The Gryphon is a dogfighting Cruiser.



The Gryphon is a Cruiser with 2 Medium Flak Cannons. While average in terms of speed for its class, its near instantaneous turn speed allows for skilled dogfighting unseen by many other Cruisers. This ship has a very futuristic design and nice looking engines.


  • High turn speed.  
  • Balanced damage to shield and hull.  
  • High damaging Spinals.  
  • Great turret accuracy.  
  • High mobility. 
  • Relatively high health. 
  • Can eliminate smaller ships with ease. 
  • Has a lot of passenger seats. 


  • Vulnerable bottom.  
  • Very large for a Cruiser.   
  • Spinals are awkward to shoot because of their placement making it hard to land a hit on smaller ships like Frigates, Swarmers, and Fighters.   
  • Fairly low damage output compared to other Cruisers.   


  • Gather a fleet of Gryphons and chase down fleeing ships for easy kills.
  • Don't engage in a head-to-head fight with Battlecruisers and up, instead use your speed to bob and weave around them.
  • Very good for dogfighting. Use your agility to attack Frigates and your Medium Flak Cannons to slowly wear down their health.


  • The name Gryphon is a corruption of Griffin, a creature with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle from Egyptian legend.
  • On the front, there are protrusions that appear to have intended to be six tiny Spinals.
  • It looks a bit like a plane.
  • As of update 65a6, its Dual Gatlings got replaced by Medium Flaks.
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