The Sagittarius is a long-range shield-breaking Dreadnought.



The Sagittarius is almost entirely focused on dealing heavy shield damage, aside from one Flak Cannon to deter ships. This Dreadnought is not commonly seen, but is still useful for crippling Starbases or ship Shields.


You enter the interior using a teleporter on the back of the ship. When you are inside the interior, you will see a pilot seat in front of you. In front of the seat, you will see three screens, the screen on the left shows the ship's status, the screen in the center just says "Loading..." in white text, and the screen on the right has a list of targets.


  • Effective against shields.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • High health.
  • Phasers deal high damage.


  • Slow for a Dreadnought.
  • Not effective at damaging hull.
  • Vulnerable backside.
  • Unable to siege a Starbase alone.
  • Almost no self-defense from smaller ships.


  • Should be used to tear down the Shields of Capital Ships/Starbases.
  • During a siege, use it in conjunction with a hull breaker such as the Ridgebreaker.
  • Stay as far away as possible from enemies so you can fire all 5 heavy lasers.
  • When in a seige, open fire until the shields are down then leave. Don't risk using this as a hull breaker, because it isn't.


  • When it was added into the game the Sagittarius was nerfed heavily from the original model, being stripped of two Light Flak Cannons, two Light Lasers, -450 Shield, -450 Hull and 12 speed.
  • Named after the Sagittarius constellation and zodiac sign.

Original Sagittarius Model


Old Sagittarius Model

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