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The Galaxypedia has replaced the Galaxy Wiki. Please do not use this wiki and use the Galaxypedia instead.

Aliens may also refer to the Official Galaxy Factions called the Kneall and Slarfie. As explained by the faction descriptions, all hostile Aliens are assumed to be part of the Kneall, a hostile AI faction.


Aliens are AI ships, similar to Pirates, that attack any Ship/Starbase (except the Mega Base) in sight. They used to be able to attack Pirates. Generally, Aliens will lock on to any ship or base that is at least 9,000 to 11,000 studs away from them.

They spawn in groups of 3-5 at random locations on the map. Each spawn has an 8% chance of being a Punisher.

Occasionally, what some players call an "Alien Fleet" will spawn. This is effectively a massive group of Swarmers led by at least one Punisher, but often more. Past fleets have amassed over 300 ships, but this is no longer possible. With the update of .67c these fleets can include the other alien ships excluding The Kneall Prototype.

Recent updates have limited the number of Alien ships that can spawn in one server to 20, but they can still build up considerable groups with enough firepower to destroy even the strongest Starbases.

Kneall Fleet

Version .65b saw the introduction of four new Alien ships; the Outrider, Bruiser, Scout, and Kneall Prototype, said to be a weaker Prototype X-2. These ships, along with the original two aliens (Swarmer and Punisher) were able to be spawned at Myriad III when fully upgraded.

Generally, fleets spawn with only one Prototype and an unknown distribution of the other Alien ships. All of the ships will have "Alien" in front of their names. Due to people spamming the quest and spawning multiple rounds of fleets at a time, the quest has since been disabled and is temporarily only admin accessible. With the update of .67c Kneall Bruiser, Kneall Outrider and Kneall Scout can now spawn in the map. Eventually, during the Halloween 2020 Event, the aliens were changed for the duration of the event to Servs, Scourges, and much more. Once the event ended, the Scout was permanently removed from the game. Previously, the ships had the word "Kneall" in front of them, making their full name "Alien Kneall Bruiser." The Outrider and Bruiser were recently changed to just say "Alien Bruiser," marking their faction and their ship name.

Version .69e saw the introduction of the newest Alien ship, the Decimator. This ship spawns after a certain amount of time has passed. It has the highest amount of health out of all aliens that can spawn in the game, making it a formidable enemy. It can also call other aliens to its aid, like the Punisher. The Judgement's build menu description mentioned it over a year ago, but it was only recently added. It's power is comparable to a Rift Guardian, and possibly a Rift Custodian.


Aliens tend to focus on shield damage, with the exception of the Decimator.

  • Swarmers on their own deal a measly 10 shield DPS and 5 hull DPS; beware large numbers of Swarmers, as each one adds an average of 7.5 DPS
  • Although Bruisers are classified as Destroyers, they actually have the DPS of a Battlecruiser, with 94 shield DPS and 52.4 hull DPS.
  • Outriders have about 134.8 shield DPS and 87.4 hull DPS.
  • Punishers are support ships, as they call other aliens. They have 81.3 shield DPS and 78.5 hull DPS.
  • The Decimator's DPS is 307.5 Shield DPS and 435 Hull DPS. This surpasses even most Dreadnoughts.

Planet Capturing

Punishers can capture and assimilate Planets just like player factions, and can cause a server shutdown if it targets (and destroys) Mega Base. Although other aliens don't target the planet when they come to close proximity, when a Punisher or Decimator calls the aliens on the map to assist them to attack a planet, they will. Once a Planet is captured, it can serve as a spawn point for new Alien ships, making the planet a dangerous place to go. Aliens targeting the planet when it was captured may linger at planets after taking control instead of warping away, making it difficult to retake the planet.

If the planet is heavily defended by Aliens and/or upgraded, a single Dreadnought may not be enough to take it back. It may take more than one faction's limit of Dreadnoughts and multiple sieges to take back a heavily defended Planet taken by a spawned Kneall Fleet.

Once a planet is taken back, Aliens will begin to "panic", scattering to different locations before returning to normal behavior.



The Swarmer is the weakest (and the most fragile and fastest) ship compared to other non-event Aliens that spawn in the game, armed with one tiny laser. The best ways to destroy this ship are with a Destroyer, such as the Chimera, or any other ship with light or high-accuracy turrets. Swarmers provide minimal loot unless destroyed in large numbers.


The Bruiser is very slow for a alien, coming in at 79 top speed, but it is armed with two tiny lasers instead of one, however, it is somewhat easy to kill due to being slow, just note the backward-firing spinals.


The Outrider is virtually a Bruiser with significantly more health, more speed, and a Railgun included also, however; the spinals are same as the bruiser, except they aren't backward-firing, similar Bruiser killing strategies can be used for this one.


The Punisher is very powerful when paired with other aliens, it is not recommended to kill it first if you are using a weak Battleship or below, especially in servers where the Punisher's Railguns are in the turret group of Alien (more damage, way lower reload time), but this rarely happens, just be careful for the Capital Alien Lasers, as they will often have the stats of a Heavy Laser, but in servers where those turrets have 28 average damage and 1.2 second reload, it would be a buffed Tiny Alien Laser.


The Decimator is virtually a Punisher except it is much slower, bigger, tankier, and stronger; it is much more powerful when paired with a Punisher and more aliens.


  • Most Alien ships have a purple trail.
  • It is possible for Aliens to assimilate a Starbase.
  • Aliens and Pirates will fight each other.
  • As of an update Aliens and Pirates will no longer attack each other like the Kodiak.
  • A full alien swarm should not be underestimated, 3 Punishers and all the other Alien ships can even force a Lucifer to retreat.
  • Since the gatling update, all aliens have gatling Turrets, making the server quite laggy during swarm.
  • Aliens are actively hunted by U.N.E. ships.
  • The Decimator and Punisher are the only alien ships with a different icon color than all other non-event aliens.
  • The Decimator does not have its faction name in its name, making it seen as "Decimator" in game.