The Hevnetier is the cheapest Carrier available in the game.



The Hevnetier is a medium-sized Carrier and is highly maneuverable. The back of the ship has two large shield doors that close off the Fighter Bay. Inside are 6 Fighters, with the only duplicates being two Blitzes. This is also the only Carrier to house the Nighthawk.


The Hevnetier has a simple bridge with a single pilot's seat underneath a half-bubble cockpit. The back end has two teleporter pads that lead to either the docking bridge or the Fighter Bay. The inside of the Fighter bay has two levels of platforms, the lower ones housing the Blitzes and the higher ones housing the other assorted Fighters. If you look for it, there is a note on a wall in the Fighter bay that says:


  • High mobility.
  • Versatile Fighters.
  • Very well-defended against small ships.
  • High Small Turret firepower.



  • It can be used as a support Carrier in sieges by carrying Fighters to distract enemy ships, as well as providing Light Turrets to destroy small ships.

Version History

  • In .58b2 the old model's Interior was removed, leaving only an empty shell with Fighters.
  • Remodeled in .64f.
  • Received a Cargo Hold buff from 75 to 1000 in .65b.
  • Received a total Turret makeover in .65b.
  • Received a Shield buff in .65b.


  • The Hevnetier's old model was the smallest and weakest carrier until the Vanguard was added to the game.
  • The old model used to spawn random Fighters.
  • When added to the game, the new model's mesh was broken to the point where you could walk through certain parts and fall out. Parts of the ship were also floating in the void, yet they acted like they were part of the ship.
  • The only ship to carry Nighthawks and Xenophiles, and also the only ship that carries Blitz and Frenzy fighters outside of their exclusive carriers (Borealis and Rhino respectively).
  • When you kill a Hevnetier with 0 bounty, you will receive 13,192 Bounty on your head.

Old Hevnetier Model

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