Aliens are AI ships, similar to Pirates, that attack any Ship/Starbase (except the Mega Base) in sight. They can even attack Pirates. Generally, Aliens will lock on to any ship or base that is at least 9,000 to 11,000 studs away from them.

They spawn in groups of 3-5 at random locations on the map. Each spawn has an 8% chance of being an Alien Punisher.

Occasionally, what some players call an "Alien Fleet" will spawn. This is effectively a massive group of Swarmers led by at least one Punisher, but often more. Past fleets have amassed over 300 ships, but this is no longer possible.

Recent updates have limited the number of Alien ships that can spawn in one server, but they can still build up considerable groups with enough firepower to destroy even the strongest Starbases.

Alien Swarmer

The Alien Swarmer is the Alien equivalent of a Frigate and is well known for annoying Miners and Freighters. It is mostly black with small neon areas and has a bottom-mounted turret.


Swarmers will attempt to stay around 3 to 3.5K studs away from whatever they are attacking and may move below ships to maintain their turret's line of sight. When attacking a slow or stationary target, they are often seen moving back and forth in mostly straight lines. Have a tendency to go underneath ships to make it hard for main turrets to hit.

Alien Swarmer will always answer the call when Alien Punisher is attacking any player or Starbase. Hordes of Alien Swarmer can easily destroy Starbase even it was fully upgraded. They will either start to scatter or move away when the Punisher is destroyed.

Known Stats:

Due to their small profile and high top speed, Alien Swarmers are best attacked using ships with high-accuracy Turrets. Light and Medium-sized Turrets, aside from Railguns, best fit these guidelines.

Swarmers drop 38 items of loot, filling a cargo hold to 50.25 cubic meters of space. This loot consists of 14 Silicate, 13 Carbon, 2 Iridium, 2 Adamantite, 2 Palladium, 2 Titanium, 2 Quantium, and 1 Alien Part.

Alien Punisher

The Alien Punisher fits between the player ship classifications of Battleship and Dreadnought. It has considerable health and firepower and is almost never seen alone. It poses a significant threat to undefended ships, Starbases, and inexperienced players. It too is mostly black with a few areas highlighted in neon green.


Much like the Swarmer, Punishers will maneuver to a range of 3 to 5K studs away from their targets and will move back and forth along that range. They may also attempt to outspeed attacking ships to stay out of player Turret range. Additionally, Punishers initiating an attack will "call" all other Swarmers and Punishers in the server to their location, creating incredibly powerful fleets. The only warning to these gatherings is a small period of time in which all Alien ships will turn towards the attacking Punisher, which can be seen on the Minimap. In version .58a, the Punisher AI received an update that causes them to chase down crippled attacking ships with less than 30% health remaining.

Known Stats:

Despite their rather low chance of spawning, Punishers are not that rare a sight. Attack these with caution; use either a Dreadnought or a fleet of Battleships and/or Battlecruisers. It is also helpful to lure Punishers closer to armed bases to deal even more damage. Skilled players have been able to solo them without Starbase help using battleships. Some extremely skilled players can solo them with help Starbase firepower in only a Battlecruiser or Cruiser.

Punishers drop 211 items of loot, filling a cargo hold to 283.75 cubic meters of space. This loot consists of 72 Silicate, 63 Carbon, 18 Iridium, 18 Adamantite, 10 Palladium, 10 Titanium, 10 Quantium, and 10 Alien Parts.

Planet Capturing

Aliens can capture and assimilate Planets just like player factions. Once a planet is captured, it can serve as a spawn point for new Alien ships, making the planet a dangerous place to go. Aliens may also hover nearby the planet to defend it from player ships, making it difficult to take it back.

If the planet is defended by Aliens and/or upgraded, a single Dreadnought is often not enough to take it back. It may take more than one faction's limit of Dreadnoughts and multiple sieges to take back a heavily defended planet.

Once a planet is taken back, Aliens will begin to "panic", scattering to different locations before returning to normal behavior.


  • Both the Swarmer and Punisher got a remodel in version .65a6.
  • Both Alien ships have a purple trail.
  • The first Punisher model was larger than some dreadnoughts.
  • The old models can be seen here:
  • It is possible for Aliens to assimilate a Starbase.
  • Aliens and Pirates will fight each other.
Punisher wik

First Punisher model

Swarmer Picture

First Swarmer model

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Second Punisher model


Second Swarmer model

Alien punisher 2

Second Punisher model, recolored.