The Raven is one of the fastest Frigates and is also the cheapest Frigate in the game.



The Raven is a fast and maneuverable Frigate that can distract bigger ships and can outmaneuver them, getting into their blind spots. Its major weakness is that it's not very durable, preventing it from fighting alone for extended periods of time.


The Raven has a detailed pilot's seat with cushions the color of the player's faction. In front of the seat is a control wheel and a radar/display screen. The right side of the cockpit also has a few buttons and a decal left by the creator.


  • Very agile.
  • Easy to remake in the event of it being destroyed.
  • Spinals do decent damage against shields and have a good rate of fire.
  • Overall, a great ship for beginners.
  • Small size, making it harder to hit.
  • One of the cheepest ships in the game


  • Low amount of health. Staying at top speed is critical to limiting damage.
  • Hard to aim with, making attacking hard unless you are fighting slow or large targets.
  • Low amount of damage in general.


  • Sometimes overestimated by new players who try to fight better ships or bases, usually ending with them losing their Raven.
  • Useful for distracting enemy base Turrets and destroying enemy Fighters.
  • Fly into large ships' blind spots and slowly deal damage.
  • Avoid anything that has a Turret pointed at you.

Version History

  • Light turret removed in some part of version .61 or .62.


  • The Raven is currently the smallest purchasable combat ship in the game.
  • It's one of the most common starter ships.
  • It is the cheapest ship in the game. (Not including the wasp and wyrm)
  • Good for scouting enemy fleets as it has high speed, Warp Drive, and a small profile.
  • Received a remodel decreasing its size and slightly altering appearance, a minor buff soon followed, adding its small Flak Cannon.
  • The Pilots feet can be seen popping through the bottom of the Raven.
  • Certain players will spam this ship. One player spent over 100k credits doing so.

    Old Raven Model

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