Removed from Game

This used to be in the game but has since been removed.

The Eclipse is an Admin ship that mocks the size limits of a "Cruiser."



The Eclipse is an admin restricted "Cruiser" in Galaxy that has no weapons but a colossal amount of health and (95%) damage resistance. The ship drops no loot upon destruction.


Admin Lounge

In the Eclipse, there is a button that takes you to a room in the Mega Base containing some chairs and the admins' profile pictures in portraits. The lounge is above the VIP Lounge.


  • Excellent health.
  • Excellent damage resistance. (95%)


  • Lacks weapons.
  • Slow for an admin ship.


  • Use the ship's high health and damage resistance to weather any attacks that may come.

Version History

  • Removed along with all Admin Ships in version .62a1.


  • Called a Cruiser, yet it is larger than most dreadnoughts. (Galaxy Ship Class Logic.)
  • This ship can only be earned by being an Admin.
  • Admins are allowed to give regular players this ship on Galaxy Development. (You need to pay 1000 Robux to get on it).
  • Sometimes Admins may spawn the ship in the normal game as part of a server event. The purpose of the event is to be the person to get the kill. If you are credited with the kill, you win 25,000 credits!
  • The Eclipse is one of the rarest ships in Galaxy along with the RevenueFlying Car, Aurora, Halloween Ship (currently all admin ships in the game) since its only given to Admins.
  • The Eclipse has had a remodel since there were too many parts leading to a massive file size.
  • The latest remodel of this ship was originally going to be a normal playable ship based off the Yamato.

    First Eclipse model.

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