The Icarus is a combat-based Carrier



The Icarus is the third-largest Carrier in the game, smaller than only the Nyx and Borealis (and their Halloween Event counterparts), making it the fifth-largest ship in the game. With its Turrets and 2 Nixesions, the Icarus is a very powerful combat-carrier. Unlike most Carriers, it has very high Turret firepower and can fight against a variety of ships, ranging from small Frigates to large Battleships. It may even have a chance to defeat a Dreadnought, though this requires Fighter support and much skill.


The ship is entered through the Fighter bay, which leads to a teleporter that sends you to the bridge. From there you walk forward to enter the pilot's seat.


  • Much higher overall maneuverability than the Nyx.
  • High firepower; More firepower than the Revelation.
  • High-damage Fighters.
  • Powerful on its own, without the need of any Fighters.
  • High Health.
  • Great Turret placement (no blind spots).


  • Has slow Acceleration and Turn Speed.
  • Only has 2 Fighters.
  • Somewhat expensive.
  • No Spinals.


  • Don't go into battle alone as multiple ships can overwhelm it quickly. Make sure to have an escort and pick fights carefully.
  • Know how to pilot this kind of ship and bring Fighter pilots before entering combat.
  • Make sure to approach from below so your Turrets can be used.

Version History

  • Most of the interior was removed in an unknown version.


  • This ship is most likely based off of the Republic Venator attack cruiser from Star Wars.
  • Named after Icarus, a Greek mythological character.
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