-->8950

--New Battlecruiser Added: Hyron

--Centurion Remodel

--Prototype X-1 Turnspeed increased 0.01-->0.05

--Prototype X-1 Torpedoes switched to Large Cannons

--Prototype X-1 Cannon interval reduced from 2-->0.01

--Slipstream Remodel Added.

--Slipstream Remodel Reverted.

--Wasp Given Trails & Improved.

--Atlas Dreadnought released

--Prowler Battleship released

--Prowler cargohold reduced from 1750-->200

--Communist symbol removed from atlas exterior

--Wraith Fixed.

--Level 3 Starbase Turret Fixed.

--Slipstream Remodel Added Back In.

--Retribution Remodel added in

--Panther Explosion radius reduced from 200-->100

--X3 Given Trails.

--Bastion Remodel added in

--Consul trails added

--Atheon received custom turrets [Exact same stats as Medium autos]

--Retribution remodel reverted

--Loyalist remodel added in

--Retro Heavy Laser reload increased 3-->3.5

--Retro Medium Railgun reload increased 5-->7

--Retro Medium Laser reload increased 2.5-->5

--Zhen Recoloured/Z-Fighting Fixed.

--Ship Teleporter Fixes.

--Helios Recolour.

--Tenn Recoloured/Z-Fighting Fixed.

Halloween update!!!

All halloween event ships added in except for one for now

Capital ship price rebalance--All dreads have had their prices sliced in half

--Last halloween ship added in

--Lucifer dialog fixed

--Mega base inventory deleted [maybe]

--Super Capital's quest price label changed to the correct value

--Azreal and Abbadon teleporters fixed.

--Azreal and Abbadon DPS reduced by 40%

--Lucifer DPS reduced by 5%

--Aberrant fix applied

--Swarmer pies removed

--Punisher pies removed

--Halloween Mega Base Added & Fixes.

--Punisher Uranium drop increased from 500--750

--Swarmer Uranium Loot 25 --> 75--In other words, hunting aliens is now very profitable.

--3D Printed Warlock Reclassed as Battleship, 4750/4750 --> 5K/5K Hull & Shield, Cannon Barrels 1 --> 3

--Viper Fixed.

--Heavy flak cannon speed denominator increased from 15000-->25000

--Heavy PDL speed denominator increased from 15000-->25000

--Heavy Flak Cannon accuracy increased from 0.009-->0.0009

--Heavy PDL accuracy increased from 0.009-->0.0009

--Normal peaceful and combat tracks removed per vote in #dev_poll_channel. Halloween tracks remain. Don't complain to me about the music being repetitive after a while you guys voted.

--Secret Added. (Updated Public Servers Only)

--Punisher now actually drops 750 uranium

-Erebus HEAVILY nerfed

--Huge phasers and cannons reduced down to 4/4

--Obliterator damage reduced 140--85

--Decimator damage increased from 36--38

--Decimator reload increased from 0.2-->1

--Erebus Hull reduced 8000-->6500

--Erebus Shield reduced 8000-->7000

--Erebus top speed reduced 125-->60

--Erebus Turnspeed reduced .38-->.15

--Erebus quest removed, added to build menu

--Erebus uranium price reduced from 10000-->5000

--Decimator damage increased from 36-->85 To balance out their DPS to keep it easy to calculate

--Ridgebreaker re-enabled

--Derelict Station has Custom Turrets on Level 2. Level 2 also gives more HP.

--Small turrets unachored fun fact as to why some weren't working

--Harvester buff reverted Just to bring the price back down since it's purpose got removed.

--Bioaccelerator damage increased 200-->225

--Bioaccelerator reload decreased 5-->4

--Heavy Bioaccelerator damage increased 310-->400

--Aberrant Max hull increased 4250-->5250

--Bioaccelerator positioning fixed

--Franken's Advanced Quad's switched to Heavy Triples

--Franken's Medium spinal switched to a Huge

--Franken's Frontal Quantum Laser switched to a Heavy Quantum Laser

--Lazarus turnrate increased 0.07-->0.1

--Tiny Alien Laser damage reduced 28-->2

--Tiny Alien Laser reload reduced 3.6-->0.2

-- Avenger remodel added(?)

--Nightmare is now disabled. The next rotation will appear in 3 days

--Subjugator turret placement change.

--Hammer and sickle removal on the Atlas reverted Because there is actually no rule or stipulation against the said symbol

--Shady Dealer ran off again with another ship

--Dealer Quest (hopefully) fixed

--All Ores Remodelled.

--Adjusted Templar Seat Slightly To Allow For Easier Access

Halloween event is over. No buffs will be coming to the ships this year. (Nov. 15th)

--First line of fixes rolled out. This will include all of the ships with their names beginning with A B and C. Hopefully this should have fixed all of their mesh and teleporter issues.

As it stands, each time one of these kind of updates roll out, there will be atleast 20+ ships fixed each time.

--Vigilance now registers 6 turrets (please double check your ships before submitting)

--Black flare now registers all 8 phasers in the build menu

--All fixes reapplied, narrowed down the true nature of the parts going out of place

--Chimera should also be back lol

--Zhen meshes fixed

--Zhen recolored

--Zhen detailed a tiny bit more

--Zhen Max Hull increased 1000-->1050

--Zhen Max Shield increased 950-->1150

--Zhen Phaser interval reduced from 0.2-->0.01

--Zhen max speed increased from 200-->250

-- Panther turrets fixed

-- Hawklight turrets fixed

-- Slipstream turrets fixed

-- Consul teleporter moved back into the bridge rather than stuffed in the floor

-- Apocalypse meshes realigned to factory specifications

Black Friday Sale!!!! Today for black friday and today only, we are releasing 3 past events for a second chance for those who didn't get them and or lost them before. Enjoy the update as it will be disabled rather quickly also.

--Aura turnspeed decreased 0.4-->0.35

--Aura Max speed decreased from 125-->110

Black Friday Sale over: The sale is now over, all ships that we're brought for this short little event are now offsale once again. Judging based on the success of this event we might make this an annual thing now. Just will randomly choose events or specific ships to bring back for a small period of time

--Mega base inventory yeeted again

Christmas event update part 1: Christmas event has just dropped so enjoy this while it's here! There will be multiple things being released over the following month, oh hey look its an update released on time. These ships are up for a limited time before they are taken off sale for the 2nd stage of the event!!

Any servers without christmas themed aliens are outdated. Just restart your private servers if this is the case.

--Minor Mega Base Fixes.

--Ores in mega fixed

--Added Christmas Intro Music.

--Rotation ship taken offsale. New one will appear in 3 days

--New Music Added based on voting, created by fellow Galaxy players.











--Shady dealer ran away again. As three days have NOW passed.

--Theia Mesh placement fixed

--Theia Max hull increased 9000-->10000

--Theia Max Shield increased from 10500-->11500

--Hyperion Mesh placement fixed

--Deity meshes fixed

--Deity Max shield increased 9350-->9850

--Deity docking fixed

--Centurion torpedo should be fixed

Christmas update part 2: All of the part 1 event ships are now disabled, part 2 has now been released!

--Spinal barrels fixed in 2 ships

--Galaxy remodel added

--Snowball added--This event ship can be had for 1 credits in a new public server via a quest found at the pedestal. There is a second part to find in order to complete it and acquire this rare pile of space matter.

--Snowball quest disabled.

--2020 Ship Released! It will last 3 days. I will also extend the Christmas Event and end it when the 2020 Ship ends.

--Christmas event is now over

-- Witch and Warlock models fixed

--Centurion fixed

--2020 ship fixed

--Tracks Removed:







--Secret Added.

--3D Warlock meshes fixed

--Centurion Fixed [Again]

--Shady Dealer has ran and hidden himself away again

Capital Ship Rebalance update 2/3 Moved to a 3 part update to include the carriers and fighters in their own separate update. This time it's a focus the battleships. All battleships [except consul, advanced, and event] have received a substantial buff to their performances. All should do rather well now with some receiving a more defined role in what they do.

