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Music is randomly played during the gameplay of Galaxy. This page catalogues nearly all songs and sound effects, both old and new, that are used in Galaxy.

There are two main types of Music: Peaceful and Combat music. Peaceful music plays when a player is not in combat whereas Combat music plays when a player deals damage at enemy ships, starbases, planets or when a players' ship takes damage. A players' ship does not have to be capable of fighting back for this music to play.

There are also other songs that play in specific situations, such as the intro music that plays when a player joins the game or the victory music plays when a faction wins the round.

In fact, most of the music are from Roblox, but some of them were already deleted due to copyright issues.

All the music in respective groups are in sub-groups, which are Old'' and New. Click on the sub-group title to view the list. Then, click on any song title to play. You can also click on the play button, which you can find it in the song list.

Peaceful Music


1 - Vesteng
2 - Vesteng
4 - Vesteng
A Musical Exursion Aurora
A New Day
Alpha - Xentheta
Absconditus - ZhayTee
Ambient 1
Ambient 2
Ambient 3
Beyond Voyage
Boundless Energy
Bright Future
Bringing Lydian - Xecular
Calming Breeze
Celebration Of Victory
Collapse - GasBomb
Cosmic Haze - SaucE
Cosmic Machine
Cosmic Travel
Dawn in the Valley
Determined Traveller
Dimensions - Main Theme
Distant Memories
Distortion Wave
Downfall - GASB0MB
Dragonfly Dream
Drifting Through Space
Duco Ergo S - ZhayTee
Emil Rottmayer W.A.V.E
Entering Orbit
Everlasting Space Rain
Fantastic Worlds
Far From Home Under 2
Field Of Lights
Floating - Vesteng
Foggy Forest
Foggy Streets
Galaxy Peace - Akinoyo?
Glorious Space Xentheta
Having Fun
HOME - Resonance
HOME - Twisted Light
HOME Dream Head
HOME We're Finally Landing
House Of Ghosts
Hyper Voyage
Hyperdrive - Xentheta
Incoming - Vesteng
Insomnia Dreams
Jupiter - Xentheta
Kevin MacLeod Frost Waltz
Kevin MacLeod Frozen Star
LawnReality - Original Music - Thought
Leaving Our Galaxy
Living In Space
Lonely Space 3 - Jonas Elander
Luna, Please Fill My Empty Sky
Moonlight - GasBomb
Nearly Human
Neptune - GasBomb
On Duty - Vesteng
Open Seas And Skies
Ophelia - Mastroy
Original Music - Conscious Clockwork
Original Music - Drifting Galaxies
Pacific Steep - Scrapduck
Peace Of Mind
Reactive Percussion Section
Rise Up - Xentheta
Roblox Galaxy Ambient - Xentheta
Rupture - GASB0MB & Xentheta
Secret Little World
Sleeping Soundly
Space Ambient Fantasy 14 The Cosmos
Starphoria - Mouse - PotatOwO
Star Tiger - Aniumla RBX
Stellardrone - Billions and Billions
Stellardrone - Breathe In The Light
Sundari Theme
Syrsa Alneda - Kabrius
Syrsa Alneda - Platforms
Syrsa Zerahypt - OST Zerzek
The Awakening - Dynamic
The Hall
The Skies Of The Future
Travelling Entity
Tyg Thy God is Grace - Syrsa
Undersea Life
Vexology - Xentheta
Waking Up
Watching Life Go By
Wavelight - Xentheta
Wavelight 2 - Xentheta
Wessam - Lauf Pulsatio
We've Come So Far - Aurora
Whitesand Martynas - The Dark Sorcere
Youth 83 - Euphoria

Combat Music


9 Bonus Trailer Music
Action Hero 5 - Jon Björk
Artic Battle
Batman V Superman Men Are Still Good
Batman V Superman Their War Here
Battle Cry - Sandberg
Battleship Battle On Land Soundtrack
Brand X Music Decimate
Critical Mass Fatal
Crossfire Wave Mode Theme
Death and Glory 1 - Johannes Bornöf
Doctor Who I Am The Doctor
Doctor Who Series 5 Words Win Wars
DOOM Agent Combat
DOOM BFG Division
Dubby Steps 5 Epidemic Sound
Dublex 2 - Marc Torch
Dublex 4 - Marc Torch
F-777 Airborne Robots
F-777 Deadlocked
F-777 Space Battle
F-777 The Seven Seas
Freaky Beats 01 - Andreas Ericson
From The Shadows 2 - Johan Hynynen
From The Shadows 8 - Johan Hynynen
Galaxy on Fire 2 - Interception Alexander K
Galaxy on Fire 2 Supernova Stealth Blades - Alexan
Heavy 80s Sleaze 8
Heavy 80s Sleaze 10
Heavy Industrial Anger 5
Heavy Industrial Anger 6
Hell March 3 Unofficial RA Battle Theme
I am the Doctor Guitar Cover
I am the Doctor Reconstructure
ID 142374098
ID 164416450
Imperious 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
Imperious 3 - Johannes Bornlöf
Intense Thrill 5 - Johannes Bornlöf
It's Our Fight Steve Jablonsky
John Wick Shots Fired
Klendathu Drop
Last Man Standing 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
Last Stand 1 - Christoffer Ditlevsen
Leviathan 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
Metallica Enter Sandman
Metallica Enter Sandman Instrumental
Johannes Borlof Mighty Rush 1
Johannes Borlof Mighty Rush 2
Pacific Rim Theme
Power Glove Power Core
Johannes Borlof Pumped 3
Raze 2 Music Rose At Nightfall
Realm Of Gabriel 2 - Patrik-Almkvisth
Red Alert 2 Hell March 2 Full Song
Sabaton Resist And Bite Sir Frost Instrumental
Silverfrost Mountains
Soviet Music
Star Wars Duel of The Fates
Star Wars Episode V Attacking A Star Destroyer
Star Wars Episode VII March Of The Resistance
Star Wars: Grand Army of the Republic Theme
Subnautica Abandon Ship
Subnautica Soundtrack Infected
Subnautica Soundtrack Void
Tense Excitement 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
Termination 3 - Johannes Bornlöf
Terraria Boss 3
The Art Of War - Steve Jablonsky
The Division 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
The War for Earth - Mattia Cupelli
Theory Of Everything
Theory Of Everything 2 - DJ-Nate
Theory Of Everything 3 - DJ-Nate
Transformers 3: Battle the Score
Unstoppable 1 - Johannes Bornöf
Weapons Of Impact 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
Weapons Of Impact 2 - Johannes Bornlöf
World of Warships A Great Day for Freedom
World of Warships No Surrender Remastered

Other Music

These music tracks play in other situations.

Sound Effects


Roblox Galaxy Soundtrack 2019

Roblox Galaxy Full OST

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