The E Class is currently the biggest and slowest Freighter in the game.



The E Class is a massive Freighter and a treasure chest for Pirates. It is rather lacking in health and resistance for its exorbitant price. This ship is only effective when used in sync with a Mammoth or any other similarly large Miner, such as the Rorqual or M Class. Otherwise, most of its enormous cargo hold is not utilized very effectively.


The interior of the E Class is largely confined to the cockpit. A teleporter is used to transport the player from the back of the ship to the pilot's seat, and there is little decoration in the cockpit aside from the seat and a small panel.


  • Largest cargo hold in the game; It is three times larger than the Prepravca hold and thirty times larger than the Wyrm.
  • Very high health for its class.
  • Can easily make thousands of credits per run even if the economy is bad, so long as there is enough ores and credits in the economy for it to buy and sell.
  • Somewhat fast for its size. It beats most Dreadnoughts in speed, which are about the same size.


  • Slowest Freighter in the game.
  • Terrible acceleration makes it hard to escape quickly.
  • Extremely expensive for a Freighter.
  • Very vulnerable alone.
  • Pirates consider this ship the ultimate target since it's slow, defenseless, extremely expensive, and it often takes a long time to dock at the Mega Base compared to most ships.
  • Finding enough ores and credits can be a problem.
  • Can break the Economy after a few trades, limiting its effective usage.
  • Takes time to make back the amount of money it costs.
  • Easy to get caught on things (such as asteroids) due to its size.


  • If your faction is at war, only attempt to go to Mega Base if the enemy is distracted or you have an escort.
  • Never trade while in a war to avoid being destroyed. The E Class is very vulnerable to attack. If it's vital that you trade during a war, it is recommended to use smaller ships instead, as even with an escort you are still taking a huge risk.
  • Care should be taken to avoid surprise wars being declared mid-way through a trade run, as the E Class may struggle to dock in time if poorly positioned.
  • Check the Minimap often for Pirates.
  • Stay next to friendly combat ships.


  • Has the highest Cargo Hold of any ship.
  • Interestingly, it pays for itself after the shipment of around 8.8 full holds of Silicate at the minimum price of 3 per unit of Silicate - this being equal to around 66k of Silicate mined (almost 100k in dump credits) - which would take slightly more than an hour and a half of mining Silicate at perfect efficiency in a Mammoth (with no time for moving between ores and dumping the ore at a Starbase).
  • Possibly based on the bulk freighter from 'Endless Sky'.
  • You will always need about 30-40K credits at most times just to fill your cargo hold.
  • Revieced a remodel adding more "cargo pods" to the sides.
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