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(If you are on mobile scroll down and tap view full page). This is the Official Galaxy Wiki, started by an Ex-Shipmaster of Galaxy and now run by an Official Galaxy Developer, Seanmorabito with the help of the Wikia Staff. This Wiki is up to date with Galaxy as it is updated!

Galaxy is a space sandbox game created by Rcouret where you create factions, craft spaceships from resources and fight for control of the Galaxy. Every server has unique circumstances and you will have to adjust your strategy to succeed.

Navigating the Wiki is easy! There is a search bar at the very top that you can use. The main links like ships, rules, etc are also linked underneath the Wiki title. Just hover your mouse over them and click on the one you wish to visit. You can also look at some of the popular Navigation pages below and click on those.


Any pictures or videos taken from the Galaxy Wiki (For example, using them in a YouTube video, etc) should be credited to the Wiki. (It would be appreciated). This Wiki uses the CC BY-SA license.



  • Wikia Staff Members are no longer being paid with Robux due to a lack of said Robux.
  • Moderator standards have been raised to 150 proper edits, interested members may apply to Seanmorabito.
  • Administrator standards have been raised to 300 proper edits, interested members may apply to Seanmorabito.
  • The Example Ship Page has been updated to account for new content, please check and follow the instructions.
  • Want to learn how to Master The Economy? Click HERE.
  • Want to see every page at once? Click HERE.
  • Ship Submissions Page! Click HERE.
  • New ship refund policy at the bottom of the rules page. Click HERE.
  • A new update for Galaxy is out! It brings new ships and remodels!
  • Galaxy Wiki Roblox Group created!
  • Wiki Staff Page Remade along with the Music page mostly done! Download and listen to your fav Galaxy tracks or even sound effects!
  • Thanks to the help of the Owner of The Conquerors 3 Wiki, #wiki-activity has been set up and will log all edits from the Wiki to Wiki Discord!
  • Come join the Wiki Hub Discord where members from all other Wikis and their staff members can hang out!
  • The Galaxy Store has been created! (Real life merch). There is a promotion going on where if you buy an item and you send proof to Sean Morabito, you get a free unique Carrier! (Will Periodically Return).
  • Thanks to Mxdanger for providing most of the images in the navigation!
  • Top Navigation Update. The ships page still exists and you can visit it normally like how you used to but if you are only interested in seeing one class and don't want to scroll down, you can now go directly to that class instead of scrolling down.

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