Codes are a feature added into Galaxy in version .64a. They can be redeemed by clicking on the "Enter Code" button to the left of the "Get Credits" menu (highlighted below). Currently, players must be part of a faction to enter Codes.

Code button

Codes can be used to redeem numerous rewards. Currently, they are used to receive free ships or credits, mostly of lower classes or in small amounts. Currently, Codes cannot be reused, so use them wisely.


Both active and out-of-date Codes will be listed here as they are created. So far, there are four Codes. Codes that are not usable will be noted as so or may contain a strike-through.

  • TANGO - You receive the Miner-class Tango ship.
  • SPACE - You receive the Destroyer-class Ibis ship.
  • FREEMONEY - You receive 2000 Credits.

These are the only Codes currently available.



  • Some YouTubers, like ThunderJimmy in the photo below have uploaded YouTube videos of the 4 Codes in game (3 in the video and the 4th in the description) as open references for others to use. [Roblox Galaxy: Code System and New Codes]
Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 2.41.34 PM