--Genesis Remodel added

--Leviathan Remodel added

--Ampharos Remodel added

--Hawklight Remodel added

--Sovereign Remodel added

--Zero Remodel added

--Tengu Remodel added

--M Class Remodel added

--Carvainir switched to freighter class

--Leviathan Price fixed?

--Hawklight spinals fixed

The Alpha Player Ship is now available for Alpha Players ONLY, if you are an alpha player please msg the admins and show proof of the alpha player badge in your inventory to receive it. You can only get it once. When it dies, its gone.

If you deleted your alpha badge but are an alpha player, ask an admin to log you in-game and if you have a log that is before jan 25 of 2016 then you played during alpha and can get the ship. If it is jan 26 onwards you are a beta player and cannot get it.

--Leviathan's chair fixed

--Hasatan Remodel Added in

--Hasatan Loadout minorly changed (Still same role)

--Catalyst Remodel added

--Catalyst Max Hull decreased from 6750-->6520

--Catalyst Max Shield increased from 5750-->6580

--Catalyst Armament buffed

--Helios Cannon interval reduced from .4-->.1

--Helios Phaser interval reduced from .4-->.2

--Helios Max shield increased from 4000-->4750

--Imperator Max Hull increased from 3500-->3850

--Imperator Max Shield increased from 4500-->5500

--Imperator Turnrate buffed from .12-->.22

--Imperator Armament buffed

--Quantum Laser and Quantum Cannon stats switched

--Mega Base inventory fixed

--Siege Cannon Damage increased 1000-->1500 --Siege Cannon Reload increased 12.5-->22.5 --Siege Cannon Range increased 7750-->8000 --Super Laser Reload increased 20-->22.5 --Super Laser Range increased 6250-->8000 --Astraeus Heavy Railgun replaced with a Super Laser

--Shadowmap is now in Galaxy.

--Spinal Teleport exploit patched?

--New Music:





The Latest Version is .66c

--Deity engines fixed --Deity trails added

--Shady dealer has stopped talking to people. Maybe he will again in a few days.

--Shady dealer ran away again. He got tired of looking at some of the ugly people here.

--Happy Valentines Day, Dream Reaper Has made a ship for you all to acquire, It will cost 50k credits, you just have to find the NPC. It's in a super hard spot to find.

--Mega Base fixed

--Exploit that made Mega Base ore storage negative patched

--Shady dealer decided to run off early. He will come back out of hiding in a few days again

--New skybox

--Spinal Exploit Actually Confirmed Patched This Time.

--Unintended bug which lowered prices of spinal ships fixed.

--Mega fixed yet again.

--Billboards are back (by rc's request).

--Balls are unanchored in vip lounge.

--Ingame update log is updated.

--Above update reverted

--Shady dealer has came back and is selling something due to Yasurgi finally stopping his temper tantrum. All his fault it took so long.

The Latest Version is .66k

--Jackal, Sentaliz and Santaliz fixed.

--Avalon and Absolution fixed.

--Witch, Warlock and 3D fixed/Remodeled.

--Viper Fixed.

--Wyrm and Worm fixed.

--Corvid & Constantine Remodel added.

--Cyber Levi buff 5800 H/ 6650 S --> 6300 H 7150 S

--3D Printed fixed. If you got bought it in the time from my error to when I fixed it good for you. It wont be removed from your inv

--Wasp fixed.

--Spinal Exploit Patched

--Automining and Alien exploit patched.

--Imperator Remodel.

--Reaver fixed.

--Nightmare remodel added.

--Blue Torp Wasp fixed.

--Orca fixed.

--Oblivion better turret placement.

--Small MB update.

--Small MB update 2: Electric Boogaloo.

--Galaxy Remodel added.

--Adjusted Galaxy size.

--Shady Dealer be vibin' (secret #1)

The Latest Version is .66l

--Shady Dealer be vibin' (secret #1)

--A large object has been spotted far away from MB. (Secret #2)

--A strange disturbance can be felt across the galaxy. (Secret #3)

--The wheels have been set in motion. (Secret #4)

--Sorry for the wait Nyx remodel added.

--Big exploit patch.

--It is time. (New public servers only)

--Prototype Tyrant quest made available in private servers due to exploiters.

--Baby Tyrant music nerf.

--Ship rotation has returned in new servers.

--April Fools Event Released

--Prisoner is now closer to MB


--Prisoner is now even closer to MB

--Event ended

The Latest Version is .66m

--Small Nyx rebalance

-Nyx scaled up

-Nixesion remodel added

-Fighter count 12 -> 8

-Nixesion spinals 3/4 -> 4/6

-Nixesion scaled up

--Naglfar fixed.

--Nemesis fixed.

--Warlock given its Heavy Laser back

--3D Printed Warlock turret placement fixed and docking fixed

--Archeon Remodel added in

--Secret Added.

--Hallow Remodel added

--You will no longer randomly spawn at Myriad III if you don't own it.

--Cyclops Teleporter fixed

--Cyclops shield increased 5620 -> 6250

The Latest Version is .66n

--The game will now prevent welds during warp and should prevent warps from landing in bases or other ships.

--Avalon remodel added.

--Ship folders W-Z fixed

--Zeus remodel added

--Radiance remodel added

--Updated staff portraits

--Zhanado spinals fixed

--Anti-exploit fixes

Version 67

The Latest Version is .67a


The Latest Version is .67b

--Fix attempt for weird gui, spinal, etc. bugs that popped up in .67a

--Updated staff portraits

--Atlas nerfed

--Galaxy's intro music has been remastered [1]

--Anti Exploit Patch.

--Fixed a random issue pertaining to certain ships becoming unusable

The Latest Version is .67c

.67c -- Fix attempt for "... did not pass security check". 3 new random alien ship spawns

--The new Alien ships should now drop uranium.

--Funny exploit patched.

--Updated staff lounge portraits.

--Eduardo has ran away and someone new has come.

--M Class remodel added

--Baby tyrant fixed.

--Genesis Remodel added
----Nerfed spinals to 4 medium phasers, phasers now fire from the front

--Mclass resized to hopefully not fit around upgraded bases

--3D warlock should now have no docking issues

--Osiris Remodel added

--Quantum Cannon, Quantum Laser, Heavy Quantum Laser, Heavy Point Defense Laser, and Heavy Flak Cannon remodeled

--Osiris Build Menu Fixed

--Broadside Spinals sound fix

--Heavy Flak cannon and Heavy PDL sounds changed

--Orca fixed

--Warden docking issues fixed

--Atlas Shields reduced 7500 > 1000

--Atlas Hull reduced 15499 > 13000

--Atlas Turnspeed increased .01 > .04

--Atlas Turrets changed - 4 Heavy LR Laser, 4 Capital Cannons

--Oblivion Docking and seat fixed

--Vigilance seat fixed

--Atlas turrets fixed

--Nidhogg Remodel added

--Behemoth fixed.

--Astraeus fixed

--Atlas temporarily removed from the build menu

--Draco remodel added

--Added Solaris's Armageddon remodel

--Panther remodel added (also by Solaris)

--Templar remodel added

--Point defense lasers fixed

--Ships/R folder fixed (part displacement)

--Retribution remodeled

--Advanced Ship rotation (Helios)

--Prototype X-1 Remodel added

--Temporarily removed X-1 ambience

--Collosus Laser & Cannon remodels

--Retro hawk spinals should be fixed.

--Prototype x-1 Size reduced; better performance, less lag

--Ships/H fixed (part displacement)

--Hyperion model reverted

The Latest Version is .67f

--Theia remodeled

--Updated staff lounge portraits.

--Dramiel and Nova remodeled (by @HannahB888)

--Made the Prototype X-1 more performance-friendly

Version 68

The Latest Version is .68a

--TurretTP/Automine Exploit fix.

--Increased RemoteCall security.

--Warp should instantly cancel if docking is detected.

--Lower loyalty requirements.

---Battleships no longer require level 2 base.

--Add small amount of cushion to spinal distance exploit detection.

--Player controlled alien ships allowed to attempt docking?

