The Stormbringer was the first Carrier to be added, introduced in version .40.



The Stormbringer has a very 'modern' shape.

The main body of the ship is composed of a large hangar that takes up most of its volume. The hangar has three pass-through "shields" on each side, with one Fighter spawning in front of each "shield" door.


The Stormbringer contains two teleporters. The first teleports players directly to the bridge, and the second goes to the hangar. The hangar contains seats and Fighters. The bridge contains a few seats and the pilot's seat.


  • High health.
  • Can PvP small ships rather effectively with its high accuracy Turrets.


  • Relatively slow.
  • Vulnerable underside.
  • Can't face off bigger ships without the help of the Fighters.
  • Fighter bay doors aren’t solid, enabling small ships and other Fighters to pass through if not destroyed fast enough.
  • Somewhat low damage compared to other Carriers.


  • Good for launching Fighter Swarms, as the Furies have high firepower and they are provided in sufficient amounts to effectively assault a base.


  • The old Stormbringer had what seemed to be a large runway on the top. Although it may have been meant to be used for landing, it was rarely used by players other than as a walking platform.
  • Was known as the "Shoebringer" or "Shoebox" during Alpha due to it's original model.

Version History

  • Remodeled by oChaosWarrioro in .61e4.
  • HP Buffed to 6250 Shields, 6000 Hull, Speed nerfed to 29, Turn Speed changed to 0.03, Acceleration changed to 5, And Cargo Hold buffed to 1260.
  • Original Stats were 3500 Shields 3500 Hull, Top Speed 50, 0.2 Turnspeed 10 Acceleration.*

Original Stormbringer Model


2nd Stormbringer Model

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