Basic Editing Rules

  1. Follow the Example Ship Page and Ship Image Guidelines as the format for all ship pages and images.
  2. Any vandalism will result in a ban.
  3. Swearing, NSFW content, etc. are NOT allowed on the Wiki whatsoever.
  4. Keep Trivia, Advantages, etc. about the ship itself and not something about its name or some vague/joke connection. Example: Also, in Egyptian mythology, "Osiris" is the father of "Horus" and "Anubis".
    Example: Falcon...Punch! And similar strikethrough joke edits
  5. DO NOT add false or misleading information. Uncertain information is fine if denoted properly with a question mark.
  6. DO NOT add redundant pages, categories, templates, unimplemented content, etc. unless approval is given by Wiki staff.
  7. DO NOT edit others' user pages without obtaining their approval.
  8. DO NOT rename pages without permission.
  9. DO NOT exploit edit undo options, mass category creation, etc. to gain wikia badges.
  10. When updating ship information (remodels, buffs, nerfs, etc.), remember to log the changes under the "Version History" header. Remodels may require creator information to also be updated.
  11. Please do not include creators of ships in picture captions. There is a place in ship infoboxes for that.
  12. Please use proper grammar and spelling.
  13. When editing, use the full names of each ship. (e.g Instead of "Hawk," write "Hawklight").
  14. No advertising without permission.
  15. Please keep personal opinions of yours off of pages. Everyone has different opinions about ships.

Disobedience or breaking ANY of these rules will result in warnings, blocks, and bans depending on the severity of the offense. Rules from FANDOM's Terms of Use also apply.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.