--Devs will have admin permissions on Dev server.

--Devs can set current EventId in both Dev and Main to fully host events.

--Better prevention of hijacking NPC ships via exploit.

--Modelers have test ships appear in list.

--VIP Starting Loyalty reduced from 3% to 2%.

The Latest Version is .68b

--Icarus remodel added (by @Ges_Mo1).

--Astraeus stern collisions fixed.

--The 4th of July event is here! Celebrate the United States' independence with three returning ships from previous events! A shrine to the Eagle has been created in the Mega Base, maybe it knows something... This event will last for three days

--Removed USR ambient

--The eagle provides Liberation

--The eagle provides economic freedom [PUBLIC SERVERS ONLY]

--Hyperion quest fixed™️

--2020 should now be fixed in new servers

--Increased Swarmers loot gain. Swarmers cargo now consists of 50 of Quantium, Titanium, Palladium and Adamantite Each. Swarmers uranium drop lowered from 75 -> 50

--Temporary Apocalypse Model in new servers. (The model is very basic, no turret placement/etc has been changed)

--Starbase remodel added ---Starbase now Can be upgraded to Level 5, giving it more health and weapons ---Level 3 and up comes with an additional larger hangar housing 2 larger new base fighters for use against enemy vessels

--Docking points extended slightly in order to provide smooth docking with all ships, In new servers

--Tempest Spinals removed

--Tempest Sheild Increased 5650->6000

--The 4th of July event has ended

--Nautilus quest fixed

--Starhunter and a few other ships fixed broken meshes

--Fixed 3D printed colossus cannon

--Starbase Fury Speed reduced 400->200

--Ships/0-9 fixed (3D warlock)

--2020 ship removed from the build menu

The Latest Version is .68c

--Server logging to work on item duping

--Fix ship duping?

--Remote security updates

--Freedom Galaxy given another turret

--Liberator Shield buffed 5000->6500, Hull buffed 3000 -> 4000

--Liberator docking changed to be from the back, no more problems with dropping

--Liberator Turret placement changed to the top

The Latest Version is .68d

--Start checking for excessive player accounts and auto report to admins as suspicious

--Give admin director power to totally reset accounts that are clearly not legit

--Removed raw ore from Alien cargo holds

--Leviathan remodeled (by @Solaris)

--Nimitz remodeled by @Experia

-- Carrier Rebalance part one: Carriers are large vessels intended to hold vast amounts of fighters to fight with them, however many lack presence on the battlefield due to un reliable protection from their own weaponry or their fighter complement. Carriers themselves will be given more health and more defense focused weaponry to emphasize their role as one of the lead ships in any fleet, whilst a few battle carriers will still carry larger weapons. ---Nyx Sheild and hull increased 12500 -> 15000 10000 -> 11000

---Nyx weaponry replaced with 4 Heavy PDLS and 2 Heavy Flak Cannons

---Alpha ship Shield and hull increased 8000 -> 10000 8000 -> 9000

---Blizzard Shield and hull increased 3750 -> 8000 4500 -> 5000

---Borealis/Skeletal Ghostealis Remain the same until new model is added

---Excecutioners Shield and hull increased 6250 -> 8000 5250 -> 6000

---Ghoul Nyx Shield increased 14000 -> 15000

---Hailstorm’s Shield and hull increased 7500 -> 11000 7500 -> 8500

---Hailstorm’s 2 Medium PDL’s replaced with Heavy Flaks

---Hevnetier Shield increased 5350 -> 9000

---Hevnetier Weaponry changed -> 1 Large laser, 2 Heavy PDL’s, 3 Heavy Flak Cannons

---Icarus Shield and Hull increased 6500 -> 8500 5250 -> 8000

---Kapisi Shield and hull increased 7000 -> 9000

---Nimitz Shield and hull increased 5860 -> 10000 5900 -> 8000

---Nimitz Weaponry Changed 2 Heavy Flaks, 3 Heavy PDL’s, 2 medium flak cannons

---Prometheus Shield increased 10000 -> 15000

---Rapture Shield and Hull increase 6000 -> 6500 6750 -> 9000

---Rapture 2 large lasers replaced with 2 Heavy PDLs

---Revelation shield increased 6000 -> 10000

---Revelation Medium cannons and medium lasers replaced with PDL and Heavy Flak Cannons

---Rhino Shield and Hull increased 8000 -> 11000 7250 -> 8000

---Rhino Replaced 4 turrets with 2 Heavy PDLs and 2 Heavy Flaks

---Sakala Shield and Hull increased 7000 -> 9000

---Stormbringer Hull increased 6000 -> 12000

---Stormbringer Weaponry Changed 4 Heavy PDLs 2 Heavy Flak cannons and 2 medium lasers

---Vanguard Shield and hull increased 1600 -> 4000 1400 -> 3500

---Warlord Shield and hull increased 5750 -> 9100 5800 -> 8900

---Warlord 4 light cannons replaced with 4 Heavy PDLs

--Ships missing from build menu fix

--Hyperion & Starblade remodels added.

—-Grim hull reduced 6666 -> 3333

—-Grim cannon size increased to Huge, Grim phasers size increased to large The Latest Version is .68e

--Game name (previously "Galaxy [Beta]") changed to "Galaxy [Gamma]"

--Official update to "Gamma" starts with version .69

--Starbase terminal collisions fixed

--Starbase now gains teleporters for each terminal at levels 4 and 5

--Revelation teleporters are now fixed

--Theia made less laggy, probably the best it will get

--Fixed a broken MB mesh

--Templar now uses teamcolor

--Triple heavy & triple capital turrets fixed

--Attempted to fix the performance issues caused by the Nimitz

--Apocalypse fixed

--Valkyrie remodel added, matching icarus' current model

--Cyber Leviathan Buff Speed 110 --> 120 Accel 9 --> 15 Cannon turrets changed to quantum counterparts (like they were supposed to be)

-- Hyperion receives 4 "Hyperion Dual Railguns" and 2 "Hyperion Triple Lasers" created by @berb. These turrets have the same stats as before. Hyperion turret line of sight should also be fixed.

-- All Small/ Light turrets that were missing have been updated. Thanks to @Solaris and @i did something

-- Capital cannons and Capital lasers recieve temporary models until a remodel is created. (rcouret's decision)

-- Triple heavy quantum cannons have been remodeled.

-- Supercapital cannons and Supercapital lasers recieve temporary models until a remodel is created. (rcouret's decision)

-- Frostpoc and Frankenemi have fixed lighting now.

-- Frostpoc crystal railgun buff - Reload 10 -> 6.5

—Glacier hull increased 1500 -> 3500 Speed increased 60 -> 100 Medium Railguns replaced with Crystal railguns

—Hallowlight hull 3000 -> 4000 2 dual medium cannons replaced with Skeletal Cannons Acceleration increased 10 -> 25

--Dire Wolf: Medium Laser turret moved to top. Two medium cannons changed to larges. (spinals) Speed 130 -->140

--Sixfold Hull 500 --> 700

--Spectre given its 2 small phasers back.

--Dire wolf turret fixed.

--Cyber Leviathan Remodel (@Solaris )

--Vansnova spinals put back to burst, given two extra smalls.

--Razorwing spinals set back to 4/4, Cargohold increased to 300 from 150.

-- Retro Mining Laser buff 50 yield -> 70

--A new retro event has been released! This event is smaller and will last for 3 days, get the ships while you can! (Newer servers)

-- Retro Cyclops hull 4000 -> 6900

—Cyber Leviathan hull reduced 6300 -> 5800

-- Retro Medium Railgun 180 damage -> 250 damage

--Slipstream Turnspeed buffed to 0.26 from 0.21, given an extra 45 speed from 75. (120 speed total) Cargohold reduced to 10 from 300.

--Zeus given 2 Capital Triple Laser's and 1 Heavy Point Defense Laser.

