The Hecate Is a Battlecruiser Class ship that excels at support.



The Hecate can deal significant shield damage. The Hecate's exterior features four engines, two large fins, two Large Phaser barrels. It was the first ship with Medium Flaks. (Now replaced with Dual Gatlings)


The current design's interior is very empty. You enter using a door in the side, revealing an empty room with nothing but a pilot's seat and a long window at the front.


  • Spinals do decent damage.
  • Turrets deal out tons of damage against smaller ships.
  • Powerful Shield damage.
  • High cargo for its class.
  • Capable of sieging.
  • Can support various roles such as PvP and support.
  • Moderate speed and maneuverability.


  • Vulnerable top.
  • Spinals have a slow fire rate.
  • Somewhat lacking in hull damage.
  • Somewhat expensive.
  • Bad placement of Turrets; it cannot fire all of its Turrets while firing Spinals.


  • Overall, this ship should really only be used to help burn down an enemy's shield, and escape to let allies deal damage to the hull.
  • This ship does not perform well alone. Stay with a fleet.
  • Use this ship in sieges. Its Phasers deal high shield damage and it is capable of taking down other Battlecruisers such as the Dire Wolf.

Version History

  • Remodeled in .61h.


  • This is the second Hecate model in the game.
  • The new model is nothing like the old one and is very different.
  • This ship is very rare as most people don't even notice it or use it.
  • First ship in the game with Medium Flak Cannons.
    Hecate 4

    Old Hecate model

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