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The Galaxypedia has replaced the Galaxy Wiki. Please do not use this wiki and use the Galaxypedia instead.

About Rcouret

Robbie Couret, also known as rcouret, is a business programmer, game developer, and a father that has developed Field Of Battle and Galaxy, both of which are popular and well-known games with more than a million visits.

He has been on Galaxy to play with players many times. He is currently working on Galaxy and trying to increase its popularity among newer players. His popularity has mostly come from Field of Battle, which has more than 59.7 million visits and 414,000+ favorites; Galaxy has 16.8+ million visits and 244,000+ favorites.

He has also created and developed other games which you can view in his inventory.

Rcouret is also in the Military and goes out to do training every year.

Rcouret recently returned to develop galaxy, releasing both awaited and controversial updates

Fun Facts

  • He used an older version of "Galleons" created by Wingman8 to help him learn how to script.
  • He lives in Metairie, LA and was born on July 16.
  • He has 2 sons, and 2 daughters.
  • He works at a software development company for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Rcouret has given permission for everything included on this page.
  • Rcouret supports a lot of fan made games made based on his games, an example being a 2d version of Galaxy built with unity which someone from the Galaxy community made.


Discord: rcouret#7079