The Hasatan is a torpedo-armed Battleship and was the first ship to have a Large Torpedo.



The Hasatan has a widened front end and two large thrusters offset from the main body in the back of the ship.

It has a Torpedo tube-like decoration that houses a large torpedo.


The entrance has a teleporter that teleports the player to a small room with a single seat in it.


  • Relatively low cost.
  • High damage per shot with the Torpedo. (~300 to starbase)
  • Extremely long range with Torpedoes (8000)
  • Great overall spinal firepower.
  • Relatively fast top speed.


  • Low health.
  • Lacks Turret firepower.
  • Long Torpedo reloading time.
  • A large target that is easily hittable.
  • The extremely slow speed of the torpedo makes fighting almost impossible, short of starbases and large ships.
  • Rather bad turn speed.
  • Slow Acceleration.


  • It is an excellent alternative to conventional siege ships, being cheaper and also capable of dealing high damage to bases from a long range.
  • Be sure to get far enough from the base because the health is too low to tank for more than 30 seconds.
  • Use PvP ships as escorts, along with another Hasatan for constant assault.
  • Try to get away if any ships come towards you. A cruiser can even kill you.
  • Very effective with the "outside the box" tactic.
  • Can be good against Dreadnoughts if it's constantly on it's blind spots. However, It's bad against any ships lower than a Dreadnought.
  • If you position yourself just barely outside of the base heavy rail range, you can still hit the base with your torpedo.


  • In warp, the Hasatan is faster than its Torpedo and will pass it by easily.
  • In theory, it can kill a base without the base ever firing back. In practice, though, unless it is guarded, it will die easily to enemy defenders.
  • It used to have a glitch with one of its Turrets, resulting in a turret that is inside the ship.
  • The Large Torpedo does the highest damage ingame, so it's a very popular ship for sieging.
  • Named after the Hebrew term for the devil ; i.e. Ha-Satan, meaning "the accuser" or "the adversary."
  • Recently had a remodel in .61d.

Old Hasatan Model

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