The Imperator is a powerful Battleship that requires Artifacts to create.



The Imperator is a very powerful Battleship and the first of its class to require artifacts to build. It is very good at both sieging and PvP against larger ships.


The interior of the Imperator is only a box with a teleporter in the back and neon glass in its front.


  • Second highest health of any Battleship so far.
  • Relatively high speed.
  • Great for PvP and Sieges.
  • Versatile Turrets.
  • Great firepower from its 9 Turrets and 4 Spinal Barrels.
  • The Auto-Lasers and Auto-Cannons provide great defense from smaller ships.
  • Has an Osiris Quantum Cannon on it.
  • The only Battelship in-game to have an Osiris Quantum Cannon.


  • Most expensive Non Event Battleship at just over 100K credits, only surpassed by event ships such as the Hallowlight and Glacier.
  • Requires Artifacts to build.
  • Very large, practically Dreadnought size.
  • Has two blind spots, one in the very front in between the arms, and another one behind the ship.
  • Only 3 out of its 13 weapons are shield-based.
  • Shield damage slightly lacks at times.
  • Can't be built at the moment due to being disabled.


  • Best used against larger ships, as it cannot defend itself against smaller ones easily, but still has some defense against small ships.
  • The Imperator can easily destroy low-tier Dreadnoughts, making it a great ship against super capitals if you can manage to stay in their blind spots.

Version History

  • Added in version .64f.


  • Multiple references to the Osiris, which is an Artifact-based Dreadnought.
  • The word Imperator is the Roman noun and definition for a Commander.
  • In Latin, Imperator is pronounced as Imperare, which is the origin of the word and the ship's respective name.
  • Imperare means to command in Latin.
  • While it can still be spawned, it is currently not possible to build it (due to exploits all artifact ships have been temporarily disabled, and won't be enabled in the menu until Rcouret fixes the issue).
  • Sometimes called the “Imp” by players, which is also a small, mischievous devil or sprite.
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