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The Nyx is one of the largest ships in Galaxy and has the 2nd highest health of all non-limited ships, along with the highest fighter dps of all non-limited Carriers.


The Nyx is a large, flat Carrier with a massive health pool and the fourth most Fighters in the game. Contrary to what many may believe, the Nyx has decent firepower for a Carrier but functions leagues better with fighters than without.


The interior is simply just a empty box, it can currently not be reached.


  • Extremely high firepower from the Nixesion Fighters.
  • High top speed and turn speed for it's size.
  • Large Cargo Hold.
  • The combination of 19k total health and 55% damage resistance means that this ship's health is comparable to the most tanky dreadnoughts, due to this, it can take the most punishment out of every ship except Borealis, Super Capitals, Admin Ships, and Limited Carriers.
  • Insanely large death explosion can easily destroy all smaller ships in range (~12500 studs).
  • Decent Turret firepower.
  • The fighters alone possess incredible combined firepower far exceeding that of the Prototype X-2, and the Nyx has enough turret firepower to defend itself against most ships even without the use of its fighters.
  • Very cheap aside from the 8 armor plates it costs.


  • Players can easily swarm an undefended Nyx.
  • Only shield firepower without the Nixesion fighters.
  • Weakspot on the underbelly which small ships will exploit as there are only two dual medium lasers.
  • Massive explosion size could result in harm to friendly ships.
  • Can easily be destroyed by multiple Dreadnoughts.
  • This ship requires an immense amount of robux (3000 R$) to fulfill its potential.
  • Sometimes ignored by teammates, leaving nobody to pilot the Fighters.
  • No Spinals.
  • Inexperienced pilots will have a hard time piloting some Nixesions out of the hangar of the Nyx due to the edges of the wings being clipped inside of part of the hangar itself.


  • Always travel in a fleet to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Buy at least 10 AI fighters, as most carriers are useless without them. If you want a cheaper alternative, consider the Prometheus.
  • Carrier Ops: Warp 10k away from a target, dump your fighters and retreat, leaving a strike force that can shred shields and hull.
  • When attacking this ship, it is recommended to get at least 3000 studs away before it explodes, or you might be destroyed by the explosion.
  • A Nyx at War with multiple factions will almost always gather a fleet with the purpose of defeating it. Never rely on the Nyx's health to tank a fleet.
  • Generally avoid the Mjolnheimr as it can destroy Nixesions with ease using its high-accuracy weapons.
  • If the enemy faction is nearby, release Fighters at your base to deal free damage without having to spawn a credit costing ship.
  • Though the Nyx is capable of tanking, always be ready to escape or despawn, as being dived could easily lead to death due to the Nyx's low mobility and firepower. Never overestimate the vessel's health.

Version History

  • Buffed in version .64c to add 2 Medium Lasers and 2 Light Gatling Cannons.
  • Received a remodel in version .66l, fighter count reduced from 12 to 8.
  • Buffed in Carrier Rebalance on July 25, 2020: Health increased from 12500/10000 to 15000/11000, 2 Light Gatling Cannons and Medium Lasers replaced with 4 Heavy Point Defense Lasers and 2 Heavy Flak Cannons in version .68d.
  • Top Speed increased from 15 to 50 (later reduced to 45) and Turn Speed increased from 0.03 to 0.1 in version .70c1, along with every other ship that had less than 50 Top Speed and less than 0.1 Turn Speed.
  • Top Speed increased from 45 to 70, Acceleration increased from 5 to 12, Turn Speed increased from 0.1 to 0.11, Turret loadout changed to 8 Dual Medium Lasers, gained 4 more Nixesions, explosion radius increased from 410 to 1250, Cargo Hold reduced from 1000 to 300 and recieved a remodel in version .74b14.
  • 8 armor plates added to its cost in version ???.
  • Fighter count reduced to 9 in version .75a5.
  • Shields reduced to 8000 and Hull reduced to 11000 in version .75a5.


  • One of the most-used carriers in the game, mainly due to its nuking capability and extreme health distribution.
  • Originally had no turrets.
  • In the newest update, it and the Borealis received turrets.
  • This original ship is based on the Gallente Federation Supercarrier Nyx, in Eve Online.
  • Came out during the Rogue One event.
  • It used to be the bulkiest ship in game before the Prototypes came out.
  • This ship was one of the 5 chosen to be remodeled for the Halloween Event 2017, with its remodel, the Ghoul Nyx, being a stronger, transparent version of the original.
  • Nyx was the Greek goddess of Night and Darkness.
  • Largest ship upon release.
  • Was the most expensive non-event ship in the build menu until Prometheus came out , save for a short period of time upon the release of the Borealis in which the Borealis costed more, nowadays, Borealis along with Nimitz, Prometheus and Revelation are more expensive than it.
  • The original model had a rather detailed interior, with it even including a cafeteria room. Sadly, it was eventually removed due to lag.
  • The Borealis and Prometheus were both released as more costly than the Nyx, and were both intended to be stronger than the Nyx(and all other Carriers) upon their release, but despite that, the Nyx has remained the most powerful and reliable non-limited carrier since it was released originally.