The Belvat is a blocky, shuttle-like Battlecruiser with a Torpedo.



Despite it having a Torpedo, the Belvat is not well suited for sieges. Instead, it is a PvP ship focused on Spinal weapons. It also has unique bottom-mounted Turrets on its wings. The Belvat is a good hit and run ship against enemy Battleships, Miners, some Dreadnoughts, and Freighters.


The Belvat's interior consists of a simple hallway behind the cockpit that acts as a teleporter and the cockpit itself. Inside the cockpit is a small neon display and a decorated pilot's seat.



  • Easily countered by itself with another Battlecruiser.
  • Vulnerable Topside.
  • If you approach from above, all of your Turrets can hit, but it also gives enemy ships an advantage since the majority of their weapons can likely fire upwards and hit you.
  • Slow Torpedo, making it ineffective against small ships or anything moving too quickly.
  • Hard to aim Torpedoes.
  • Low health.


  • Some players prefer this over the Razor Wing due to it being less common and not well known. It can also support more roles than the Razor Wing. (i.e: Siege)
  • Attack from above/below to try and get the jump on other ships before they can realize where you are.
  • Use the Torpedo against static or slow targets, like bases and Dreadnoughts.

Version History

  • It used to use an odd wield script resulting in offset parts. It was later fixed in the Version .52 update.
  • Remodeled in the continuation of version .65b.


  • One of the few Battlecruisers that does not require a gamepass to use in Galaxy Arcade.
  • Its current model resembles that of a Quinjet, a transportation jet used by the Avengers..
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