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Please keep the part count under 200 parts for all ships with a 2 MB file size. The lower the part count and file size, the better the chance that the ship will be accepted. Meshes are the best way to decrease part and file size.


Blender users should use texturing to reduce the amount of MeshParts needed, instead of separating each mesh by color. The import process for bringing your model into Roblox Studio should be simple and straightforward, similar to importing on other game platforms.

Issues with imported mesh positioning?

Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio users also need to mesh their model. However as everything is made of parts, lots of preparation separating the colors part in groups in regular intervals apart and bringing it into a 3D modeling program such as Blender needs to be done. Once in Blender the following needs to be done: joining the disconnected parts for one color into one mesh, cleaning up the mesh, exporting out of Blender, importing into Roblox Studio, coloring, positioning. Repeat that process for every color. A collision mesh (an invisible MeshPart only use for collisions) may also be needed.

Need to learn how to mesh? Watch this video!


Modeling with Blender for Roblox Studio (Galaxy Edition)


It is important that you read this entirely to make sure you understand how to set the spaceship up properly. If you have questions or are ready to test, please contact the Developers.

If you are not sure what type of ship to make, look through the Wiki for ships that are outdated and may need a remodel.

Avoid overlapping pieces that would result in z-fighting. Do not add weld scripts, the ship is welded and unanchored automatically on run time.

The name of the grouped model is the name of the ship in-game. Anything colored "Bright red" will automatically change to the team color it spawns on. You can make ship any color, but the ship must have enough team color to identify it from a distance.

Make sure your ship faces the front of your Roblox workspace. You can enable the View Selector to see which direct it is facing. The Pilot Seat and CenterPoint must face forwards, you can check by making sure its rotation is set to 0, 0, 0.


Shipmaster reserves the right to edit your ship to balance it with other ships in the game. Also, be aware that the more powerful your ship is the cost formula raises the material/credit cost of your ship exponentially. Although nearly everything comes into play with the cost formula, excessive turrets of the same size and excessive gun barrels are some of the biggest price changers.

Required Parts

These are the things every ship needs to work; they need to be directly in the ship model and named exactly as listed. Best thing to do is just copy all of these from the example into your ship.

  • Pilot Seat (VehicleSeat) with the three values in it:
    • The front face is facing the forward direction of travel.
    • Properties controlling how the ship performs are found in its properties...
  • MaxSpeed: How fast can the ship go (in studs).
  • Torque: How many studs per second the ship accelerates.
  • Turn Speed: A value from 0 to 1 that controls how fast it turns.
  • In general, the bigger the ship is the slower and less maneuverable it is.
  • PilotWeapon1 (StringValue) (Optional) Name of primary spinal weapon.
  • PilotWeapon2 (StringValue) (Optional) Name of secondary spinal weapon.
  • CenterPoint (Part).
    • This controls the part of the ship that the entire ship rotates around (on all three axies), it should be close to the exact center of the ship. Should have NoCollide checked. Its rotation needs to be identical to the pilot seat. Will be turned transparent in the game so don't use an existing visible part.
  • DockPoint (Part).
    • Note: Fighter class ships don't dock, so don't add DockPoints to them.
    • This should be placed right on the floor near a door facing outward.
    • There shouldn't be anything on the outside of the ship so close to the door that it will make autodocking hard for the game to do. The example ships wing engine is a little too close for comfort, but it does work. Should have NoCollide checked. Will be turned transparent in game.
    • The game tries to move the ship so this part lines up exactly with a similar point on the terminal.
  • Configuration (Configuration or Folder) with the 3 values in it.
  • ExplosionSize (IntValue): This determines the blast radius when the ship is destroyed, from 0 to 100.
    • This determines how far reaching the effect is when damaging other ships.
  • MaxHull (IntValue): Total hull of the undamaged ship.
    • Use values from similar classed ships.
  • MaxShield (Int Value: Max shield.
    • Use values from similar classed ships.
  • Description (StringValue): Text that describes the ship to the player but shouldn't include any numbers since those will be taken from the model when the game loads.
  • Class: The class (size) of the ship and sometimes the function of the ship.
    • Choices are: "Miner", "Freighter", "Fighter", "Frigate", "Destroyer", "Cruiser", "Battlecruiser", "Battleship", "Dreadnought", "Carrier", "Alien", "Admin"
  • Ship Parts (Model): Here you put all the non-essential parts of the ship (The ones not listed elsewhere on this page).
  • <PilotWeapon1/2 Name> (Model): This is the model containing the parts for the spinal weapon PilotWeapon1 /2specified in the Pilot Seat. If the ship does not have this don't include this model.
  • Barrel (Part) (Can be Multiple): This is where the projectile will spawn and appear to come from, The Front Surface is the direction the projectile will travel.
  • BarrelInterval (NumberValue): If your weapon has multiple barrels, this is the delay between each of them firing, set to 0 if they should fire exactly at the same time.
  • WeaponType (StringValue): The type of projectile, currently can choose "Phaser" or "Cannon".
  • ProjectileSize (StringValue): The size of the projectile, this determines how much damage the shot does and the reload time.
    • "Tiny": Used for fighters with two barrels.
    • "Small": Used for fighters with one barrel and frigates, some destroyers.
    • "Medium": Used for most other ships.
    • "Large": A very big shot. Should only come out of big barrels.
    • "Huge": An enormous shot, only specialized dreads should have something like this.
  • TurretPlate (Part) (Up to nine of these).
  • TurretPositionIdentifier (StringValue): This just helps name the tool used to control it, so "Front" used with a Light Laser (by the player), would be named "Front Light Laser" in the game. Make sure each one has a different name or will mess up a player's saved loadout.
  • TurretSize (StringValue): The class of turret, must not use one that exceeds the ships class.
    • "Small": Used with Frigates, Destroyers and up. TurretPlate should be sized as 7, 0.2, 7.
    • "Medium": Used with Cruisers, Battlecruisers and up. TurretPlate should be sized as 14, 0.2, 16.
    • "Large": Used with Battleships and above. TurretPlate should be sized as 26, 0.2, 26.
  • TurretName (StringValue) (Optional) Although it will eventually be the players choice what turrets they want to use, you can provide a default here.

Here are some examples:

  • Small Turrets: "Light Flak Cannon", "Light Laser", "Light Mining Laser".
  • Medium Turrets: "Medium Laser", "Medium Railgun", "Medium Flak Cannon", "Medium Mining Laser".
  • Large Turrets: "Heavy Laser", "Heavy Railgun".
  • For new Turrets, check page for names.


  • The Turret will spawn facing the direction of the front face of the Turret Plate.
  • TurretPlates should be placed with enough space that nearby objects won't clip or obstruct its line of sight.


On ships that make you walk to the Pilot Seat, please make or copy a decent pilot chair to surround the seat (make the player feel like a pilot). Also please make all those chair parts NoCollide so the player can easily get in the seat from behind without wiggling around it. If your ship is like a drop-in fighter design, a simple seat is fine.

We'd like for each (non drop-in type) ship to have a door to enter the ship. The standard door should be made of Diamond Plate, have a transparency of .3, and of course NoCollide. Please don't use any door scripts as game works better without them.

While you don't have to make the interior a fully equipped home (like the Corvid or Avenger), would be nice to have a little decor inside the ship to at least make it feel like you're in a ship. This is a big part of a good player experience in Galaxy. Some players like to ride along with friends, adding a few extra passenger seats if applicable is a good thing.



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