--Lazarus Shield increased 9001 -> 11050

--Naglfar Shield increased 6200 -> 7000 1 cannon -> 2 Large -> Huge spinal size

--Ridgebreaker turnspeed .04 -> .06 given 2 Triple Heavy Cannons

--Retro Cyclops meshed

- Re-added liberator

-- Wooly Mammoth: 4 tiny lasers -> 4 mediums (8 mediums total), 6000 ore hold -> 6500

-- Mammoth receives a remodel by @Experia, Speed and turnspeed have been reduced, Mammoth has been changed to 4 mediums

--Commercial Miner, loadout changed to 1 medium 3 smalls.

--Commercial Miner Fixed.

—Retro event ended

--Spectre Remodel.

--Starbase has been optimized. (less lag in newer servers)

--Astra remodel added, with new turret remodels. @Solaris

-- Turrets firing wrong projectiles fixed

-- Advanced Medium AutoCannons + AutoLasers remodels / placeholders.

-- Valiant remodel

-- Hallowlight Hull 3000-> 3500, Dual Medium Cannons -> Skeletal Cannons, Dual Medium Laser -> Point Defence Laser, Acceleration 10 -> 25 (again)

-- Coldfront 2 small cannons -> 2 medium

--Clive has decided to run away.

-- Disruptor loses 1 medium cannon and 1 medium phaser, but thanks to Kneall technology now shows up as green on the map

--Mothership now has teleporters on each Terminal

--Heavy Halloween and Christmas 2018 turrets have been given new models

--Nemesis recieves it's previous model until a working remodel is added.

--Nimitz Received 3 new custom fighters

-- Nemesis teleporters are now visible. Frankenemi recieves teleporters. @Ion300

-- Mammoth fixed + gets teleporters (fixed again now)

-- Archangel remodel @King_Jingaling (also more accel)

Version 69


Galaxy has moved from [Beta] to [Gamma] as of version .69a1. This change is meant to signify the game transitioning away from the current meta in order to "survive"

"I know there is a lot of confusion and doubt on the new changes I am making beginning with Version 0.69 (Gamma). The game really needs to take a new direction to survive and I am planning to do that with emphasizing combat as much if not even more than mining/trading. Combat in itself will become an effective way to "grind" and I have some ideas how to accomplish that.

The game isn't going to be balanced by any means at first, but things can always be adjusted and added to get it there. You'll just have to have faith that I am looking at the big picture with everything I am doing even when it seems wrong. rcouretYesterday at 8:46 PM Galaxy begins a new chapter today.. I expect it will be a rough start as it is tough to break years of players and developers mindset about what this game should be.. but It can only get better from here. Welcome to Gamma

Game is moving away from Dreadnaughts being the answer to everything. If a ship has 8 or 9 turrets of same size (Large), expect it to be very expensive. Most battleships and below should still be very reasonably priced if not cheaper than before. Prices are automatically calculated using a complex formula based on ship stats, meant to be a control measure for Devs creating ridiculously powerful ships. I expect there to be some serious turret adjustments in the future to bring down costs." --Rcouret

The Latest version is .69a1

-- Dreadnoughts have been rebalanced in line with rcouret's new turret changes. They have recieved changes to loadouts that make them cheaper, somewhat more accurate and more versatile ships. The aim has been to reduce capital turrets, which has reduced the insane DPS they recieved in the first place; dreadnoughts are closer to their original pre-9 heavy turret stats, and are better at tanking damage. Battleships have also had health nerfs where needed to compensate for this, but their stats are not final.

--Discordite Cluster is no longer being distributed (8/18/20)

--Retribution 6 Medium Cannons --> 4 Small Torpedoes. Loadout Changed slightly to better adjust its role. Turnspeed 0.13 to 0.17.

--Further dread changes (apoc, judge,cata buffed) + alien nerfs (less DPS and more shield tank)

--LR laser reload reduced 30 -> 7

--Super laser and Siege laser (astra turrets) reloads 25 -> 6.5

--Adjustment to dreads and some battleships. Dread DPS is increased.

--Large mining laser buff (pat variant too), Reload 10 -> 8

--Snowfall Triple Heavy Cannons -> Frosty variants (buff)

-- Leviathan Speed 65 -> 70, Accel 6 -> 15

--Disruptor supercharged and re-released for an indefinite amount of time. Enjoy :) (It won't be here too long probably. Get it while you can. It will never be released again.)

--Zero docking (should be) fixed

--Unarmed the Envoy

--Gatling turrets have been given new sounds

--Minor fixes

--Disruptor put offsale

--Cyclops model fix (and various ships get updated descriptions)

-- Hevnetier has been remodelled and reworked. Along with a new loadout of flak and laser, It will now be able to disconnect into 2 ships, hosting a very strong but vulnerable fighter; make sure you have a good pilot ready! Additionally, it comes with two escort nighthawks, which have also been remodelled.

-Ships/S fixed (part shifting)

--Sturm remodeled

--Subjugator buffed

  • Looks like the UNE engineers finally got those shield generators working. Each has its own health pool

--Azreal 3 large phasers, 3 large cannons -> Huge

--Aura 8 Tiny Phasers -> 6 Phasers, --Aura 8 Tiny Cannons -> 4 Small cannons

--Atheon recieves 2 additional medium turrets. --Aberrant Hull 5250 -> 7250

--Vengeance has been disabled until it recieves a model that actually works. --3D warlock Large cannons -> Huge cannons

--Bluetorp wasp fixed

--Stormbringer hull 6000 -> 7000

--Scimitar phasers small -> medium --Scimitar speed 230 -> 185

--Sentaliz remodel --Sentaliz 2 Large cannons -> 4 Small torpedoes. (no, its not a nerf, this actually makes it more op)

--Prometheus taken off build menu. It will have it's price reduced soon (to prevent people from buying/reselling for inf credits)

--Prototype x-1 14500 Hull -> 25000 Hull --^ 6 Large cannons -> 8 Huge cannons.

--Commercial miner remodeled (by @King_Jingaling)

-minor visual changes to ships/c

-Tiny alien laser damage 2 -> 5

The Latest version is .69b

--Fixed mining lasers (and other turrets?) shots sometimes not displaying

--Reduced immediate despawn time from 12 seconds to 8 seconds

--Prevented selling of quest ships (e.g. Prototype X-1 & X-2)

--Nerfed DPS of small spinals

--Added a slightly longer, fading shield strike effect

--Increased reset time after victory from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to give the winning team chances to loot and sell before the server reset. Victory message informs players about the remaining time in seconds

--Fixed carriers not being able to move if the pilot uses their own fighter

--Fixed fighters losing turning control if players sit in the same fighter seat twice in a row

--Adjust medium and large flak; "too hard to hit"

--Devs can now customize turrets as approved by Rcouret using an OverrideCode system

--Ores will stop respawning when there are 3 or less factions remaining in endgame, as opposed to immediately upon endgame

--Made medium/large mining lasers a bit more accurate as combat turrets

--TODO: Halloween Event stuff

The Latest version is .69b1 THE HALLOWEEN EVENT IS HERE

Spooky ghosts and ships have once again returned to galaxy, enjoy! PHASE 1

--Mega Base Halloweenified

--4 event ships released

--Three new NPC ships have replaced the kneall, including a boss

--T̴̉̆H̴͋͐E̴͂̂ ̷̈́͠V̴̚ͅÖ̷́̆I̷̓̄D̴̃̚ ̸̊͘C̵͑̈́A̷͆̀L̵͐͠L̵͑̅S̴͂̂

Stay tuned for the next part of the event

--Nerfed Gamma Pumpkin drop rates

--Necromancer loot adjustments, turret recolours.

--More effective superflaks, hopefully slightly better AI.

--Servs now use Plasma weapons instead of Lasers.

--Intro music switched to Halloween.

--Starbase fury fixed, and then speed changed to 275. It was supposed to lose it's 400 speed a long time ago.

--Starhunter speed 325 -> 225

--Necromancer AI improved:

  • should no longer go out of bounds
  • should no longer attack safe dock ships
  • should no longer be distracted
  • aliens are now sentient

--All dreads have 40 percent resistance again so they can tank.

--Supers have 50 percent resist again

--Necromancer health and DPS reduced.

