Galaxy Arcade

Galaxy Arcade is a more new-player friendly version of Galaxy. Players start off with 7500 credits and can earn more, but the count resets back to 7500 every time you join the game making some quest ships nearly impossible to get (e.g. Hyperion). All ships are free to buy, so you don't have to earn anything and can fly without fear of losing your ship. Players may build all ships though the Cruiser class without a gamepass, but most Battlecruisers, excluding the Bastion, Dire Wolf and Belvat, and all ships of higher classes require ROBUX-bought gamepasses to build. VIP ships of any class can be built for free if you already own the Galaxy VIP gamepass.

The map in Galaxy Arcade lot smaller than in Galaxy, and the game is limited to five player factions instead of the usual ten.

Some people say Galaxy Arcade isn't fun because of "Pay-to-Win kids", as all Dreadnoughts, Battleships, Carriers cost ROBUX. However, Galaxy arcade can be nice if you want to fight without fear of losing expensive ships, and can be useful for testing new updates, new ship mechanics, taking screenshots, etc.

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