Ship Refund Policy

Established by Purpeldazee

Please note that Staff reserve the right to deny any suspicious requests.

Ship refunds are only permitted for ships lost to a glitch. Evidence in the form of video or photo evidence is always required. Glitches include being flung, being rammed or otherwise prevented from docking, warp glitches (occasionally), and any glitch that breaks the game. Galactic Insurance payout is 20% for combat ships and 40% for Miners and Freighters. Admins will deduct the amount that insurance pays and then add the ship to your inventory. Refunds do not include payment for players that do not receive their Galactic Insurance payout, as there is no real way to tell if the person is falsifying the event or not.


  • Refunds must include believable evidence in the form of a video or screenshot. Videos must be uploaded to either YouTube, or another source that does not involve a direct download (this is to lower the risk of viruses and malware from spreading). The evidence must show a game-breaking glitch occurred and caused the ship to be destroyed (E.g. Being flung out of the map).
  • Ships lost due to lag are not eligible to be refunded.
  • Refund requests must have some decent grammar, No one else is responsible if we misinterpret what you mean.

Report Outline for Players had their data reset


Your Bounty:

Your Credits:

Your Warehouse Level:

Staff will tell you if your report is accepted. You will then need to leave any and all servers you are currently playing in so Staff can apply the changes.

If Staff suspect that you are lying, they will take all the time in the world to confirm or end their suspicions, even if your in-game data log is thousands of entries long.

Scamming/False Reports will result in a Permanent Ban. Appeal chances for this are low.

Refunding requests can go to any Galaxy Admin. Please note that most Wikia Staff members cannot refund you.

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