--Prototype X-1 25000 Hull -> 14500, resistance is back.

--Capital weapons are somewhat better now.

--Slightly more necromancer loot.


A rift in space has opened

--Necromancer evolved

--4 quest ships released

--Added two new NPC ships

One can only wonder the secrets that the rift holds

Stay tuned for the next part of the event

-Warehouse has also been buffed, each level has more space

--Attempted necromancer fix

The latest version is .69c

--cost2 command for devs and above to analyze ship costs

--fix lagging causing player to be kicked from remote security fails

--Attempt fix alien TP exploit

--Try to prevent aliens from dropping below the map and despawning

--Prevent aliens from prioritizing Wyrms

--Add settings for NPC Initiator and Siege behavior

--Fixed game breaking after round ends

--NPCs take reduced explosion ("nuke") damage

--Fighters don't reset so quickly when jumping out unless close to their spawn position


--2 new quest ships T̶͒̚H̵̋̏E̸̔̆ ̷̢̾V̷͖́O̷̢͆Ì̸̿D̷͈͊ ̷̌͋C̸͌̌A̶̅̍L̴̖͠L̷͋̀S̷͌͝ T̵̔ͅH̶̔̓Ê̶̏ ̴̿͝V̷̿̑O̵̧͝Í̵̆D̶̏̍ ̶̏͝S̵̓̓É̵͗E̵̝̊K̶̅͝S̴̰̒ Ṫ̵͠I̴̾̆T̷̄̑A̸̝͋N̸͐͘S̴̅͝ ̷̐͋R̶̈̊Ï̸̳S̷̻̈́Ẹ̴͑ H̶̏̍A̴͂̆L̴̃͊L̵͓̀O̶͎̊W̴͌͊S̴̾́ ̷̎͠F̸͈͒A̵͛͗L̴͊L

--Black Scarab received teleporters(edited)

The Latest Version is .69d

--Made it harder to kite defending NPCs from the area

--Reduced arcade round end timer to ~15

--Starbase prices now begin at Mega Base levels and adjust based on base inventory relative to the Mega Base

--Fixed boss loot amount

--Added some natural uranium asteroids

--Bump up range of mining lasers to 4500, 5500, 6500

--Swarmers, Servs, and Kneall Scouts no longer call other aliens

--Fixed join faction menu disappearing after starbase is destroyed

--Fixed NPCs not properly attacking a new "CommonTarget" when they are already engaging a new one

--Add all battlecruisers and above to arcade gamepasses; VIP ships will be half-off

--Event ships do not require gamepasses in arcade, but still require materials/credits

--If user leaves and rejoins, the despawn timer on their ship will cancel

--System of renaming misspelled ships without players losing them

--System for deleting ships from inventory that no longer exist

--Blackgate now plays a sound after spawning

--Nimitz has been temporarily removed from the build menu for violating lag protocols


--Kneall Bruiser -> Bruiser (name change)

--Kneall Outrider -> Outrider (name change)

--Bruiser and Outrider added back to normal spawns

--Swarmers spawn more often now

--Alien spawn limit increased 10 -> 20

--Scouts are still not in the game

--Moved the side turrets on commercial miner so it's a bit easier to get mining lasers on target

--Bonehawk and Baby Tyrant uncloaked

--Black Scarab particles dramatically reduced. This should help with the ship tanking FPS, but may not significantly impact server lag.

--Meteor has received a remodel, but has also lost its turrets.

--Meteor gets one more small cannon spinal because reasons

--Swarmer alien part drops fixed

--Aliens now guaranteed drop (more) uranium

--Bruiser fixed (was removed for a little while)

Black Friday event

--Atlas buff:

---2 Capital Cannons -> 2 Triple Capitals

---2 Capital Cannons -> 2 Triple Heavy Cannons

---2 Long Range Lasers -> Triple Capitals

--Paint bucket tool temporarily released

--Fixed alien spawn rates

The Latest Version is .69e

--Made Punisher, Bruiser, and Outrider icons larger

--Camera maximum zoom out distance is 2.5x larger; camera no longer resets to facing front-back automatically

--Fixed test ships importing to main game

--Each asteroid contains a bit more ore

--New NPC team, ship (Chimera-S)

--Removed blocking things from billboards, removed confusing teleporters on upper-level starbase floors

--Increase wreckage Uranium drop percent; Alien ships use more Uranium

--LootLimit inside NPC CargoHold item

--Prevent aliens from spawning if SpawnLocation doesn't exist

--Changed "too low" error to "bad angle"

--Increased alien loot

--Leading and trailing spaces are trimmed from faction names

--Adjustments to standard turret ranges and accuracy

--New Skybox

--Hevnetier fixed

--Bastion's random LR Laser changed to a Point Defence Laser

--Medium Flak Cannon received a long-pending model

--(medium) LR Laser removed from the game

--Hasatan medium LRs changed to Medium Railguns

--Naga's Bone Lurkers now have more consistent firing angles

--Bone Lurker buff (single barrel heavy flak -> dual heavy cannon)

--Snowfall hull 3000->5000

--Snowfall has cool frosty turrets back

--Loyalist turret layout changed

--Flak changes

--Point Defence Lasers can now Point Defence again

--Hailstorm description changed -> Hailstorm: A heavy carrier designed to shred smaller targets with a withering storm of point-defense fire, backed up with the devastating power of its custom fighters.

--Hailstorm triple heavy lasers replaced with frosty triple heavy lasers

--Prototype descriptions slightly changed -> X-1: Designed by the UNE to combat the rising Kneall threat, the X-1 is the precursor to modern supercapital technology. -> X-2: A Kneall flagship sporting cutting-edge technology, sold to human pilots for purposes unknown. Each X-2 has a Kneall transponder hard-wired into the sensor array, but no one knows why it's there or what it's for...

--Frankenemi Triple Heavy Cannons changed to Quantum Cannons

--Punisher buffed

--Decimator respawns after a long period of time(edited)

--Slipstream description adjusted for consistency

--Starbase nerfed, now gets orbital point defense platforms at levels 2 and 4

--Armageddon turret placement slightly changed for better firing angles

--Avalon description changed to fit its current state better (no mention of torpedoes)

--USR is a battlecruiser again

--USR explosion size massively increased (haha funny american nuke go brr)

--Borealis remodeled; Borealis is now an advanced ship

--Significant buff to Borealis, Blitz, Skeletal Ghostealis, and Wraith

--All Battleship-Class rotation ships and below enabled (With price increase; Available for 1 month; Public Servers only)

--Naut Quest enabled (Device changed to 5000 parts)

--Prototypes buffed

--Fixed Viking

--Prom Cargo Hold nerf/slight ship buff

--LR Laser buffed, 7.5k range

--Zhen price is reduced by 100k

--Judgement description adjusted

--Nightmare loses 2 turrets

--Zhen gains 2 turrets and 100 shield

--Theia loses 3 huge phasers until its rebalance

--Liberator buff: Shield 4000 -> 6500, 2 extra Large Mass Drivers

--Panther explosion size buffed

--Minor visual changes to myriad

The Latest version is .69f

--Fix base defense turrets attacking UNE ships

--Fixed issue where pressing ESC put the ship into permanent reverse

--Create AdminLib to replace AdminScript

--Attempt to spawn ships at the dock closest to the player so they are less likely to have to walk around to find the ship

--Allow IsLeader as an NPC spawn parameter for better on-the-fly events

--Maximum players per faction during Endgame with two teams increased from 20 to 21

--Fix :view command

--Restore camera that auto-positions behind player

--Megabase prices adjust by percentage rather than 0.1 intervals

--MaxSpawned parameter per type of Alien in SpawnConfig

--MinPlayers int value and DisablePrivate bool value under SpawnEvent

--Artifacts that were heavily duped will be reset, but you can keep one for nostalgia

-- "Buy 1k" button for Megabase -> Warehouse, "Sell 1k" button for Warehouse -> Megabase

--Lower base health a lot to make sieging easier

--Much lower advertising price, each ad stays on the board longer before switching

--Increase maximum dock radius from 1000 studs to 1500 studs from the base center

--Increase loot distance from 500 to 600 studs

--GUI improvements

--Lower Alien class cost base for Speed and Torque to raise its build costs and resulting loot

--Changes to pricing formula for excess Speed.Turn and Torque

--Fix aliens not stopping attacks on planets once they capture them

--NPC kills against other NPCs result in 75% loot

--Borealis temporarily put on sale in arcade

--Borealis is back in the build menu

--Borealis loadout nerfed Quantum Cannons -> Heavy Flaks

--Collision fixes with Borealis and Skeletal Ghostealis

--Hevnetier line of sight fixed

--Rather than just being removed, Instigator A has been officially released as a new Cruiser, with modified stats. It should be fixed in newer servers.

