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This article describes the NPC boss ship, not an actual player-owned vessel. For the quest reward with an identical appearance, see Kraken.


The Kodiak is a Pirate boss that drops materials necessary to create the ships such as the Obliterator, Nautilus, Osiris, Helios, Imperator, Prototype X-1, Prototype X-2, Prototype X-1, Kraken and Retro Prototype X-1. The Kodiak spawns after a unknown amount of time, it is suspected to be a one-time spawn per round, meaning a round must end for it to spawn again.


As with all boss ships like the Decimator and Galleon, the Kodiak can call pirate ships to its side for reinforcements. These reinforcement ships can be dangerous at close range but can straggle behind, making them less of a threat until they warp to catch up.

This ship exhibits typical AI behavior, chasing after its targets by warping and moving back and forth in a roughly linear pattern when targets are stationary. Once it locks on and begins firing at its target, it won't stop until the target or itself has been destroyed.

A friendly warning to the community:

The explosion radius is 1500, the 2nd highest in the game tied with both prototypes and the Lucifer (being behind Mothership at levels 3-5), be sure to warp far, far away from it to avoid being nuked.


  • The wreck of the Kodiak contains 1 Blueprint B, 1 Quantum Core, 15 Plasma Batteries, and 375 Armor Scraps.


  • This ship's high firepower can destroy even well-armored tanking ships, so a distraction ship such as the Draco or Viper is highly recommended.
  • The best way to kill a Kodiak is to lure it to a planet and hide behind it so the Kodiak would fire at the player but hits the planet allowing you to kill the Kodiak with ease.
  • Warp very far away due to the immensely powerful nuke.

Version History

  • Disabled in version ???
  • It was previously equipped with 4 Triple Heavy Cannons and 4 Triple Heavy Lasers, but in verison .65a6, with the Kraken, it got its own custom Turrets.
  • Re-enabled as a naturally-spawning boss in version .73a3.
  • 20 Armored Platings changed to 500 Armor Scraps in version .73c10.
  • From 7 players could was changed to 3 players to be able to spawn the kodiak.
  • 3 player now only needs 1 player with 90 minutes of round.
  • Requires 4 players and spawns at a point between 21 to 150 minutes. (.74b17).
  • Became a ship that spawns via the recently added Enigma II quest, requiring Frion to be level 3 in addition to requiring a single credit in version .74b17, also no longer drops Kodiak Platings (Kraken cannot be obtained without Kodiak Platings).
  • Plasma Batteries and Armor Scraps count nerfed from 30 to 15 and 750 to 375 respectively in version .74b17.
  • Enigma II quest (which spawns Kodiak upon completion) disabled in version .75a3 due to being way too OP considering how incredibly easy it is to spawn.
  • Became a naturally-spawning boss again in version .75a5, now also dropping a single Blueprint B.


Proof of the Weapons