Zazzle Store

The Official Galaxy Merch Store has been released! Feel free to buy posters, mugs, key chains and all kinds of other items to support Galaxy! Halloween promotion on. The next Sakala event is currently unknown. The prices on the store are the lowest they can be. Earnings go to Zazzle then rcouret and Sean although we barely get anything in the first place. The Donator role will be given for any purchase and if you own a Sakala on the Discord. One more thing to remember is everything is in AUD. You can use a converter to check the price in your country. If you have any other questions just ask.

3D Model Store

The Galaxy 3D Model Store is now open to the public! More models will be added in the future. You may request models to be added to my dms. When you purchase a model within the first month of the store going public, send the receipt to and you will receive the 3D Modelled Warlock ship in-game!

Please be aware of the different sizes on each ship. For example, 15mm is really REALLY small like the Wasp above. Just look at a ruler and look at how big 15mm is. There are much larger sizes you can choose.

**PLEASE NOTE:** Since this is printing out real life models, things can go wrong. Some models may have hidden errors or printing problems but there is no way to know until printing. If any such error occurs you will be given a full refund. (The ship will be taken away until you repurchase at a time when the errors of the model have been fixed). Models that have never been printed before will say first to try. First To Try means the product has not been printed before, so there is a risk the finished product might look different from the render and the product might not turn out as expected. If you have any other questions feel free to dm me!

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