The Aeaphiel is a fast all-rounder Battlecruiser.



One of the first player-submitted ships to be added, though the original model has since been replaced. A Battlecruiser which strikes a balance between its Turrets, Spinal Weapons, durability, and maneuverability, but doesn't really excel at anything.


The interior of the Aeaphiel is quite plain. The ship doesn't even have a door, it just has a gaping hole into the vacuum of space. Once entering the ship you will be greeted by a very empty room with a lot of unused space. The pilot's seat is at the front of the ship facing some screens that control the ship.



  • Low hull for a Battlecruiser.
  • Must be facing head-on to do max damage.
  • Speed is slightly slower than other Battlecruisers.
  • Hull damage can seem lacking at times.
  • Low firepower.
  • Not worth the price for its game pass in arcade, as the firepower is much too low to do anything useful in combat.


  • Good when used against ships like the Cobra since its armament consists mostly of lasers.
  • Attack head-on like you would in a Sixfold or Lusso, so all Turrets and Phasers can hit the target.

Version History

  • Light Laser changed to Light Cannon in .64d, shield increased by 150
  • Max Shield increased to 2350 from 2150 in .65b


  • In .51a The Aeaphiel received a remodel from ARiNA_AZUMA. It originally had 2000 shields, 800 hull, 2 Light Lasers, 1 Railgun, 1 Medium Laser, and 2 Medium Phasers.
  • Has a similar design to the Sentaliz, also made by ARiNA_AZUMA.
  • Prior to the remake, sometimes it would be difficult to enter the driver's seat.
  • Resembles an old Starblade model.

Old Aeaphiel Model

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