Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Prototype X-1 is an enormous ship created by the U.N.E.



The Prototype X-1 is a Prototype ship built by the U.N.E.

To get this ship you need to accept a quest and pay 6,000,000 Credits and bring a Weapon Part to the Shady Dealer on Myriad III (Must be upgraded.)

The Prototype X-1 has a large bridge near the back of the ship accessible by the teleporter. The back of the bridge has a swirling portal with two rods next to it that acts as the teleporter to leave the bridge. The front has two rows of neon blue desks leading up to a set of 4 chairs, the central one being the pilot's seat. The front-most seat also has a neon blue screen.


  • Massive Turret damage.
  • Large number of powerful unique Turrets.
  • It has the second most total health of any ship in the game, surpassed by the Ghoul Nyx by 4000 Hull points, and surpasses it with 1000 more Shield.
  • Longer range than the Prototype X-2.
  • Huge Cargo Hold.
  • Many players will retreat just from seeing this spawned.
  • Powerful Spinals.


  • Slowest ship in the game, sluggish Acceleration and Turn Speed.
  • Has trouble fighting smaller ships.
  • Unbelievably expensive, at a 7.2 million credit price tag including the weapon part.
  • Once destroyed, it becomes unobtainable, FOREVER.


  • Use support ships when in combat.
  • NEVER travel alone in this ship.
  • Despite the huge Cargo Hold for a combat ship, you should not use this ship for trading during War, as an experienced team could still take you down.

Version History

  • Received a nerf in version (Unknown Version Of Game)
  • Received a slight buff in .60h.
  • Received a nerf losing 4 huge Spinals on both Phasers and Cannons.
  • Ambient sound removed in .62d2
  • Buffed in version .65, with a remodel and Specialized Turrets and Spinals.


  • The original ship model was put into the game with the old U.N.E flag decal on it. This was a mistake.
  • The Prototype X-1 has arguably the most detailed interior of all the ships in Galaxy.
  • This ship has the largest explosion size of any ship in the game (along with the Prototype X-2).
  • The Prototype X-1 is slightly larger than the Nyx.
  • If you were to destroy a Prototype X-1 that had no Bounty, it increases your Bounty by 651k.
  • As of .63c, players receive 500,000 additional Credits for destroying this ship. (Divided among group/players)
  • The original model of the Prototype X-1 is looks very similar to the Leviathan with the most notable difference being the color.
    Prototype x-1

    The original X-1 model.


    The second X-1 model.


    (Second Model) The portal animation for the teleporter.


    (Second Model) The bridge for the Prototype X-1.

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