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The Galaxypedia has replaced the Galaxy Wiki. Please do not use this wiki and use the Galaxypedia instead.

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Galaxy Beta is a version of Galaxy set in version .52i2.


Galaxy Beta is an old instance of Galaxy, first created in June, 2015, that was re-released to public access in January, 2021. Although originally released running Beta version .53e1, the game later moved to Pre-Alpha version .27. It now uses version .52i2, which includes many "classic" features such as old Starbase models, old ship prices/models/stats, and more. Players' progress in this game is separate from their progress in any other version of Galaxy, but, like in all versions of Galaxy, all stats, including credits, save (?).

History of Exploiting

Galaxy Beta features no Anti-Cheat and No Remote Protecting. The game also heavily utilizes NumberValues and BoolValues which makes it easy to intercept data and modify it. This makes the game very vulnerable to exploits, such as automine and more. Technically everything in the game could be automated, and there are multiple Exploits which achieve this.

Most who play on Galaxy Beta make use of Exploits, as it is very popular to use exploits in Galaxy Beta because of how easy it is. Rcouret himself allowed people to exploit on Galaxy Beta and made it clear that exploiting will not warrent any sort of punishment, this means that there is no downside to exploiting in Galaxy Beta apart from risking account termination by ROBLOX.

The most popular exploit for Galaxy Beta is one which was made by benthealien20 (alt of smallketchup82), Descended, and BoyImmaGetChu. Its a GUI named "Galaxy Beta Utilities" which as its name suggests, has many utilities and features which intend to automate or ease parts of the game. Its most popular features are its Automine, Autobuild, and Turret TP.

EXPLOITING IS AGAINST THE ROBLOX TERMS OF SERVICE AND YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE TERMINATED IF YOU ARE FOUND PARTICIPATING IN THESE ACTIVITIES. This wiki page will not tell you how to get exploits and is purely to document the history of exploits being used on Galaxy Beta. We do not endorse the use of exploits in any way.