The Galaxy Rogue One Star Wars Event

This was an event for the advertising Star Wars Rogue One. It lasted from December 8 to December 19, 2016. The games chosen to advertise Star Wars Rogue One were Phantom Forces, Skybound 2 and Galaxy. As with most ROBLOX events, players could win prizes on each game by completing objectives specific objectives. The prizes available between all of the games were the Interstellar Sunglasses, Helios Headphones, Galactic Sun Hat, The Major's Helmet, U.FUN.O and the Celestial Scimitar.


Galaxy's event gave out the prizes known as Galactic Sun Hat and The Interstellar Sunglasses

ROBLOX's event dialogue for Galaxy reads as follows:

"The galaxy is a mysterious place, with hidden treasures waiting for you to discover! Luckily, you now have new, futuristic spaceports to help you on your quest. Your missions are to use them to help combat intergalactic villainy. Be warned though - the stars are a perilous battleground, and you must evade enemy ships to survive. To earn an exclusive treasure, mine the rare space mineral and sell it to a special dealer at the spaceports. If you can smuggle 3 goods through these spaceports, you’ll also get a new buddy to travel with you across the stars!"

There were 2 objectives in Galaxy. The first objective was to go to the Derelict Station and mine 20 Uranium Ore, which you would subsequently deliver to the station. This would award you the Galactic Sun Hatand the Going Nuclear badge. To obtain this quest you had to talk to Billy Ray Joe, who is still located inside the Mega base. The badge earned its name due to a feature available prior to the public release of the update; Players were able to click a button in the starbase menu inside the Derelict Station labeled "DO NOT PRESS." Activating this button would blow up the station after a matter of seconds.

The second objective was to deliver 3 crates of medicine to the Freedom Base. To obtain this quest you had to talk to Luke Skybawler, who was also inside the Mega base. Upon completing this you get the Interstellar Sunglasses and the Help The Freedom Base badge. Luke Skybrawler was replaced with Luca Sky partway through the event.

The Freedom Base quest involves avoiding Pirates that spawn upon accepting the quest and also spawn randomly. This makes it more of a challenge than simply delivering a few crates of medicine. Three Pirates spawn per person who accepts the quest with a maximum of 9 Pirates. Prior to the public release, there was no max amount of Pirates, leading to swarms of Pirates able to take down a fleet of dreads. The Pirate osprey was removed to make it a bit easier for players to kill them. The Pirate Starblade was also later removed for being too OP with backward firing torpedoes, aimbot, and ramming, leaving only the Pirate Avenger. Pirates will attack any ships (including Aliens) that approach the Freedom base. It is recommended to kill the Pirates first before delivering the medicine. Most people that complete the quest either had support ships taking out the Pirates or tried their luck with an army of Wyrms/traders. Many players found great entertainment in watching large "Alien Fleets" fight dozens of Pirates. (As of February 2018, the quest rewards have been shutdown via Roblox’s request; while you still can complete the 2 quests in game, you can no longer earn the event prizes linked to the 2016 Galaxy Star Wars event.)

Luke Skybawler and Billy Ray Joe and the Headless Horseman and the Yeti are the only NPCS you can talk to; but Luca Sky and Billy Ray Joe are the only permanent NPCS you are able to talk to in Galaxy as of now December 2017.

The Military HQ was also added to Galaxy during this event. It currently serves no purpose and has been disabled from spawning.

Recently the "Help The Freedom Base" Badge and "Going Nuclear" Badge were updated. They both have a new picture and are now called Complete Quest 1 and Complete Quest 2.

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