The Aegis is a Battleship that focuses on shields and Turrets.



The Aegis is a large Battleship, almost the size of a small Dreadnought (at 295 studs). It has 2 prominent blast wings at the sides, giving it a rather unique appearance. The ship model was flipped upside down after Beta, and was later buffed and given Spinals.


The main body of the Aegis consists of three floors. The entrance opens into a long hallway with two doors on the left and two on the right that each contain 2 beds. Further down the hall is a ramp with a decal of a certain bird. Past the ramp are seats for 4 other crew. The second floor has nothing except for the pilot's seat. There is one other floor that serves no purpose except as old cargo space.



  • Very weak hull.
  • Vulnerable backside.
  • Expensive.
  • Very large, almost Dreadnought size.
  • Easy to kill with Shield damaging like the Zeus.


  • This ship can be used as a support ship in sieges with its versatile amount of Turrets, and serves well as a tanking ship with its large shields. It also performs somewhat decently in PvP.
  • Instead of retreating when reaching hull, you should to retreat at around 25-40% Shields, as its Hull alone is too weak to survive in the case you must retreat.
  • Retreat when you seem overpowered - you can back off quickly due to its high acceleration.
  • Starbases will make short work of the Aegis's shields, so watch out during sieges.
  • Retreat when small ships attack, especially from the sides.
  • Due to the Aegis's large amount of Shields and low amount of Hull, avoid ships with a lot of Laser Turrets like the Zeus.

Version History

  • Received some changes in .63h that added 900 Shield, added 1 Heavy Laser, lowered the Speed from 100 to 80, and increased the price.
  • Max Shield increased to 5300 from 5000 in .65b


  • The Aegis is commonly portrayed as a goatskin shield with the head of Medusa in Greek Mythology and it is portrayed as both the shield and a goatskin cape in Roman Mythology.
  • The Aegis had a limited event remodel, the Glacier, on sale for the Christmas 2017 Event. The limited event ship itself is stronger than the Aegis in health, but no longer looks similar to the Aegis due to its new remodel.
  • The Aegis looks similar to the Ankylon Titan from Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.
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