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The Galaxypedia has replaced the Galaxy Wiki. Please do not use this wiki and use the Galaxypedia instead.

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Galaxy is a sci-fi game that was made in 2015 by rcouret. It is inspired by another space-based game called EVE Online.

Galaxy involves mining, trading, fighting, and strategy using nearly 200 different spaceships. Players have to mine ores or sell materials to get money (credits) in-game. Players can use credits to buy materials, which can be used to either build a ship, or, if they have a freighter, they can use them to trade with other factions in-game. Players can also get combat ships to fight other players and siege bases.

There are many different ship classes in the game. Each ship has a different layout of turrets and there is no strongest ship. Earlier in its release, the game was quite popular and hosted almost 3,000 players at a time. Over time, the numbers dropped to where they are now, at an average of about 75-150 players on at any time.

There have been many stages in Galaxy, but the major ones were Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Beta. In late 2016, Galaxy was one of the three games to be sponsored by Star Wars Rogue One, leading to a massive 10,000 players on it at the time. If people played during the Pre-Alpha and Alpha phases, they were given the Alpha badge. If people play during the current version, they get the Beta badge. Even though it doesn't say Galaxy is in Beta, when a new player joins, they will still receive the Beta Badge.

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