Losing ships is an annoying and frustrating event. Here are some tips on how to avoid dying. However, since a recent update, you get a partial refund if your ship is destroyed. You get 20% material value for combat ships, and 40% for mining and trading ships.


  • Don't join factions that are at War.
  • Don't stay too far from your base, especially if your faction is at War. Enemies or Aliens may attack.
  • Don't go to the Mega Base if you're at War, pirates usually attack there.
  • On small ships, hide behind ores to wait for an opportunity to escape.
  • In the event you do get into a fight, even if you can't see your opponent, you can see what ships they have by looking at the Minimap and from that you can decide whether or not to run.
  • Constantly check your Minimap to see where enemy players or Aliens may be.
  • If you are an inexperienced or unskilled pilot, use ships with high turning speed for quick escape.
  • Try to end your warp near your Starbase or the Mega Base. Avoid stopping at Freedom Base or Derelict Station, unless for turning.
  • Also, try to warp as accurate as possible, the farther you are away from safety, the higher risk you have of losing your ship.
  • Try not to spawn in Miners or Freighters when at War, as small pirating ships like the Cobra can pick you off.
  • If you can afford it, purchase a VIP Server to mine on, it not only saves time, but keeps ships like the Rorqual safe.