The Tennhausen is a balanced Dreadnought not commonly seen in Galaxy.



A Dreadnought class ship created by Xeiron Industries, the Tennhausen is a highly versatile ship in the sense that its loadout allows it to perform well against many different opponents. It has powerful Spinals and Heavy Lasers to kill capital ships, three Medium Cannons that allow it to participate in pvp, and three Medium Railguns that allow it to partake in sieges. It was also updated so that all of the Turrets can be fired at the same time.


  • High health.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • Fast Spinal reload.
  • Balanced turret damage.


  • High cost.
  • Very slow.
  • Unable to fight smaller ships.
  • Blind spot at the belly of the ship.


  • This ship's strength lies in its ability to easily adapt to any new variables in a situation and its ability to tank a significant amount of damage which makes it ideal for defensive purposes.
  • It is a good ship for defending bases as its Spinals give it a long range (allowing it to stay in range of base defenses and engage opponents) and it has a lot of health allowing it to survive the combined firepower of a siege fleet.


  • The Tennhausen and an old model is based on a ship of the same name in Rebel Galaxy.
  • In Rebel Galaxy, it is a Frigate class ship.
  • Even though all it's weapons are located on the top of the ship, there is a Medium Railgun that is said to be an underbelly gun.

Version History

  • Remodel by oChaosWarrioro added in .60d.
  • The original model of this was going to be a Titan but the shipmaster heroXfight made it a Dreadnought instead.
  • The Tennhausen has received possibly the most number of remodels of any Dreadnought.
  • It lost its Flak Cannons and therefore its ability to fight smaller ships in a recent update. However, it is still listed as having 1 Flak Cannon for unknown reasons. This is likely just a programing error.
  • It's Medium Cannons were switched to Dual Medium Cannons and 2 of its Heavy Lasers were switched to Triple Heavy Lasers in version .63h

First Tenn Model

Updated tenn

Second Tenn Model

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