The Revelation is a heavily armed Carrier.



The Revelation is a massive Carrier, larger than most Dreadnoughts. Despite this, the hangar takes up a very small portion of the ship, being just the section in the front. Has some of the most firepower in the Carrier class. Sometimes considered as an improved Ampharos.


You enter the Revelation in the hangar, which contains 6 Furies lined up in a row. On the back end of the hangar, you find a set of 6 jump seats. Near the front, there are 2 teleporters, one to the rooms and one to the bridge.

The rooms are large but mostly empty to reduce lag. There are a few seats in them facing out of the windows. These may or may not be decorated in the future.

The bridge is fairly small and has a window in the back. There are a few seats near the pilot and a seat behind facing a glass table, taken from the old Apocalypse. The pilot's seat has a blue orb in front of it, supposedly the steering wheel.


  • Good health.
  • High Turret firepower makes it well-defended against attackers.
  • Able to adequately fend off smaller ships.
  • Can support fleets in a large scale siege.
  • Able to resist attacks from Dreadnoughts for a limited amount of time.


  • Very low turning speed.
  • Shield breaker Fighters, relies heavily on fleet support.
  • Can be overwhelmed by smaller ships, underbelly remains undefended.
  • Very large and makes a huge target for enemy ships.
  • Lacks the maneuverability to flee from combat.
  • High cost.
  • Very slow.


  • Don't go into open space because you can be ambushed by smaller ships.
  • Make sure your team listens to your orders, if your team is good enough, they can use Furies to burn through the base's shield.
  • Stay behind siege ships, Dreadnoughts provide excellent cover.
  • Only charge when Dreadnoughts charge. Otherwise, focus on guiding Laser Turrets instead of Flaks.
  • Can be used to provide support in dealing with smaller ships due to its weaponry.


  • Featured on the main thumbnail for Galaxy.
  • It got a remodel in a unknown version.
  • Its interior was stripped in version .61g to decrease part count.
  • It received a price buff, making it more expensive, It also received a health buff, making it stronger.
  • The name Revelation is a reference to the last book in the Christian Bible.
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