Future Updates

This page previews confirmed update details as provided by the Galaxy Dev team. To see current versions of Galaxy, check the Update Log. For updates that were planned but cancelled, see Cancelled Updates.
All of these update details can be found in #roadmap on the Official Galaxy Discord Server. All descriptions are cited from said roadmap channel with the name(s) of the Developer(s) that released the information. Any other information is extrapolation from existing photos and hint.

Aqueous II Remodel

Aque II Dev.jpg Aqua Remodel Ring.png

  • Release Date: ???
  • Description: "One of the first projects of the new modelers!" - SeanMorabitoYT

Unknown Mech-Robots

  • Release Date: ???
  • Description: (No official description) Humanoid robots and exoskeletons featuring Alien (Kneall) and U.N.E styling.
  • Other Details: A massive Kneall ship, likely the Decimator, is seen in the distant background of one of the images. Its size appears to rival that of Dreadnoughts, or even Supercapitals.
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