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Pirates are similar to Aliens, as they are both AI controlled ships that attack anything that goes near them. They spawn at the Freedom Base when a player accepts the Freedom Base Quest at the Mega Base when speaking to Luca Sky (formerly Luke Skybawler). One pirate spawns per person who accepts the quest with a maximum of 9 pirates. They can also spawn randomly at the Freedom Base. Prior to the public release, there was no max amount of pirates, leading to swarms of pirates able to take down a fleet of dreads. Pirates can chase the player for up to 10K studs and do a lot more damage than normal Avengers do.

The Pirate Osprey was removed to make it a bit easier for players to kill the Pirates. The Pirate Starblade was also later removed for being too OP with backward firing torpedoes, aimbot, and ramming. This left only the Pirate Avenger as a possible pirate ship.

Pirates show up with an orange color on the mini-map. Pirates do not seem to attack admin ships.

Since the removal of the Pirate Osprey, the Pirate Kodiak and Pirate Scowling have been added, which means there are now three Pirate NPC ships.


-Pirate Avenger drops about 31 [outdated?] items of loot.

-Pirate Starblade dropped about 11 items of loot. It has been removed.

Pirate Avenger is strong enough to take up to three Alien Swarmers head-on. When Pirates and Aliens are met, they will fight each other despite both are NPC.