Ore is a very common sight in Galaxy. Ores are the raw materials used build ships. To obtain raw ore, players must use a Miner class ship like the Wasp. Mining allows the raw ore to be dumped and "refined" at the Mega Base or any non-hostile Starbase, giving the player credits in return. Ore also has mass, which, in Galaxy, is a measurement of how much space the ore will take up in a ship's Ore Hold, Cargo Hold, or in a player's Warehouse. This is something to keep in mind when trading or mining because it can affect the amount of money players make. Based on the amount (mass) of ore sold and the value of the ore at the Starbase, players can make quite a profit through trading and mining ores. Below in the "List of ores" there are the masses of the ore as listed by the Mega Base. Each ore mined spawns a new ore somewhere in the server. All ships excluding the Wasp and Wyrm require at least some Silicate, Carbon, and Iridium. Higher tier ships require Adamantite, Quantium, Titanium, and Palladium as well as Silicate, Carbon, and Iridium. The newest ore in Galaxy is Uranium, which has a yellowish glow to it. It was added during the Rogue One Star Wars Event and spawns around the Derelict Station. Ores can spawn 180-200 studs large.

The word "Materials" usually refers to the refined version of ores, which is the kind that players buy and sell at starbases and the kind of ore that goes into a ship's cargo hold or a player's warehouse.

List of Ores and Materials


  • Refined Mass: 1
  • Raw Mass: 3


  • Refined Mass: 1.25
  • Raw Mass: 4


  • Refined Mass: 1.5
  • Raw Mass: 5


  • Refined Mass: 2
  • Raw Mass: 6


  • Refined Mass: 2
  • Raw Mass: 6


  • Refined Mass: 2
  • Raw Mass: 6


  • Refined Mass: 2
  • Raw Mass: 6


  • Refined Mass: 4
  • Raw Mass: 12

Note: You can not directly deposit mined ores into your warehouse.

Updated Note: The latest version allows for direct ore transfer from your miner to warehouse, for a percentage of the ores you brought in.

Other Materials

  • Medicine and Supplies:
  • Debt Token:
  • Antimatter Shard:
  • Data Archive:
  • Ascension Crystal:
  • Space Pumpkin:
  • Snowflake:
  • Alien Part:
  • Alien Device:

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