--Behemoth spinals buffed 2/2 large -> 4/4 large

--Behemoth spinal interval 0.5 -> 0.1 seconds

--Orion fixed

--Subjugator shielding buffed

--Subjugator turnspeed buffed

--Kneall stronghold hp considerably buffed

--Kneall stronghold has disappeared, presumably for repairs.

[1/2] Christmas eve update: --Christmas Mega base, Starbase and Freedom Base.

--Snowflakes now spawn, find them hidden in Mega Base and Aqueous!

--Kneall stronghold has returned again.. with a slight change..

[2/2] Christmas Day update

--4 gifts have appeared around mega base

--Snowflake spawns fixed; Merry Christmas

--Minimum players to spawn snowflakes is now 4, snowflakes spawn more frequently

--Genesis remodeled

  • now with broadside phasers again
  • phaser buff
  • turret nerf

--Katana receives Genesis's old model

  • turret changes (heavy cannons become flaks, fewer gatlings)

--Borealis teleporter fixed

--Mammoth teleporters fixed

--Katana buffed

  • hull 1000->2000
  • heavy flaks -> triple heavy cannons
  • spinal interval 0.1s -> 0s
  • top speed 100 -> 90
  • phasers receive minor angle offsets

--Appearance of a rare comet that only passes every ~300 years.

--Templar hull 1500 -> 1200

--Templar speed 120 -> 110

Version 70

The Latest Version is .70a

--Each MB resource has its own normalized quantity for better auto-pricing. Team bases have a price floor for materials of 3.5 times the mass

--Fixed seat eject button

--War alerts against the player's team display centered on the view

--Adjusted pricing formula; too much weight on torque, not enough weight on sameTurret values; look at spinals

--Automatic leader picks should be from players with higher scores

--Add quest completion/rewards to the log. Most quest conversation will now appear in game chat

--Mining no longer launches combat music

--UNE ships will despawn after 7 minutes if they have no targets (too much impact on server resources)

--Mining improvements: much bigger asteroids, slightly less asteroid shrinkage per cycle, shortened reload times

--Mining lasers are more accurate (weren't properly hitting swarmers)

--Small Cannon turret changeed from 20 dmg, 3.2 reload to 24 dmg, 3.0 reload

--Kinetic damage type against shields changed from 35% to 40%; Laser damage type against hull changed from 25% to 30%; missile damage against hull changed from 120% to 100%

--Miner/Freighter resistance increased from 10 to 15%; Frigate resistance increased from 20% to 25%; Starbase resistance decreased from 50% to 45%; Dreadnought resistance increased from 35% to 38%; Super Capital resistance increased from 35% to 42%; Alien resistance decreased from 30% to 25%

--Add negative score auto-text

--Console message if a quest is temporarly unavailable because an associated base doesn't exist in this particular server

--Snowflake drops have slight position variation to avoid camping

--Santa's workshop Shield 1000 -> 4000

--Santa's workshop Hull 3000 -> 2500

--Santa's workshop Ore Hold 4500 -> 6500

--Santa's workshop size has increased, top laser fixed

--Snowsturm shield 1000 -> 3000

--Snowsturm 2 Medium Lasers -> 2 Medium Ice Lasers

--Toy Megabase acceleration doubled

--Toy Megabase 2000 cargo -> 2250

--minor Templar nerf -loses one gatling -some turrets moved to the underside of the ship

--Peaceful Music.

--Battle Music.

--Removed 2 Battle tracks that were taken down and fixed 2 Battle tracks that were written wrong.

--Carvainir shield 2300 -> 3500

--Carvainir gets 2 Medium flaks

--Carvainir 2 Medium Lasers -> 2 Triple Heavy Lasers

--Constellation turnspeed 0.13 -> 0.2

--Constellation cargo hold 5000 -> 5500

--Tempest and Tenn fixed

--Event ended

--Alien spawning fixed, stronghold gone for repairs

--Decimator is back

--Alien spawning slowed/reduced, guaranteed punisher spawn is down from 2 to 1

--UNE spawnrate slightly increased

--Patriotic rorqual loses 200 ore hold so you can have it refunded

--Santa's workshop hold reverted so you can have it refunded

--Santa's workshop gets a speed buff from 40 -> 70

--Nisos remodeled

Further Starbase DPS Nerfs

--Level 3 loses all 4 turrets

--Level 4 loses 2 medium flaks

--Level 5 loses a heavy point defense laser and 2 mediums

--Base Hp buffed (Starting Hull: 8000 -> 9500, Starting Shield: 7000 -> 8000)

--Outrider nerf, all spinals downgraded from small to tiny

--Chimera-S spawn rate increased

--Chimera-S buffed

--Catalyst buff 6450 shield -> 7000

--Sov-x Re-armed and buffed

--Punisher limited to 1 at all times.

--Bruisers limited to 3 at all times.

--Outriders limited to 5 at all times.

The Latest Version is .70b

--Separate option to mute Stereos

--Fixes to :music command

--Can no longer despawn a non-docked ship if your combat timer is active (fixed jump-despawning)

--Adjust Robux for credits to reflect inflation

  • "Base of Credits" option for $R5000
  • $R50 = 5000 credits, $R100 = 10% bonus, $R250 = 20%, $R500 = 30%, $R1000 = 40%, $R2500 = 50% (375,000), $R5000 = 60% (800,000)

--Turret Button/Status adjusts text size to fit

--Base Transfer amounts to player warehouse now 16% instead of 14%; Players get 80% of current loyalty added to this percentage

--Base ship repair now goes at a rate of every 2 seconds, based on the seconds since last combat; Shield repairs 4x faster than Hull; maximum repair rate of 200 for Shield, 50 for Hull

--Light Christmas turrets fixed

--Incarnate loses 2 huge cannons until I figure out what to do with it

--Kraken remodeled

The Latest Version is .70c

--Alliance chat channel

--Temporarily disabled alliances during re-write of diplomacy system

--New/improved hull damage effects

--Changed skybox

--Implement hit effects based on beam touch position rather than part position

--Bases will heal hull first at 1 point per level, then shield at 4 points per level (not simultaneously)

--Docking/Hostile bar fixes

--Add info to billboard data as to which user purchased an ad; Allow for deleting by expires tick

--New loading screen

--Massive structure explosions

--Getting rid of base broker fees (adding/subtracting .1 to buy/sell price) on materials for easier trade planning

--Items/Artifacts will have a 5% higher buy price than its market price (sell price = market price); the price will always be 15% lower than market outside of the Mega Base

--New Anti-exploit detections

--Items/artifacts can now have their prices set via command; this will reflect in all bases

--Added VIP ball "functionality" and placed in MB; they will try to head back to where they started if left alone long enough

--Added ship status text "warping," "docking," etc. to ship stat window

--Spinals are noticeably more accurate in aiming precision

--Kraken turret placement fixed

--Tengu & Theia fixed

--Lazarus remodeled

--Wooly Mammoth ore hold has been reduced to 5k so it can be refunded

--Wooly Mammoth Accel doubled and speed increased

--3d Wasp should dock better

--Armageddon 10000 hull -> 9500

--Andromeda buffed, Loses 1 phaser but Large Phasers -> Huge Phasers

--Initial/Starting Starbase Hull 9500 -> 10K

--Initial/Starting Starbase Shield 8500 -> 10K

--Some flaks added to the topside of level 3

--Loyalist turnspeed 0.1 -> 0.35

Version 71

The Latest Version is .71a

--MAJOR ADDITION: Playable U.N.E. faction which will allow new players to learn the game without being harassed by pirate players; scores under 10 will join automatically. The team will have limitations on ship spawns so as to promote moving to a Player/PVP team when ready

