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The Nixesion is a powerful Fighter designed specifically for the Nyx.


The Nixesion is a very powerful fighter that spawns only in the Nyx. Note that, while it may have stronger weapons and highest health of all Fighter, it is also currently one of the slowest Fighter with a top speed of 160.


Like all fighter class ships, the Nixesion has little in the way of an interior.


  • Very high firepower for a Fighter. (Higher than most destroyers and cruisers).
  • Decent durability.
  • Has two weapon types, allowing it to be effective no matter the situation.
  • Easy to control since it moves slow enough for the pilot to react.
  • A couple of Nixesions can destroy a Level 1, 2 and even a level 3 or 4 Starbase if undefended.
  • Effective when used to swarm large Battleships, Dreadnoughts, and Carriers.
  • Just 2-3 can deal more damage than most Dreadnoughts


  • Slow for a Fighter
  • Can be shot down easily by Light Turrets.
  • Can be out-ranged.
  • No Turrets


  • Listen to the captain of the Carrier. If you are told to focus on one ship or base, try to get every fighter to target it so as to maximize damage.
  • Ask for teammates to pilot the Nixesions.
  • Fighters are free. You can die as many times as you need to get the job done, but the enemy can't. Keep swarming until you win, and wear the enemy down.
  • Fly together in large swarms.
  • Fly at full speed to help avoid being shot down
  • Focus on destroying ships like the Ampharos first. Anything with a high count of light Turrets will easily rip apart Nixesions due to their slower speed, and Nixesions lack warp drives to escape. The best thing you can do is attempt to destroy threats like this as quickly as possible.
  • Overpower the enemy with swarms of Nixesions. Even a tempest can't fight back if enough fighters attack it.

Version History

  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • Received a remodel in version .66m, spinal count buffed from 3/4 to 4/6 along with 70 extra hull health.


  • Two of these Fighters are featured on the main thumbnail for Galaxy.
  • Renamed from Nyxesion to Nixesion due to a bug of using the cost command where it would show the Nixesion's price instead of the Nyx's.
  • It's new model vaguely resembles a dragon.

Old Nixesion Model.