This article is about player behavior, not to be confused with the quest-related NPCs.


Pirating is the act of destroying a ship in hopes of looting it for money. Any ship with a decent armament of guns and speed can be a pirating ship, but Cruisers and some Battlecruisers are typically the ships of choice for most Pirates.


When a player is Pirating, they will usually be in a faction that has declared war on the majority of factions in the game. Pirates usually choose agile, quick, and powerful ships to Pirate since most players will run when attacked, making Pirating reliant on ambushing and quickly subduing the target.

List of Recommended Pirate Ships


  • Cobra: This ship is fast, but doesn't have much firepower. It is mostly used by new players in taking down Miners or weaker ships. Sometimes it is used to exploit larger ships' blind spots and destroy them without being hit.
  • Scimitar: It is able to pirate weakened ships (potentially small ships if the pilot is skilled enough) with its decent firepower, great maneuverability, and small frame.


  • Gideon: Powerful, the Gideon can dish out a lot of damage and can take ships at their base with ease. Lots of people who Pirate use multiple Gideons at a time sometimes between 3-6 or more to create a force able to take down Dreads with ease and kill everything in sight.
  • Sixfold: Fast and powerful. The Sixfold can dish out a ridiculously large amount of firepower quickly, then catch up to the target and finish the job.


Capital ships

  • Ampharos: While the Ampharos is a Battleship, its agility and firepower make this a go-to Pirating ship. It is also good for defending siege ships from smaller ships.
  • Witch: While being a Battleship, it is very agile for it's class. It's ability to quickly destroy shields with it's turrets and to finish them off with it's spinals makes it one of the best pirating ships.
  • Slipstream: While being a Dreadnought, it is very fast for a ship of its class. Due to its speed, Turret placement and firepower, it is perfect for killing ships below it's class, and since it has high hull, it can dive Ships near Starbases and dodge most of the Lasers due to its top speed.
  • Cyclops: Being a Dreadnought, it's firepower mainly consists of Railguns. Railguns excel at destroying the hull of a ship. This increases the odds of you getting the final kill on a ship because you deal more damage to a player who's on low health. If paired with a Zeus there isn't much that can stop it. Due to Railguns having incredibly long range, it's also possible to snipe Miners that are at the Starbase.
  • Leviathan: One of the best PVP ships in general, this ship is very balanced and is often used as a Pirating tool in order to easily destroy ships that are weaker than itself. Having Railguns at the front of the ship allows it to snipe Ships while still at the Starbase. It is also able to use it's Spinals in a similar fashion, making it a popular choice for all-around Pirating.
    Epic pirate

    Gideon assaulting an Industrial Miner from an earlier version. Credits to threshhold101 & BloxEman01.


  • Some frown upon Pirating seeing it as "unethical" or "bullying.", while others simply say that Pirating is part of the game and avoiding ship loss is a necessary skill to play the game.
  • Pirating can be very profitable if you are fast enough to get a Freighter to the wreck.
  • "Privateer" is a more accurate term as you only attack ships during times of War.
  • Pirating is one of the safest ways to raise a large bounty, as you typically attack non-combat Ships.
  • Pirating used to be a massive threat but due to updates like needing a certain amount of Loyalty and a certain level Starbase to spawn Dreads they lowered in number but remain a notable danger.