Ship Refund Policy Created By Purpeldazee

Note that Staff can still Deny your Request if the Staff thinks it's suspicious.

Given only for ships lost to a glitch with video or pic proof. Glitches include being flung, rammed, warp glitching (occasionally) and any glitch that breaks the game. Galactic insurance payout is 20% for combat ships and 40% for miners and traders we deduct the amount insurance pays and add the ship.

Ships lost to lag are no longer able to be refunded.

Refunds are not given for Galactic Insurance pay out not received since there are no visible means to confirm it wasn’t received.

  • Refunds must include believable evidence in the form of a video or screenshot. (Similar to a ban.)
  • Evidence must show a game breaking glitch/bug that has caused the ship to die. Eg. Being flung out of the map and so on.

Formula for Players that were Data Reset

Your Name:

Your Bounty:

Your Credits:

Your Warehouse:

Staff will tell you when your formula is accepted. Then you need to leave all servers so we apply the Commands.

If we think you are lying we will take all the time in the world to figure it out even if your log is 1000 Entries Long.

Scamming/False Reports will result in a Permanent Ban. Appeal chances are Low.

Refunding Requests can go to any Galaxy Admin.