--Players under score 100 will get a popup warning when attempting to joing a PVP team that they may lose their ship

--Capital ships and Miners over "size" 1500 are not allowed to spawn or dock at the Mega Base or at the Peaceful UNE faction. UNE will also have a freighter spawn/dock restriction over size 1500 and the Mega Base will have a freighter spawn restriction of over 2500, but no dock restriction

--Repeatable quests work without rejoining

--Rudimentary anti-spam system

--Can only declare war on StarbaseLevel - 1 factions at a time (a level 1 base cannont declare any wars). This limit will not apply to declaring war on alliances

--Final massive explosions can be seen/heard from anywhere on the map (smaller details like mini-explosions and parts won't be visible unless nearby). Visibility is also dependent on roblox graphics settings

--Neutral players will always show up white in chat and added a few team chat fixes

--Sellings ships returns 65% value instead of 60%

--Notifications sounds will play even when music is disabled

--Bases and planets get a small font upgrade in the Nav gui to make them easier to see

--New base color options; removed purple and brown; blue is reserved for UNE

--Removed manufacturing fee for any ship that costs less than 1000 credits

--Turret limit increased to 10

--Fixed additional turret cost multiplier for 0 turrets. When a ship has 0 turrets, it will now cost less than the same ship with one turret

--Fixed gear not working until you sit inside a ship and then stand up

--Myriad level 3 fighters fixed

--Vigilance model fixed

The Latest Version is .71b

--With the exception of the U.N.E. base restrictions, any ship can dock at any base. Combat ships won't have safe dock benefits at any base not beloning to the player's team, and safe docks won't apply to hostile ships (those with an active combat timer)

--You can only dump/transfer ore and spawn ships at bases belonging to your own team; Mega Base is considered the NPC team

--Base ore transfer rates increased by 2%, now at 21% + loyalty%

--Base income now increases depending on the base level -- NumTiles * 80%, (Baselevel - 1) * 5%; e.g. a level 5 base gets 20% more income than a level 1 base

--Base taxes decreased by 1% on each tax bracket

--Miner prices reduced a little

--U.N.E. should not spawn on private servers

--Winning team locks immediately to help control vultures

--Suspended 1 million item cap at Mega Base

--When a team is abandoned and owns planets, the planets are set back to 0 power with NPC ownership to allow for easier assimilation

--Bases can lose uncontested territory if they lose power

--:addscore/:removescore command for admins to deal with players that autoclicked their way to a high score

--Improve base healing rates to 2 * level

--U.N.E. will have a maximum territory radius of 10 tiles

--Fixed aliens attacking the Mega Base

--Fixed ships/players waiting indefinitely if there are no open docks at a base

--Aliens/Bases won't target players under 20 score unless they go hostile

--Fixed map not working if players die/reset after a game end while waiting for the next round

--Decimator and a few friends have been modified. They should drop better loot for today (Feb. 14th, 2021)

--Heartbreaker Speed 120 -> 135

--Heartbreaker phasers 5 -> 6

--Heartbreaker is back on sale today (Feb. 14th, 2021)

--Tempest now has 10 turrets. (Additional Medium Flak)

--Warlock now has 10 turrets. (Additional Medium Railgun)

--Secret added

--Valentine's Event ended (Feb. 14th, 2021)

--Alpha ship gets 1 extra hull point

--Osiris interior updated

--All previously armed miners/freighters are now unarmed?

--Carvainir reverted to Battleship-class?

The Latest Version is .71c

--Raised max loyalty from 30% to 33%

--When NPC bases are assimilated by player factions, and those factions are subsequently abandoned, the NPC base will revert to NPC faction control rather than being removed completely

--Improved "Loans" frame/GUI

--Instead of U.N.E. bases having a maximum range, they now gain power at half the normal rate

--Fixed mining lasers incorrectly labeling quantity/type as mass (e.g. now shows "10 Silicate Ore" instead of "10 m3 Ore")

--Carrier costs are calculated by the relative strength/stats of the fighters rather than the amount; fighter costs increased to reflect their "no risk" nature

--Implement class restrictions

--:info command to see ship information in the build menu, plus some other stats

--Carriers now have an extra 15% ship cost multiplier per large turret, and a 5% multiplier per medium turret. Fighters have a 10% multiplier per medium turret and a 5% multiplier per small turret.

--Refined/updated Laser, Destruction, and Warp effects.

--Secret added

--Changed Mammoth stats to match it's non-vip predecessor Rorqual (plus one Medium mining laser). Recolored red exterior to team color.

--Changed MRLS Launcher to use it's team color instead of dark/deep blue. Changed torpedo class from "Medium" to "Small", but now uses all 4 torpedo tubes instead of 2. (Frozen MRLS unchanged)

--Minor Niddhog stat changes, 7 phasers -> 6

--Put Massive gun back on 3D Printed Wasp, accomplished by changing class to Miner

Version 72

The Latest Version is .72a

--Added "Combat Rewards" system (Beta)

--Fixed spinals messing up when shields/shield effects are active

The Latest Version is .72b

--Increased warehouse space per level, increased maximum level to 40

--Fixed other players not being ejected from your pilot seat

--Fixed client-side lag spike when shield effects appear

--First build menu Super Capital class ship. Will require an "SC Build Permit" (~1.6 million credits at Mega Base, one per SC) and regular building materials.

--The Discordite Cluster is once again available to new server boosters. Contact an admin for yours

The Latest Version is .72c

--Theia released in .72c12. Additional SC Build Permits to be released sporadically

--.72c20 - Fixed spinalTP kick exploit, fixed Goale cola ban, new Lich, Oppressor, Crucible, Pat. Crucible models, possible fix for game not resetting after a win. Replaced broken turrets on Apoc

--Mega Base has been changed up a little bit

--E-Class part shifting fixed and small interior building tweaks; There's a bit of z-clipping that needs to be fixed in the interior, so hang tight for that

--E-Class description changed

--E-Class Explosion Size increased from 100 -> 200

--Jack-Al'-Lantern's 3 Large Cannons have been increased to 4 Large Cannons

--Crystocrene's loadout changed

--Crystocrene's Large Phasers increased to 4

--Crystocrene gains 4 Medium Cannons

--Reaper interior issues fixed

--New Model for Dual Medium Laser

--New Model for Medium Laser

--New Model for Medium 3D Printed Laser

--Judgement Shield 12500 --> 11000

--Judgement Hull 3000 --> 4000

--Judgement Description changed slightly

--Judgement loadout changed

--Azreal HP buffed

--Azreal dps nerfe

--Astaroth buffed gains 1 more cannon and phaser spinal

--Astaroth gains 2 precursor lasers replacing the medium lasers

--Crystocrene hull buffed 1500 --> 2250

--Crystocrene gains 2 Medium icy artillary cannons replacing the crystal railguns

The Latest Version is .72d

--Reset to roblox default chat modules; figure out what branch is causing the problem through trial and error

--Quad Advanced Medium Cannon are now unanchored, you are free to use any ship with those turrets on it.

