The Nightmare is an artifact-based Destroyer and is fast for a non-admin ship.



The Nightmare is a wicked fast and highly maneuverable Destroyer and the only one equipped with Auto-Cannons. On top of that, its damage profile is balanced out between Shields and Hull, so it can easily adapt to combating enemy ships with unbalanced health just as well as ships with balanced health. (Shields>Hull, Shields=Hull, Shields<Hull.)


The Nightmare's interior is a single black seat when you step into the cockpit.


  • Has special Turrets that completely shred small ships.
  • Very fast, and highly maneuverable.
  • Powerful Spinals for its class.
  • Deals balanced damage to Shields and Hull.
  • Can reliably fight big and small ships alike with its amazing armament and speed.


  • Most expensive Destroyer so far, at 39,126 credits, making it crazy overpriced for its class.
  • Requires Artifacts to build.
  • Vulnerable topside, but not a major concern for skilled pilots cause of the turn speed.


  • This ship excels at dogfighting, due to its crazy Speed and Turn Speed, it can pick at its targets with less risk of taking high damage from the likes of the Spectre or other Spinal-based ships.
  • The Nightmare is quite literally a "Nightmare" for any stray Miner or Freighter (except the Galaxy, of course).
  • Due to the insane speed and weapons, it can easily chase down Miners and Freighters of any size and score easy kills.
  • If a ship with high-accuracy Turrets starts picking at your health, don’t hesitate. Warp to quickly reposition yourself in a weak spot and use your exceptional Turn Speed to stay positioned in this spot.

Version History

  • Top Speed reduced from 290 to 250 shortly after it being introduced as of version .64f.


  • It's one of the few ships that need artifacts to be built, the others being the Zhen, the Osiris, the Galaxy, and the Imperator as of now.
  • Has the greatest turn rate compared to all other ships in the game.
  • While it can still be spawned, it is currently not possible to build it.
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