The Starblade is the only Frigate with a torpedo as a Spinal armament.



The Starblade is a small Frigate that is armed with a set of Tiny Phasers and a Small Torpedo. It is great for taking on slower and larger ships because of its speed and size. It has a unique appearance with four fork-like prongs sticking out of the sides. It has carried that feature through multiple remodels.


The interior of the Starblade is extremely small. The back of the ship docks towards the base and leads directly to the pilot's seat, which is gray with red padding. In front of the seat is a small control panel with one big blue button in the center and four smaller buttons to the left.


  • Highest damage output in its class.
  • Can easily hit larger ships.
  • Very cheap.


  • Low health.
  • Slow for a frigate.
  • Lacks defensive capabilities.
  • No Turrets.
  • Lots of moving around is required to aim the spinals.


  • Avoid ships with lots of high-accuracy turrets like the Mjolnheimr.
  • Move at full speed as much as possible to avoid getting hit.
  • If you happen to have a team willing to cooperate, gather up a Starblade swarm and overwhelm an enemy Starbase -- The torpedoes can be extremely effective.

Version History

  • Was remodeled in version .60d.


  • The Starblade's original model looks similar to and is named similarly to the Guardians Of The Galaxy ship "Star Blaster".
  • The Starblade was once used by Pirates near the Freedom Base, along with the Avenger and the Osprey, but was removed because of its aimbot. (Currently, only the Avenger spawns as a pirate ship)
  • One of the most common starter ships.
  • Was remodeled in The Halloween 2017 event as the "Spiderblade".
  • Some players refer to this as a "kekblade".
  • This ship was a Cruiser in Pre-Alpha.
    Pre-Alpha Starblade

    Pre-Alpha Starblade

    Roblox 11 6 2017 7 33 20 PM

    Original Starblade

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