--New Model for Dual Medium Cannon

--New Model for Medium Cannon

--Gryphon partshifting fixed (thanks to fang for having the unpartshifted model)

--Gryphon gains an additional medium flak cannon (2-->3) and a light flak cannon (0-->1)

--Valiant Shield increased (1450 --> 1500)

--Valiant Hull increased (1250 --> 1300)

--Valiant Phasers 2 --> 3

--Valiant gains an additional Lykos Cannon Defense (1-->2)

--Incarnate Cannons 2 --> 4

--Andromeda Phasers 4 --> 5

--Andromeda Cannons 5 --> 6

--Borealis loadout completely changed: Two Medium Flak Cannons; Three Medium Cannons; Three Dual Medium Lasers; One Triple Heavy Cannon

--Borealis price massively reduced so that it is somewhat feasible to get

--Borealis Cargo hold reduced 1200 --> 200

--Borealis loses 1 shield point

--Borealis Medium Cannons changed to Quad Advanced Cannons after some reconsideration

--Luca Sky quest grammatical fixes

--Luca Sky quest reward increased from 300 credits -> 1500 credits to accommodate for inflation over the years

--Billy Ray Joe quest grammatical fixes

--Billy Ray Joe quest reward increased from 400 credits -> 1750 credits to accommodate for inflation over the years

--Icicle Cannon classification changed to Medium

--Viking loadout changed to accommodate for the change: Two Icicle Cannons; Two Sickles; Two Splitters

--Tennhausen turret orientation fixed

--Tempura part shift fix

--Something shady...(public servers only)

--Back to Shady made repeatable

--Prototype X-3 reclassified as a Miner

--Prototype X-3 loses Advanced Autocannon, gains Colossus Cannon

--Dimensional Alloy added into alien loot pool, stay tuned for its usage

--Swarmer loot buffed: Alien parts 2 --> 10

--Outrider Hull rounded up from 890 --> 900

--Outrider loses two Tiny Alien Lasers

--Outrider loot buffed: Alien parts 8 --> 50

--Bruiser loot buffe: Alien parts 6 --> 40

--Punisher loot buffed: Alien parts 10 --> 100, Dimensional Alloy 0 --> 1

--Decimator loot changed: Alien parts 625 --> 550, Dimensional Alloy 0 --> 5

--Decimator Dimensional Alloy drops 5 --> 3

--Quest ID for Back to Shady changed so should now be repeatable for all

--Dimensional Alloys replaced with Plasma Batteries due to a high MB cost and potential interactions with unfinished game features

--Incarnate fixed

--Plagued Warship gains an additional Medium Cannon (spinal) (4 --> 5)

--Plagued Warship's Advanced Medium Cannons become orbitals

--Azreal Turret loadout changed: 1 Azreal's Dagger, 4 Azreal Cannons. 2 Azreal Lasers, 2 Azreal's Blades (equivalent to Abbadon's Blade, Lucifer's Blade)

--Avalon Hull increased 3500 --> 5250

--Avalon Shield increased 3250 --> 4250

--Avalon Cargo Hold Increased 300 --> 375

--Avalon Acceleration/Turn Speed increased 5/0.10 -> 9/0.13

--Avalon spinals removed, replaced with four medium torpedos

--Avalon Turret Loadout changed One Heavy Railgun, Five Triple Heavy Cannons, One Heavy LR Lase

--Avalon Explosion Size increased

--Avalon torpedos now fire in a tight shotgun pattern (gimmicks for the win!)

--Avalon Top Triple Heavy Cannon downgraded to a Dual Medium Cannon

--Avalon loses the gimmick/shotgun pattern (doesn't work properly with spinal system)

--Avalon Medium torpedos 4 --> 3

--Aberrant gains two tiny torpedos (justice for teen)

--Slipstream overhaul is here:

  • The dumb railguns have been swapped out for extra flak cannons
  • Shield buffed to 2750
  • Hull reduced to 9850
  • Turnspeed buffed to 0.24
  • Cargo Hold reduced to 40

--Certain ships had their meshes archived by a modeler, do not be surprised when you find invisible ships

--Ships that were made invisible should now be fixed (hopefully)

--Avalon Cargo Hold Increased 375 --> 800

--Dire Wolf: 2 Medium Flak cannons replaced with 2 Medium Point Defence Laser

--Increased Railgun ranges by 1000, added PDL Turret types.

--Point Defence Laser: Converted to PDL type

--Heavy Point Defence Laser: Converted to PDL type

--Astaroth trails added

--Retro rebalance part 1

  • Retro Medium Railgun range changed to 7100
  • Retro Medium Railgun reload reduced to 8
  • Retro medium laser range reduced to 5866
  • Retro medium laser reload reduced to 5.12
  • Retro Large Laser range reduced to 6650
  • Retro Large Laser reload reduced to 8

--Bombardment Cannon range reduced to 5090

--Bombardment Cannon reload reduced to 2.258

--Quantum cannon reload time reduced to 3.52

--Quantum Cannon range reduced to 5640

--Quantum Laser range reduced to 6317

--Quantum Laser reload reduced to 6.5

--Erebus Obliterator reload reduced to 4

--Erebus Obliterator range reduced to 5462

--Erebus Decimator range reduced to 6175

--Erebus Decimator reload reduced to 6.4

--Advanced Enclave range reduced to 6650

--Advanced Enclave reload reduced to 8

--Medium Crystal Railguns range reduced to 7125

--Medium Crystal Railgun Reload reduced to 8

--Dire Wolf Trails Added

The Latest Version is .72e

--Oblivion re-added as a build menu Super Capital Ship

--Prototype X-1 line of sight issues fixed

--Commercial Miner ore hold nerf reverted (2500 --> 3000)

--Constellation Speed increased 45 --> 75

--Constellation Turn Speed increased 0.2 --> 0.25

--Meteor loses a small cannon ( 5 --> 4 )

--Prototype X-1 loses 1 Colossus Cannon For 1 Colossus Laser

--Retro Heavy Laser damage buffed to 300

--Retro Medium Laser damage buffed to 125

--Prototype X-1 gained 2 Huge Cannon spinals

--Prototype X-1 size increased

--Nautilus 2/2 Large Cannons --> 3/3 Large Cannons

--Super Laser upclasses to Huge, Siege Cannon upclassed to Huge

--Siege Cannon is now a Railgun

--Astraeus Fixed

--Wooly Mammoth Ore Hold increased to 6500

--Wooly Mammoth Speed increased to 150

--Nautilus quest has been reactivated. You can find it in the same place, and those who have lost it in the past should be able to rebuy it, just this once. It's still a one time quest.

--Lore pieces have been readded

--Nautilus Quest requirement changes

--Nautilus Buffed

--Nautilus Quest fixed

--Advanced Enclave and Enclave turret stats changed

--Heavy Quantum Cannon and Triple Heavy Quantum Cannon added

--Shady Dealer has moved

--Imperator Quantum Laser changed to a Heavy Quantum Laser

--3D Printed Warlock's Large Cannon count has been increased to 5

origins (chipsomen) — Yesterday at 9:32 PM

--Patriotic Rorqual's Patriotic Mining Lasers gain a barrel

--Small Advanced Mining Laser Added

--Medium Advanced Mining Laser Added

--Large Advanced Mining Laser Added

--Patriotic Mining Laser reload reduced from 10.5 to 8.5

--Prototype X-1 ambience

--Hijacked Nidhogg should be deleted

--Siege Cannon and Super Laser changes:

  • Both turrets now do 1000 Damage
  • Both turrets now have 7500 Range
  • Both turrets now have a 25 second reload

--Two Large Mining Lasers on the Galaxy replaced with two Large Advanced Mining Lasers

--Galaxy Ore hold 10000 --> 9250

--Galaxy Ore hold 9250 --> 9000

--Galaxy Cargo Hold 800 --> 750

--Astraeus receives an extra Siege Cannon

--Triple heavy quantum buffed

--Astraeus description changed

--Plasma Battery quest released. Exchange Plasma Batteries for Uranium at the Mega Base! New Public Servers Only.

--Plasma Battery Exchange rate changed: 1 Plasma Battery = 100 Uranium; quest made repeatable; Higher tier quests retired for now

--Hijacked kodiak turrets buffed (just for RC)

--Avalon price increases dramatically

--Katana's plating no longer has team color on it (woohoo thank god)

--Firehawk and Bonehawk partshift fixed (theyre also meshed now)

--Scowling has grown stronger

--Subjugator's shields are a bit stronger now

--Subjugator fixed (shield update reverted?)

-Scowlings should be weaker (removed 1 set of spinals)

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